Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Israel in The Cross Hairs

I just finished reading an alarming article in The Jerusalem Post. I have always found that this paper is, most of the time, accurate with what it prints. The Paper reports that CIA chief Leon Panetta traveled to Israel to "read the riot act" to the government of Israel which they (Israel) were warned against an attack on Iran. The Post also reports that the Obama administration has all but accepted as a permanent and inevitable, clear fact, that Iran will soon have nuclear weapons. The Post also said: "we have learned that the [Obama] administration has made its peace with Iran's nuclear aspirations. In other words that are more blunt Obama is going to do nothing. Senior administration officials acknowledge as much in off-record briefings. It is true, they say, that Iran may exploit its future talks with the US to run down the clock before they test a nuclear weapon. But, they add, if that happens, the United States and the free world will simply have to live with a nuclear-armed Iran. If this in fact is true and I believe that it is, this country is forsaking a true ally and giving in to this bully rouge nation. This really shows how unable Obama is in dealing with world issues that make this country and the free world safe. He has not got a clue about foreign policy. So this means no help for Israel from the United States. Israel will be on their own or will they be? The circular world may think this way , but if you are a Christian and a student of the word of God then you know, as I do, that Israel as a people will never be destroyed because the power behind them is super natural. It is the power of the one who made heaven and earth. The Great I AM! Just look back at the battles that the Nation of Israel were in since them becoming a country in 1948. There was no way a nation that small could win such battles against multiple nations, at the same time, without help from the super natural power of our Lord.

The Post goes on to write that the Obama administration is frantic to stop Israel from attacking Iran writing that "as far as the [Obama] administration is concerned, if Israel could just leave Iran's nuclear installations alone, Iran would behave itself." Whose side is this man on? Now how much more stupid can you get. I'm sorry and I know the man is our president, but for him to make that statement is unbelievable. This man who calls himself our leader is just about as dumb as a person that fell off a turnip truck. A country, such as Iran, run by a lunatic, who vows to wipe Israel off the map, and they will behave their selves? Obama has not a clue. He is lost in space. He has been drinking too much of his own kool aid. American officials would regard any harm to American interests that comes from an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear facilities as Israel's doing, not Iran's. What a slap in the face to a small nation that has stood beside us since its conception in 1948. The Obama administration is empathizing more with the Iranian leaders who are holding Israel hostage, with their threats, than they are with the nation of Israel who Iran will try to wipe off the map if they acquires the Atomic Bomb. Obama is not so naive and immature he cannot see this. Obama calls his self a Christian and if that be the case our new leader should know what the Lord said in His Word: "I will bless those who bless you and I will curse them that curse you. In you all the families of the earth will be blessed." Obama's end-of-the-year deadline for Iranian talks aimed at stopping its progress toward nuclear weapons is just window dressing without the threat of military action. Obama is " just words" As The reporter Metternich of the Jerusalem wrote in her column: "diplomacy without force is like music without instruments." How true that is. By warning only of possible strengthening of economic sanctions if the talks do not progress, Obama is making an empty threat. What good will that do. The sanctions will have no effect because Russia and China will not let the United Nations act, as it must if it is, to stop the Iranians from having nuclear weapons. You cannot put much faith in a corrupt United Nations that has failed so many times in the last 50 years. What do they call it: THE SEWER ON THE EAST END

All this means is that the country of Israel is in great danger with no earthly help. If Iran gets the bomb the nation of Israel are on their own, it will use it to kill millions of Jews. No threat of retaliation will make the slightest difference to them. You cannot stop or change the mind of a suicide bomber with the threat of death. Nor can one prevent a theocracy bent on getting admission to heaven and their allotment of virgins by their glorious act of violence. These people believe that they are divinely guided by Allah. This is how these people think. Iran would probably not launch the bomb itself, anyway, but would give it to its puppet terrorists to send to Israel so it could deny responsibility. Obama, has his sights on appeasement, would most likely not retaliate at all and for sure with no nuclear weapons. And Israel will be dead and gone, or that is what some people think, but that will never happen. Israel has a secret weapon! THE GREAT I AM! Those sunshine Jewish defenders of Obama's, who voted for Obama must realize that, as Jews, they are witnessing the possible killing of untold amounts of Jews and the destruction of Israel and Obama will not stop the destruction or do anything about it. The nation of Israel is in the same moral position as their ancestors were as they watched Adolf Hitler rise but did nothing to pressure their favorite liberal Democratic president, Roosevelt, to take any real action to save them or even to let Jewish refugees into this country. If the Jews remain complacent and satisfied, they will have the same suffering and torment at watching the devastation of Israel that their descendants had in witnessing the Holocaust. Because one thing is increasingly clear: Barack Obama is not about to lift a finger to stop Iran from developing the bomb and using it on Israel. Obama is not planning to spend next year in Jerusalem or for that matter even visit there. I have not heard him yet to say that the nation of Israel has the right to exist as a nation.

We as Christians must pray for the protection of Israel and the Hebrew people. Obama may do nothing, the world may do nothing, but there is a Just God in Heaven who will not let His people be wiped off the face of the earth. We are living in a time that I believe we will see the arm of the Lord at work. The end times are coming upon us fast and we , as Christians must be ready. We must keep Israel in our prayers. Remember this also: We as a nation have been blessed because we have always stood behind the Nation of Israel. We must still stand behind this tiny nation with our prayers, money, and the might of this nation if we are to survive the events that are in store for this earth in the coming future. Israel's hope is not Obama, The United States, Or any other earthly thing. It is in Jesus Christ the Savior of the world. All other hope is sinking sand.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Failing News Papers

I read yesterday this editorial in The Star Democrat, " Newspapers too essential to fail". The reasons the writer of that editorial listed several things that were causing the news papers to fail and it seems to me that when they made the list they left the main reason out. Most newspapers are opinionated and lean to their own agenda as they did with the past election. Most news papers have their own agenda. American people want the truth right down the middle like they use to get it, strong, hard hitting and the facts, NOT THE NEWS REPORTER'S OPINION! News papers have a duty to print the truth and the facts about the real issues concerning this country, which by the way we seldom get anymore, only their opinions of it. In the last election the news reporters were doing everything they could to get Obama elected and if they could have, they would have shined his shoes. That is how one sided the news is anymore when it comes to the "REAL STORY" Let the news papers report and let us decide. Not the paper deciding for us. So in the end the news papers will still be here, the ones that are doing their reporting right. The biases papers will be gone. The best thing for the papers to do is leave their opinions in the opinion section and news straight down the middle on the front page. That my friend is the facts about newspapers.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The American Soldier

No research is found in this writing, just a heartfelt thought. We are not talking in this article about what is best for our country. No fighting between republicans and democrats, conservatives and liberals, but today and this whole week end is the time to honor our soldiers and servicemen who have serviced this country to keep us free. What I say in this article comes from my heart. The American soldier is the real reason that we as Americans can debate among ourselves the issues and problems that we have in this country today. It was paid for by blood and guts, by men and women who died to make us free and give us this right. It is the American soldier that keeps us free from the ones who would destroy us, who would enslave us, and take away our very way of life. We as American citizens can never repay that soldier, we can only try. Not that they want to be repaid because really they just want to be free and be a citizen of a country that is free.

As Americans we should read and watch all the history about our soldiers, from the very beginning of our country to where we are now. We should read about some of the brave men in uniform who fought to make this country free and keep it free. Let us not forget The Alamo, Valley Forge, Bataan, The Death March, Pork Chop Hill, Pearl Harbor, Burma, Normandy, D-Day, Korea, Vietnam, Iraqi, Afghanistan, Gettysburg, Wake Island, the cold war, and all the other hell hole places that our men in uniform fought and died for. And let us not forget this latest war, the war on terrorism. This week end for me will not only be my first cook out of the year but it will be a day of remembrance for me, and my family. At the veteran's cemetery in Beulah (between Preston and Hurlock) I always see the sign that says this: "THE COST OF FREEDOM IS ALWAYS VISUALE HERE" and then you look on all the graves you see the American Flag, not the Mexican flag, nor the Italian flag, nor an Afro American flag, or any other flag just the Stars and Stripes. In their deaths these men and women fought to be a unified free people. They fought to keep us free. In that grave yard are men and women of all races, political opinions who served, died, and were buried in unity, because they all believed in the same thing. This Republic and the freedom for which it stands.

Let us not forget that soldier who is recovering in the hospital. The soldier who has permanent war injuries. The soldier who wants this country to love him as much as he loved it. Remember the soldier who is serving his country all over the world today and on the oceans of this world. This week end is a week end of remembrance and let us all remember the soldier. It is because of the soldier we have the freedoms that we do today. We should tell our children and their children, and their children's children what this day really means, lest we forget. Have a great holiday week end!

Monday, May 18, 2009

OPINION / ANALYSIS / Obama & Pelosi

As we read more and more accounts of the so called torture at Guantanamo we read were Nancy Pelosi was by all news reports and accounts. Supposedly and by all accounts taken back, shocked and surprised as to what's been happening there, and she took great pleasure in telling everyone so. She made special efforts to do so. Now it turns out that perhaps and most likely not she wasn't so shocked and surprised after all. I believe what she was doing and saying is called the Washington two step. In other words talking out the both sides of her mouth at the same time or whenever it is convenient for her to do so. When she was told soon after 9/11 that some of the prisoners there had been deprived of sleep and "water boarded" she did not object to or think of these things, at that time as torture, but now to her it is torture and unspeakable that we as a country would do such a thing. Like everyone else back in those terrible and frightening days, she was terrified, as everyone else in this country was that 9/11 was merely leading up to something that was going to be really big and terrifying, and another (even bigger) act of terror was going to happen in this country. Thanks to Bush, and his use of water boarding, it never happened again although the acts of violence was in the planning and carrying out stages. Thank goodness for a leader that stood tall to the task of keeping this country safe. I did not agree with Bush on everything and never will. But he was right on target with this. We are, after eight years still safe. We did not have to maim, cut limbs. Starve to death, or do anything that caused pain. I hope that under King Obama's rule we are still safe. What are his plans to keep us safe? Kissing up and apologizing to the terrorist. Is that what you are going to do OH fearless leader?

Torture as a obvious and clear issue looked pretty mouth-watering to Democrats only a couple of days ago. Who but Republicans or conservatives would like to driving burning splinters under the fingernails of the innocent or cutting their limbs off? This is the agenda the democrats and liberals want to put out and want you to think. Torture bad, Democrats good, Republicans bad for country, democrats good for country. Barack Obama expressed strong disapproval of the harsh questioning of the Islamic terrorists and made it the showpiece of his campaign, promising to treat the terrorist suspects with love, kind understanding and apologies. Now that he's actually the man in charge he still is great with the apologies, but he doesn't want to talk about torture because he, too, will probably have to resort to what the democrats call torture eventually, that is if he wants to keep our country safe. I guess that is what he wants to do. Maybe he already has and will we ever know if he has used any of these so called torture options? The president's friends in Congress, on the other hand, have continued to display their good intentions with arrogance and ceremony in the well-known liberal's game of "politics". Who knew so many of our liberal congress persons were such examples of unbending righteousness? That is meant to be a joke so you can laugh if you want to But, as we all know, a rigid desirable quality, sometimes disappear and dissolves under intense heat. Nancy Pelosi has told so many account of what was going on at Guantanamo, and when she knew it, that all we know now is that she can't keep her stories straight. In plain words we all understand: SHE LIED" and did the Washington two step She must be reading them from a book of fiction. Worried and upset to the point of panic, she cried out and insisted Monday that the CIA lied to her. It is more like she lied to the American people. She said: "My statement is clear, and let me read it again. Uh, I'm sorry. I have to find the page ... When, um, when, when my staff person - I'm sorry, the page is out of order ..." So Ms. Pelosi said none of the members who served with her on the House Intelligence Committee support her amazing statement of brainwashing. Other congressional contemporaries, trying to defend her, have had to make clear their clarifications about what they said about her imaginative stories. Steny Hoyer of Maryland, the Democratic majority leader, first said that maybe Congress should look into who knew what, and when, and get a straight story: "The facts need to come out." He is right if they are the true facts. The facts that we know that kept our country safe. The problem is you have trouble getting most "TRUE" facts from liberals. Their facts usually come with a spin on them!

But Ms. Pelosi, embarrassed by what "the facts" said about her, called Mr. Hoyer in for a spanking. The pain in the seat of his pants was harder on him than it was on the ants in her pants. He had his aides to do his explaining. When he said "the facts need to come out," he didn't mean all the facts, just the facts that could be spun against the Republicans, to make them look bad, and to make the democrats look good. - "not about what leading Democrats were told about the legal justification and use of controversial interrogation techniques." It is such a shame that we can't be just Americans instead of Democrats and Republicans. The country would be so much better off.

Dianne Feinstein, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, attempted to defend the speaker with the argument that what someone said seven years ago must be measured against the temperature and events of the times in the wake of 9/11, when nearly everyone was terrified of a "second wave" of attacks. But Democrats have to be careful with this line of argument, lest they arouse the question about just why there has been no "second wave." Could it be because someone named George Bush did what was necessary, even introducing vicious terrorists to good bathing hygiene, to prevent that "second wave"? Even the most partisan of Democrats are sometimes capable of lapsing into good sense. Here's Chuck Schumer, the highly partisan senator from New York, talking about "torture" at a Senate hearing: "I'd like to interject a note of balance here ... I think there are probably very few people in this room or in America who would say that torture should never be used, particularly if thousands of lives are at stake. Take the hypothetical: If we knew there was a nuclear bomb hidden in an American city and we believed that some kind of torture, fairly severe maybe, would give us a chance of finding that bomb before it went off, my guess is that most Americans and most senators, maybe all, would say: 'Do what you have to do.' "

Nobody's having more fun watching Nancy Pelosi squirm than the ants she has in her pants. The liberal queen of Capitol Hill was shocked by what's been going on at Guantanamo, and reveled in telling everyone so. Now it turns out that maybe she wasn't so shocked after all, because she knew it all along. When she was told soon after 9/11 that some of the prisoners there had been deprived of sleep and "water boarded" she did not object. Like everyone else back in the day, she was terrified that 9/11 was merely a prelude to something really, really bad. Torture ( as they call it) as a surefire issue looked appealing to congressional Democrats only the day before yesterday. Who but Republicans would consider driving burning splinters under the fingernails of the blameless? Torture bad, Democrats good. Barack Obama made unkind questioning of the Islamic terrorists the showpiece of his run for election, promising to treat terrorist suspects with love, understanding and apologies. Now that he's actually the man in charge he still gives with the apologies, wanting to release all the prisoners being held there, but he doesn't want to talk about torture because he, too, will probably have to use that option eventually. Who knows maybe he already has. The president's friends in Congress, on the other hand, have continued to display their good intentions with arrogance and in grand style, in the familiar liberal's game of, "Torture is wrong and it is Bush's fault." Who knew so many of our congresspersons were such stainless examples of unbending integrity? But rigid virtue, alas, sometimes dissolves under heat of the truth coming out.

The speaker has told so many versions of what she knew about what was going on at Guantanamo, and when she knew it, that all we know now is that she can't keep her stories straight. It is one thing one day and something else the next day. To the point of being very upset, she insisted last Monday that the CIA had not told her the truth. She said, "My statement is clear, and let me read it again. Uh, I'm sorry. I have to find the page ... When, um, when, when my staff person - I'm sorry, the page is out of order."
None of the members who served with her on the House Intelligence Committee support Ms Pelosi's incredible claim of brainwashing. Other congressional Members, trying to defend her, have had to explain their clarifications about what they said about her creative stories. Steny Hoyer, the Democratic majority leader, first said that maybe Congress should look into who knew what, and when, and get a straight story: He said that the facts need to come out." Even from the speaker. But then the leader of the House, humiliated by what "the facts" said about her, called Mr. Hoyer in for a slap on the butt. The pain in the seat of his pants was harder on him than it was on the ants in Pelosi's pants. When he said "the facts need to come out," he didn't mean all the facts, just the facts that could be spun around and used against the Republicans. Not at all about what leading Democrats were told about the legal justification and use of controversial interrogation techniques." Dianne Feinstein, the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, attempted to defend the speaker with the argument that what someone said seven years ago must be measured against the temperature of the times in the wake of 9/11, when nearly everyone was terrified of a "second wave" of attacks. But Democrats have to be careful with this kind of argument, lest they stir up people's thinking about just why there has been no "second wave." Could it be because someone named George Bush did what was needed, even introducing violent terrorists to good bathing practices, to stop that "second wave"?

Even the most partisan of Democrats are sometimes capable of a lapse of good sense. Chuck Schumer, the senator from New York, talking about "torture" at a Senate hearing: "I'd like to interject a note of balance here If we knew there was a nuclear bomb hidden in an American city and we believed that some kind of torture, fairly severe maybe, would give us a chance of finding that bomb before it went off and killed thousands, my guess is that most Americans and most senators, maybe all, would say: 'Do what you have to do. " And guess what: THE MAN IS RIGHT! And guess what else: "Bush was right in his approach to getting information from the terrorist. We are safe today because of it and no one can deny that. How soon the liberals forget the carnage, murder, destruction and the loss of life that happen on 9-11. And it was caused and planned by people just like the ones in Gitmo who would cut your heads off in a second or torture you until your own mother could not recognize you. And we are now turning them lose in the world to do it again. Thank you King Obama and Princesses Pelosi for your humanity and efforts on behalf of these killers.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Closing Guantanamo

Obama's plan to close the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay is creating a dangerous case of putting the freedom of these thugs over our safety. Obama needs to tell the people where these terrorists will go after the detention center at Git Mo is closed. Does he even have a clue yet? We as American people have a right to know exactly what the anointed one plans to do with these terrorists, As Americans we don't want these terrorists in our n e i g h b o r -hood. Or anywhere close" Obama has promised to have the detention center for the terrorist closed by January. But the White House has yet to tell the American public where the over two hundred detainees will be sent. We as Americans need to keep a close eye on this. He wants the leader of Yemen's backing for a plan to send them to terrorist treatment centers in Saudi Arabia. The Yemen president wants the Yemen prisoners sent back to Yemen (so they can kill and behead again) The president has no plans for what to do with these killers except turn them loose and when he does, they will kill Americans again and there are some in his administration that has suggested some of these terrorist may come into and live in the United States. Having no solution as to where these killers are going and still closing the prison at Guantanamo is a unsafe risk with our safety here at home and our troops that are over there in harm's way. I have never heard of letting prisoners go before the war was over. Maybe it fits in with his: "I'm sorry America is so arrogant" policy.

The Democrats' Dictionary

I cannot take the credit for writing this article. I was doing some research for another article when I came across this article in the Rasmussen Reports and decided that I would like to share it because the thoughts of the writer are my thoughts also!

Doublespeak is alive as Democrats pull the strings in the White House and Congress 24 years after 1984. What do they mean when they engage in Democrat-speak? I shall borrow a page from Ambrose Bierce, not with a Devil's Dictionary, but a Democrats' Dictionary. The easy part: There's no difference. By Debra J. Saunders

Academic freedom: Full license to espouse liberal thought to unformed minds.

Bailout: Billions upon billions -- trillions really -- of government aid doled out to financial institutions to remind voters of the need for strong regulation.

Biden, Joe: Running-at-the-mouth politician, but, hey, he was elected vice president.

Bipartisanship: 40 Republicans and 60 Democrats.

Bush, George W.: Big-spending, war-waging Republican.

Cheney, Dick: Satan. The old boy himself

Clean coal: What Santa Claus puts in Democrats' stockings so they don't have to admit that their global-warming agenda is anti-coal.

Climate change: Global warming during a blizzard.

CNN. Unbiased news network whose reporters battle "right-wing" media.

Deficits: Overspending before 2009, or spending practices that President Obama inherited. For current usage, see: Investment.

Extremists: Abortion opponents, Anti gun control

Fox News: Unlike CNN, biased news network.

Global warming: An apocalyptic theory that every scientist believes in -- except dissenting scientists who don't count -- best bemoaned
from one's Gulf Stream jet en route to an international conference on the environment.

God: What people in small towns clung to before Obama won the White House. See: guns, anti-immigrant or anti-trade beliefs.

Health care costs: A spiraling chunk of the U.S. economy that can be reduced by providing health care to all Americans. Really.

Homeland security: Gun control.

Iraq: An immoral war, once the focus of numerous anti-war demonstrations, which Democratic leaders vowed to end immediately upon winning the White House -- until Obama won the 2008 election.

Liberal: The L-word, a term unfairly hurled by name-calling right-wing kooks.

Lieberman, Joe: Former Democrat turned Independent senator from Connecticut. Sellout.

McCain, John: Former GOP maverick who -- the nerve -- turned out to actually be a Republican.

Middle class: Families that earn less than $250,000 -- until Washington decides it might be a good idea to pay for all the new Obama-era programs.

Nuance: Homeland Security Janet Napolitano's decision to refer to terrorist attacks as "man-caused disasters." Formerly known as Doublespeak.
Obama, Barack. God, The Anointed One, Savior, at least in Detroit.

Oil: A crude substance used to fuel other people's cars.

One hundred days. The first in a series of holy days during which dutiful media preside over national thanksgiving.

Palin, Sarah. White-trashy grandmother utterly unqualified and too dim-witted to be vice president.

Pandemic: CNN-speak for flu.

Pelosi, Nancy: Grandmotherly House speaker who could not be expected to understand that when Bushies authorized water boarding of high-value detainees, it actually might happen.

Progressive: Liberal.

Public transportation: What other people should take to work.

Regulation: The threat of a salary cap for executives with firms receiving federal funds.

Republican Party: The party of the rich -- if the California inland empire and Central Valley are rich, and Beverly Hills, Marin County and Malibu are not.

Sacrifice: Something Bush never asked for during time of war. Now a tax hike for 95 percent of working families while U.S. troops fight in two wars abroad.

Specter, Arlen: Republican turned Democratic senator from Pennsylvania. Free thinker.

Stimulus: A rush in the nether regions at the prospect of spending trillions of dollars you don't have. Not to be confused with: Banking.

Surge: A tactic involving troop increases that could never work in Iraq, but always made sense for Afghanistan.

Tobacco: Toxic substance that should be overtaxed or banned -- unless it is marijuana. Then see: Medicine.

Tolerance: An essential element to civil societies; individuals deemed insufficiently tolerant must be re-educated.

War on terror: The fairness doctrine, the only weapon that can harm America's true enemy, Rush Limbaugh.

Water Boarding: Torture -- unless a plane piloted by terrorists hits a reservoir.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Obama Money Tree

Obama said "Some of the cuts in the budget he is putting together today are more painful than others,". Painful is the right word. Not to him but to the American tax payer and to the retired person that is living on retirement and to our children and their children. Outside of Washington, that's still a lot of money for most American tax payers who work hard every day. Nonetheless, after promising voters he would go through the budget line by line, Obama can't hide what remains a steady, even historic, rise in spending under his direction. His request will exceed $1.2 trillion. All this if passed will be the burden of the tax payer for generations to come. It seems to me that Obama thinks that money grows on trees. I would like to know where Obama has been hiding his money tree. Maybe he found a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Obama's spending, and His pork package has gone overboard to say the least. Just last year in the news we read the US might lose their triple A credit rating and that was long before any kind of crazy Obama spending bill. Credit rating, as we all know in our personal lives, determines our ability to repay debt. And when the US is borrowing trillions to cover domestic deficits, even a part of a one percent increase has a huge cost burden for the tax payer. Not long ago the House passed a bill that included thousands of earmarked projects that amounted to another $410+ Billion. And now there is more news that Obama is seeking another $634 Billion to cover the Medicare project. All in all, the deficit has now swollen from 1.5 Trillion (initial estimate) to an ridiculous 1.75 Trillion with other spending measures surely to come! Where is the fiscal responsibility in all of this?

Not long ago Obama said in his speech to Congress that he doesn't want to create debts for our children and their children, but his actions don't seem to go along with his words. Spending our way out of a recession is not the solution in the short term. Also, the long term effects of amassing the level of debt required to fund these deficits will cripple the dollar to where it will not be any good at all. Pennies is all it will be worth by the time Obama gets done. Any small business person can see that as I did. Before I retired if I run my business like Obama and the congress is running this country I would have had nothing when I retired except debt. Only the people who think the government owes them something cannot see this.

Obama is selling the American people on this fact that he has to spend his was out of this economic crisis. However, spending money on social work programs is one thing, but spending money on liberal projects of his, all the pork projects, and a enormous Medicare system is simply irresponsible and not right. It is foolish, and reckless! For instance, his plan to give money to those who are not quite making their mortgage payments on time or not making them at all in order to help keep in them in their homes is not right. Even though some are losing their homes there are other ways to met this problem without handing out money like it grows on trees. Where is this money coming from that he wants to hand out so freely? The lenders their selves should have a policy or insurance in place to deal with this. Ninety seven per cent of Americans pay their mortgage on time and Obama is going to completely ignore them. He is a socialist who is saying one thing and doing another. One thing is right that he said: "He is going to spread our money around. What happen when people lost their homes years ago? They regrouped and started over again. They did not look for a hand out. They did not put their problems on the government. As I read more of American history about the policies that have shaped this great country I have not seen one time a president of this nation wanted to take hard earned money from working Americans and give it to the slothful, and lazy people who will not work. In the later part of this nation's history it was a chicken in every pot, then there was the great society, and now there is Obama wanting to spread the wealth around. The Anointed One should take some advice from two former presidents who were right on target with their statements to the American People. One was a democrat whose name was John Fitzgerald Kennedy who said: "ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY!" . Then there was Ronald Regan who said: "GOVERNMENT CAN NOT SOLVE THE PROBLEM, GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!" If you look at what is going on in our country right now you would see that these two former presidents are right in what they said and the anointed one should listen and think about that and so should all these people who are looking to Obama for government handouts. A country's wealth does not come from socialist policies that have been put into place by people like Obama who have not a clue as to what makes this country great. It comes from leaders who can see the vast potential of the American worker and the free enterprise of less government control. From leaders who say: "We will overcome this time of trouble by standing together and defeating the things that have come against us, not the mentality of our president government who slogan is: "Yes we can" give you what you need and "Yes we can" spread the wealth around. In closing this article I want to put forth this question: "At the present rate that Obama is going now will we have a free country at the end of four years?

Conservative View Point

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The World of Appeasement

With our new president tying the hands of the CIA and doing away with the words, "WAR ON TERROR" and telling the world how sorry he is for how arrogant the United States is he is building a bridge of appeasement that will come falling down on our heads. With the exception of Al Qaeda, no terrorist organization on earth is responsible for the deaths of more Americans than Hezbollah: They started their murderous activities during 1983 when one of their suicide bombers drove a truck loaded with explosives into the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 Americans. Sad to say some younger Americans do not even remember that fatal encounter because of their age. Some were not even born then. I believe it is the duty of every American to tell of these events to our children and if need be their children, because Hezbollah is putting out their lies and propaganda and half truths every day. I hope that Americans and the free world will understand how much this terrorist malignancy called Hezbollah is affecting the world and needs to be dealt with. The longer it is not dealt with the stronger they grow and the weaker we become. Hezbollah is not like their brother in arms, Al Qaeda, because Hezbollah is more than simply a terror network or a loose association of terrorist cells: Hezbollah is a state-funded terrorist army with a complicated propaganda arm that spreads lies and half truths throughout the world and their prepared teams of terrorist are wide-reaching throughout the world and even here in the United State. Hezbollah is on the U.S. State Department's list of Terrorist Groups, But some news organizations and some liberal American politicians have clearly and openly defended Hezbollah as a legitimate force and valid political movement, calling them freedom fighters. In a interview with Al Manar TV,(terrorist run) a former United States Senator (James Abourezk , A democrat from South Dakota) said: "I actually marveled at the Hezbollah resistance to Israel [during the 2006 war], It was a marvel of organization, of courage and bravery. I thought it was quite something. The Lebanese army should ask Hezbollah to come and organize it, to train them, you know. And all the Arab armies should have the Hezbollah come and do that."
Now how can anybody in his position (a senator)say that. He was grossly not informed about these people or he has just fell off a turnip truck. Is this the kind of people that are elected to protect us? Heaven forbid! What was he even doing giving them a interview that they could use for their lying purposes? What kind of politicians do we have today in this country? I have said more than once and I will say it again: "The men and women at the local coffee shop could do a better job" Now that is a sad state of affairs.

Hezbollah is not only a terrorist organization but they are an armed, well trained, military force based and whose foundation and roots are in Lebanon. This rouge army is trained, equipped, backed by, and heavily financed by Iran and they are also backed by Syria. That should tell you something. Hezbollah was started as a means of increasing Iran's Islamic Revolution throughout the Middle East and then the world. Hezbollah grew during the Lebanese Civil War (1975-1990) into an armed force and a worldwide terrorist organization with remarkable political and media power and influence in Lebanon. Their hate for the United States and Israel goes without saying.
Hezbollah calls itself a "resistance [against Israel]" not a military origination which is nothing more than being a well armed and backed terrorist group with more lies and half truths. Hezbollah's mockery of the United Nations is a means by which it continues to exist as an armed body in disobedience of the United Nations which has called for the disarming of all militias in Lebanon. Why should they listen to the United Nations. The United Nations is a joke and as someone once said: "They are the Big Sewer on the East River. The facts are Hezbollah is neither a resistance origination or militia organization. They are a terrorist army with a growing support and an ever growing arsenal that includes military grade missiles, anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons, all kinds of weapons and explosives, even unmanned aerial vehicles for surveying the battlefield . This terrorist group is becoming very high tech and powerful. Does this ring bells with anyone?

Hezbollah also has its own group of assassins, (which their leaders will not admit to) and suicide bombers, (which they will admit to). The weapon of martyrdom is the main and fundamental weapon on which they rely on. These terrorists function and operate, without restraint, throughout much of Lebanon, beyond the authority of the legitimate army and police. Hezbollah is also number one in violence. And that violence, real and threatened, has factored a great deal into the Lebanese government failure to elect a president over the past several months. Armed to the max, Hezbollah has total control over a large part of Beirut. They are vigorously training and making preparations for a all out war right now. Their expressed goal is nothing less than the destruction of Israel, the United States, and the free world. Hezbollah's secretary general Hassan Nasrallah (a pretty piece of work) in a 2005 speech said this: "Our motto is death to America!" and that sure has not changed a bit. It is still death to America. Hezbollah also has worldwide reach, and dozens of Hezbollah cells have been discovered and exposed since 9/11 inside United States for example cities like Charlotte, North Carolina, Detroit, Los Angeles and other cities throughout this country. In other words these thugs are operating in our own country.

Hezbollah has learned the Importance of an continuing a disinformation campaign. In Lebanon, Hezbollah is heavily caught up in telecommunications, including control of at least one main telephone center in Beirut which international calls go through. Now tell me that is not scary. Hezbollah controls much of the media, newspapers and TV stations and they have also infiltrated newsrooms, control previously objective reporters. Hezbollah as has a means of making themselves appear legitimate: Hezbollah is at war with us and Americans need to come to realize this . Lebanon is their base or operations. As such, the country is a significant face in the war on terror. I'm not saying The United States need to invade Lebanon, but neither can we afford to put our heads in the sand and hope Hezbollah will go away. Hezbollah is perhaps the world's largest worldwide terrorist army. Hezbollah is powerful, sophisticated, committed, and growing. They are violent, deceiving us in the news reports and their trained people are already in the United States. I have only one question that I would like to ask the reader. Why are we letting such record high Muslim immigration into this country, when time and time again, we find many of the immigrants have strong ties and allegiances to Hezbollah? I do not understand that logic at all. To me that is the same thing as shooting yourself in the foot.

I think it's important that we as Americans realize just how committed these people are to coming after us and our way of life. We must be just as committed to defeating them as they are wanting to destroy us. This is no time for us to be lax in our commitment to defeat all terrorist. I think (I hope) that is still the official policy in this country. With all the problems that are facing us today within this country, it is easy to lose sight on one the most important issue facing the United States today and that is Islamic Jihadist. Hezbollah is one of the most dangerous, since they are, state funded and supported. This puts them above the distinctive terrorist cell, and puts them in place to cause worldwide trouble and confusion. Ignoring the problem, as too many politicians would like to do and by the way are doing, will not make the problem go away. In fact, leaving them alone will only enable them to plan and execute even more distressing despicable plots against this country and the free world. This country needs to have a offense posture instead of a defense one like we have under the current administration. We need to have a "GET ER DONE" mentality instead of the one that is in place in the white house now.

I hope that Americans and the free world will recognize and see how much this terrorist malignancy called Hezbollah is affecting the world and needs to be dealt with. We need strong leadership in this country from the President down to congress to deal with this every growing problem. (With the present leadership in the White House and Congress that is a joke) They do not even want the words: "War on terror even used. The hands of the CIA are tied and most Americans are living in that pre 911 sense of security which has long gone. We are living in a scary world of appeasement.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Obama Doctrine

Barrack Obama in just 100 days of being in the office of the president has moved us from a strong war footing against our enemies to a weak, sissy footing that will sooner or later crumble and fall apart. From a national defense standpoint, Barack Obama is making this country look very weak to the terrorist and to rogue countries like North Korea. The President is dead set on taking away our strong defenses and replacing it with a: "we are sorry policy". What is motive behind this? At this moment in our nation's history we do not need this kind of brainless mentality or should I call it teleprompter mentality? We have a man that is leading our country that while he was in the Illinois senate could never vote yes or no, it was most of the time present. Now he is making decisions that can make or break our country.

Forget the G.I. Joe, Johnny Get Your Gun image America used to advertize. Obama would rather have us be an apologizing wimp of a country to those who want us dead instead of being a God, guns, and guts country that has made us great. Osama and his thugs are most likely in some Pakistani cave laughing their butts off as they praise Allah and laugh until they cannot stand up at how stupid, dumb, and soft we've become in just a few short months while they plot their next "manmade disaster," (as Janet Napolitano would call it), but I call it an act of terrorism against this country by thugs, who some in our country would call freedom fighters. They are freedom fighters alright. They are fighting hard to take our freedom and very way of life from us. I'm certain that this recent transition from bold to wuss is making all the liberals feel happy as they envision in their heart that they have just climbed up a couple rungs on their liberal evolutionary ladder. Boy are they in for a big surprise.

However, no matter how great the Left feels about our transformation from a position of power and strength to being a wuss, millions of merciless and cruel Muslim terrorists and greedy dictators around this world will continue to hate and detest the United States regardless of any amount of appeasement. Some people just will never get that no matter what happens. This is the reason why we need to be strong in the face of our enemies. It is no time to be a wuss. Appeasement is never the best policy. These thugs are already planning out their next terrorist attack against us as our leader apologizes for us being arrogant and tries to appease them. A Lot of Conservative bloggers, radio talk shows, and conservative news commentators are saying that Barack Obama is putting us, as a nation, in a pre-9/11 state of mind. I think calling it a pre-9/11 state of mind is being too polite and to kind. We can forget the way this country was before 9/11. We will never be that safe again with this present administration in control of the country. From a security and safety standpoint, sooner or later Obama's policies and apologizes are going to make life in the United States, to say the least, real inconvenient, difficult and dangerous for you and me.

A lot of the liberal kool aid drinkers and Bush haters were always spouting off about the "Bush Doctrine". This was a doctrine that has kept this country safe for eight years. Now is the time for all of you non kool aid drinkers to ask what the Obama Doctrine is. The Obama Doctrine is the methodical cutting away and making weak the strengths that have kept us safe. It is the politically correct castration and cutting away of our nation's defenses and the former practices that has kept us safe as a nation. That is exactly what it is. People will see this when it is too late to stop another catastrophe like 911. No matter what you want to call it when you take away the tools and helps of the people who are protecting us you are weakening our country defenses to keep us safe. There has been a lot of that in the past 100 days of our present administration.

According to Obama everything is our fault or Bush's fault. This country will see as he makes more bows to the Saudi Kings, high fives to Hugo Chavez, sends Ahmadinejad let us talk messages, and talks with Cuba destroying everything the past seven presidents (both democrat and republican) worked for. In addition, if you listen very carefully and read between the lines, you will hear Obama's administration saying Israel is the grief in the Middle East, while giving billions of dollars to rogue nations, and saying we should get rid of our nukes, all the while blaming everything on Bush. As a independent (neither republican or democrat) I did not agree with everything Bush done but I have to say this: His policy toward keeping our country safe was on target. With the president we have now we cannot no longer say "The War on Terror" because if we do we are not politically correct. Telling the world Islam doesn't spawn terrorists, and stopping our interrogators from doing their job getting information out of the ones who want us dead and turning prisoners of war lose before the war is over is just not using your brains! What's next, Mr. President? Giving the keys to the White House to Osama!

What I have gleaned from Obama's teleprompter is this: The Obama Doctrine is, essentially, that America is arrogant; his wife thinks that this country is downright mean, everything is our fault. And to go forward, we must get rid of everything that has kept us strong, secure, and safe because, we do not want to be mean and arrogant anymore. And the liberals who read my post call me a pretty piece of work because I speak out. I might be getting up in age, but I still know and can see what is happening to this country and it is not good! Liberals just do not get it, This world is becoming more and more dangerous every day. When we have an administration such as Obama's that wants to reduce our nuclear arsenal and do away with it when we have rogue nations building these type of weapons, When it is no longer politically correct to say "war on terror" when thugs are plotting right now the down fall of this country and to kill us, tying the hands of the ones who protect us, bowing to the enemy, and I could go on. My question how is that kind of policy protecting the American Citizen.

With this administration if you are against abortion (the murder of millions of unborn babies) you are an extremist. If you voice your opinion against gay marriage you are an extremist, if you are against gun control you are a extremist, if you are a soldier returning from the war you might be a extremist, if you are not for Obama's agenda then you are a racist, if you go to one of the many tea parties around this country to support your conservative views you are a extremist. To many of the liberals who will read this: In their minds I'm a extremist. According to the English dictionary the meaning of extremist is this: radical, fanatic, activist, revolutionary, rebel, and terrorist. I'm none of these and neither are other conservatives that have no faith in the "YES WE CAN" propaganda that Obama spewed out during his campaign. If Obama continues on his program of dismantling America we might not even have a America as we know it after four years of him and his liberal congress. Now is not a time for conservatives to sit back and say nothing because the liberals will not sit back. We are losing America as we know it. Our freedoms, our way of life is, slowly but surely, being systematically being taking from us.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I was born in 1946, which means that during my lifetime 11 men have been president of the United States. There are only a couple that I would want to have as my next-door neighbor. That goes for Republicans as well as Democrat Presidents. But there are only two of them, Carter and Obama, whom I regard as all-out disasters for this country. It took Jimmy Carter four years as president and 29 years out of office to acquire his greatly deserved recognition as useless, a fake and a sanctimonious anti-Semite, but Obama has pulled the same thing off in just a few short months. He has managed this by showing his overall incompetence by surrounding himself with clowns like Joe Bidden ( You know who I mean,”tell another lie, Put your foot in your mouth Joe”); the seriously corrupt politicians, such as Bill Richardson and Tom Daschle; and too many other tax cheats to list in this small space that is available to me.  You know the ones I mean, the ones who want you to do as they say, but not as they do.

Obama has also proven himself to be a person who does not tell the truth of such great proportions that if he had started out life like Pinocchio, his nose by this time would stretch from the east coast to the west coast, from sea to shining sea. He has fibbed about everything from hardly knowing Bill Ayers at all, to never listening to a Jeremiah Wright lengthy messages on hate America, from saying he will get rid of pork and lobbyists to providing transparency and change we can all believe in. What happen to all those promises of "yes we can?" On top of all that, while spouting the usual political talk which is really nothing about economizing and saving the environment, he had the largest, most expensive inauguration in history (There was none no bigger.) and from the way he and his band of liberal news reporters jet around on the fuel-guzzling Air Force One, you’d think he was a rock star, another Elvis. All of that would be no more or less than business as usual, Washington style, if he weren’t also working overtime at the same time to bankrupt the country and turn America into a socialist state just like Castro’s Cuba.  He is turning our country from a Republic, a free nation of laws, to a socialist state where every part of our lives will be controlled by the government.

The distressing and unbelievable part of all this is that so many Americans continue to believe him and applaud him. They think he is doing a great job.Those of us who are opposed to the things he is doing are accused of hoping America fails or we are a racist or we are an extremist.  Nothing, of course, could be further from the truth. What we, as hard working tax paying citizens, are hoping for is that The United States of America can somehow survive this assault on our freedoms by this administration, and that our economic system and our freedoms can remain basically intact in spite of the combined efforts of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Dodd and Geithner (Pinocchio's Helpers), to destroy it. Boy what a scary team. They are doing their best to destroy this nation. Rome burns as the fiddler plays.

When I hear people in and out of the media, (who should get down on their knees and thank God or at least their ancestors if they do not believe in God that they were lucky enough to be born in America) spouting off left-wing insults about this country really upset me.. Why would , I will never know, so many of my fellow countrymen be so utterly convinced that Barack Obama is the messiah. The great one. They think (with the liberal medias help) he can do no wrong, but yet he has done nothing right. He has promised change and we are getting that. He has kept that promise. But what is the change? He is taking us down the road to a socialist controlled government that will control every part of your life. There is no part of our society today that is not already heavily influenced by government. Think about that for a minute and see if I’m not right. Now he is putting more government control in place. More control means less freedom.

Obama’s great  stimulus package, contained millions of dollars that has already been spent on things other than to create jobs. So I would ask: “Where is the change?” It looks like to me it is business as usual in Washington. The stimulus bill was supposed to be about jobs, but it’s gone off the tracks in  no time at all. It’s quickly turning into a picture of everything that is wrong with  our government. That  includes unchecked spending, no accountability for what the government does with our tax dollars, and total disregard for what they should and were elected to do. So where is the change that you continually promised Mr. President when you were campaigning and spewing out “Change and yes we can, transparency in government?” It looks like, to me, it is business as usual. Middle-class families and small businesses across the United States are pulling in their belts and making sacrifices every day during this very hard time for our country. My question is why aren’t you, Mr. President, and your congress doing the same thing instead of having the same old business as usual?

In just 100 days of Obama taking office we have a spending package and deficit that is greater than all the other presidents combined. Just think about that. Trillions of dollars that will have to be paid back by future generations if this country last that long. So there was a change and it was not a good one. How are we as Americans benefiting from this “yes we can change” that you are making? You are suppose to be making things better not worse.

For what ever the reason, now that the president has fired the CEO and taken over General Motors, do you suppose it will now be called Presidential Motors, and that Cadillac, Buick and Chevrolet, will be re-named Michelle Motors? No pun intended.  More government control will never help a country get better. It is like Ronald Regan said: “THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE ANSWER TO THE PROBLEM, GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM!”  How right he was when he made that statement. Which reminds me, I think that it’s still nothing but a rumor that Obama fired God earlier this week, claiming that the universe isn’t big enough for both of them. You should never listen to rumors even from people who say: Yes we can, or change, or transparency in government because like I say most of the time they are not true even when they come from Saint Obama.

Friday, May 1, 2009


During the past few months I have heard so much about torture and water boarding that it could start your head to spin. So I looked in every dictionary I could find along with looking at pictures of torture to try to gain some knowledge for my self to see if water boarding is or is not torture . One thing I did find out is that real torture is terrible and it is not human or right. The second thing that I got out of this search was this: water boarding in my judgment cannot be considered torture if you go by the sense of the true meaning. Several English Dictionaries  defines the word TORTURE this way: (1) something that causes agony or pain, (2) the infliction of intense pain (as from burning, crushing, or wounding) (3) to punish, coerce, or afford sadistic pleasure, (4) The act of inflicting excruciating pain, as punishment or revenge, as a means of getting a confession or information, or for sheer cruelty, (5) a method of inflicting such pain,  (6) a cause of severe pain or anguish.

I found out that theses things did happen to our service men, as they can attest to, in the last few wars that we have been in. World War two, The Korean Conflict, The Viet Nam War, and the present war on terror. Our men were shot, cut, skinned, starved, beat, had arms and legs broke and cut off, denied medical treatment, had gas dumped on them and burned alive, decapitated, made to watch as their buddies were killed or mutilated. I could go on and on with a long list of what was done to our service men in the past but I think that I have said enough for everybody to see what real torture is. It was just plain sickening to read and view pictures of what one human being will do to another.

You know as a country we had better wake up and smell the coffee before it is too late. We have some people crying fowl because the CIA has water boarded or put bugs in the cell with terrorist to get information from them to stop more terrorist attacks like 911. What is the crying about? Where is the torture? There was no pain caused. There was no punishment or revenge there. There was no sadistic pleasure there. There was no excruciating pain there. So what was there? Well we know for a fact by released reports there were doctors there just incase there was a medical problem. These terrorist also had the best food going. That is also a fact that you can read. They have better medical treatment than a lot of tax payers get. It is also noted and a published fact that these terrorist have better quarters than most prisoners in the United States prisons. Theses things to me do not add up to the definition of torture. How much more easier can you make it for a person who is your sworn enemy?

The only bad guys that I see hear are the ones that hang our citizens on bridges for the world to see. The ones who behead American newspaper people for trying to get to the truth, the ones who hold knives to the throats of our soldiers, kill people who do not believe in their religion, The ones who plant road side bombs that maim and kill innocent people as well as soldiers. and kills over two thousand innocent civilians in this country in one day, the ones who hide behind women and children, The ones who hide in hospitals, places of worship, and family homes. The ones who say they are going to do it again and they will because the hands of the CIA are now tied. How can the CIA protect us with their hands tied?

For eight years we have carried the fight to the terrorist and not once in eight years have we had another attack on our soil. There was several tries and that was because we have a strong Military and another organization called the CIA that has done a superb job in the intelligence field. Now we are down sizing our troops and tying the hands of the CIA and our president is apologizing to every country that he visits. What does all that mean in terms that we can all understand. It means that in the coming months a head we will, in this country, experience more large scale destruction by terrorist. You can be sure it is coming. The road side bombs will soon be going off on our road sides and our citizens will be the ones injured and maimed. Will we then be allowed to call them what they truly are: thugs and terrorist or do we still use the political correct term and call them freedom fighters?

Am I trying to scare you? No, just giving you hard facts of what will take place in this country if these people gain any type of foot hold here. President Obama can ban the

phrase “war on terror” but he cannot ban the terrorists’ war on us. That war will continue, so why are we turning the terrorists loose before the battle is over? They chose to make it this kind of war, we didn't. The started this war we didn't We don’t need to put American lives on the line or battlefield to prove that we are nice and kinder than they are and that is what we are doing. There are now dozens of captured terrorists, who have started again with their terrorist acts against us. Why? Because they have been given “rights” that do not exist in our laws or under any kind of law of any nation. They are not criminals in our country, that are not protected by the United States Constitution They are not even prisoners of war entitled to the protection of the Geneva Convention. They are terrorist. They are cut throats and thugs that would do you in, in a heart beat.

As if it is not enough to turn cutthroats loose to cut throats again, we are now thinking about taken legal action against the people (American Citizens) who got information about the terrorist plans out of the captured terrorists, by the way who are not citizens of this country. What is wrong with this picture? Does nobody think ahead to what this will mean  for a lot of year to come if people trying protect this country from terrorists have to worry about being put behind bars themselves for doing there job? I ask you, do we need to have the CIA serve ice cream and cake when they deal with terrorists? This is so silly.

We have a president who has weakened our ability to obtain the vital information to keep this country safe and free. I do not like wars. riots, or torture of any kind including water boarding but when it comes to the safety of our country and the people then you have to do what you got to do to keep this nation safe. If Islam gets a hold in this country then every congressmen would be gone, every governor would be gone, like wise all mayors, police chiefs, and school teachers. Women's rights would go back to the dark ages. Homosexuals would not stand a chance. People who do not believe in God would then believe in a god (the god of Islam) There would be no freedom of religion. Is this what you want. Don't say it can not happen in America because it can and will if we do not stand up to it now. Do not only listen, but read and research and you will see.

Outrageous Beyond All Words.

Attorney General Of The United States Holder said when he spoke to reporters Wednesday that : "it is possible the United States could cooperate with a foreign court's investigation of Bush administration officials." Attorney General Holder spoke before news reporters and announced that a Spanish judge had started an investigation of Bush officials on harsh interrogation methods. Holder said he would not rule out cooperating in such a probe. I had to read it twice to see if I was reading it right. What kind of people are being put into the high offices of this land.
Attorney General Holder said,"Obviously, we would look at any request that would come from a court in any country and see how and whether we should comply with it," He said,"This is an administration that is determined to conduct itself by the rule of law and to the extent that we receive lawful requests from an appropriately created court, we would obviously respond to it," When asked whether that meant the United States would cooperate and help with a foreign court prosecuting Bush administration officials, Holder said he was talking about requests for evidence and would review any such request to see if the U.S. would comply. What a disgrace for any American to do let alone the attorney general of the United States to even think about doing this. All the sneaky talk about "evidential requests" is ludicrous. What are the true facts here? The fact is that Eric Holder is implying that he will verify the right of a court in another country to prosecute Americans who were acting justifiably within the range of their authority and power to try to protect the United States.
So now, not only are most Democrats and liberals willing to consider making the policies that keep our country safe public, They're now willing to entertain the idea that fellow citizens could be subject to prosecution in a foreign country for protecting this country. When is it going to stop? This is one hundred percent wrong, really wrong. Outrageous beyond all words and thoughts. If Holder allows this to happens, you can forget any decent person ever wanting to serve in government again. People who protect this country will go soft because they know that by doing their job they could be prosecuted. What is this country coming to? All this is being done to trash Bush. A pay off for the Bush haters. It is a shame when you hate somebody so bad that you put your country and its people in danger. It makes no difference if Holder does it or not, the thought should have never been entertained.

Just The Facts

Remember the old TV program “DRAGNET” with Jack Webb? One of his famous lines was “Just the facts”. So let us deal with just the facts toda...