Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Promise From (Obama) The Messiah

All Americans should be concerned and troubled about the course that our government is moving in and the speed in which the President and Congress are attempting to make drastic and far-reaching, in the closet and of a night, changes to this nation and our way of life.

Even though the proposed health care reform bill would not take effect until 2013, the President and the majority of Congress want to rush it through congress without allowing the people of this country the adequate time to read it and completely understand the impact it will have on the lives of the American people. Why so fast? Is faster better? The problem is simply this, The people that we have sent to Washington just do not care what the American people think. They have no regard for the voting public. They look on us and consider us as a people who do not know what they want or what is best for them.

It seems that the goal of our government and the Obama administration is to have complete and absolute power over our lives by chipping away at our freedoms every chance that they can and they are doing just that. They are dismantling our country right in front of our eyes as we stand there {The Silent Majority} and just let it happen. Obama's Attorney General {Eric Holder} has determined the 9-11 terrorists will be tried in a civilian court in New York instead of a military tribunal. Our troops cannot fight a honest winnable war as long as we have a "Heart and Mine Policy" that hampers our troops who are in harm's way. The liberals in Congress are working at a accelerated speed and at a fast pace on legislation to give amnesty to over 12 million illegal immigrants that are now in this country and more coming every day. The government is thrusting a enormous health care bill down our throats that isn't good enough for them, but they want us to be required to use it by law.

The way that this country is headed one day the people of this country will wake up and find that our Constitution has been completely obliterated and we will be living under a new form of government that you can pin one of these names to, socialism, communism, Marxism, Leninism and the last but not the least Obamanism. After all, do not forget Obama promised that "America will not be as we know it." And it is happening right before our eyes. He was not transparent about that { He was very clear on that} and surprise, he did not need a teleprompter when he said it.

Thank goodness for the integrity of the people who voted in the last three state elections, Maybe, after the recent elections in Virginia, New Jersey, and now with Scott Browns big win in Massachusetts people are finally realizing and seeing, what the Obama administration and his socialists cohorts in Congress are trying to do to this country. Americans must take their country back. The next presidential election cannot get here soon enough.

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