Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Back Door

Tens of thousands of convicted felons, including murderers and sex offenders, on a regular basis, are crossing our border along just one section of the border with Mexico, according to a new documentary called "Southern Exposure: Battle for the Border.". This documentary is truly revealing and shocking. Every American should view this film. According to this documentary border patrol agents capture one out of every three or four illegal migrants, that is 15 percent of the aliens caught in the Tucson sector are convicted felons. That's 57,000 convicts. These are just the major ones such as homicides, sex offenders is one of the top three. These aliens, (The sex offenders) are arrested by police, do some jail time, then they are deported, and the Border Patrol later catches them re-entering the United States. While U.S. sex offenders have to register where they live, (which is a good thing) alien sexual predators could be in anyone's neighborhood stalking children and the local police know nothing. What is wrong with this picture?.

In the fifteen percent of the bad guys, there were a lot of MS-13, La Familia, SureƱos – all the Mexican and South American gangs. So the ones that didn't get caught, which is more than did get caught, they come and they do their same gang thing here in the United States that they do below the border. It will not be long before the same thing is happening on the same scale as it is in Mexico right here in our country and your state. The ground work is in the process right now. We need to wake up to that fact. Where is our federal government? What are they doing to protect us?

Considering the Border Patrol's conservative estimate, if one third of the Tucson, Arizona intruders, that crossed our borders illegally, were apprehended last year, another 756,000 entered through that area alone and have disappeared throughout our country. So, if fifteen percent are convicts and criminals, just about 113,400 dangerous individuals entered the U.S. through that one sector in just one year. But our federal government would rather sue the state of Arizona because they are trying to protect their people. The same is coming to your state, so look out!

along our border with Mexico thirteen Border Patrol sections and agents are responsible for more than 8,600 linear miles. It's possible that more than a million illegal aliens enter the U.S. every year. And, according to the documentary "Southern Exposure," the mass migration crisis began in the 1990s. The U.S. Border Patrol's priority mission is preventing terrorists and their weapons from entering the U.S. Despite the Secure Fence Act of 2006, this year the Department of Homeland Security halted construction on barriers in the southwest. Why would they do this?

Most of the time, illegal’s travel under the cover of night, and one resident of Cochise County, Ariz., says she has seen 30 to 40 drug smugglers wearing black masks and marching like military platoons on her property. This documentary provide several other eyewitness accounts and plenty of video proof of drug and human traffickers invading the Southwest. "Southern Exposure" reveals desert trails polluted with garbage, women's underwear hanging like trophies on "rape trees" and the corpses of would-be migrant workers – burned and dehydrated by the sun. It seems supporters on all sides of this illegal Alien dispute will agree that most of illegal aliens are looking for work, but few of these debaters mention that these same poor people are indebted to the drug cartel and their coyotes. The coyotes charge migrants up to $3,000 for entry into the U.S., but they offer to cut the extortion fees if the criminals will become drug mules. Then the cartels make millions more by selling the drugs to Americans. Where is our government?

The Border Patrol man power levels are far too low. The Border Patrol has told of guerrilla tactics used by the coyotes. Some coyotes pay decoys to distract the Border Patrol agents while hordes of other traffickers invade the U.S.; some use children to cry for help and lure agents into the line of fire coyotes also assassinate law enforcement officers and murder ranchers on their own land. Once again I ask, where is our government? In the documentary "Southern Exposure," you can see the alarming images of the severed heads of Mexicans. The makers of this documentary said, and made the point that the images need to be revealed to convey the level of crisis that exists along the Mexican border. They also said that these savage crimes likely are committed by Islamists. My, What a surprise!, or is it?

"There is a belief by law enforcement and former border law enforcement that there's a connection of some kind between Muslim terrorist and what's happening on the border with the drugs and the illegals. Law enforcement agencies has been studying the circumstances of these beheadings for a long time and this violence is not common or prevalent among Mexican criminals."

The simple facts are, The Department of Homeland Security are very misleading and I also do not think they are to be trusted. The Americans people need to know this. One Border Patrol Supervisor told the film makers off-camera he was being asked to cook the books." No surprise there! In another report to the Department of Home Land Security, this previous supervisor's officers said they had spotted 900 illegal but un-apprehended migrants. A DHS manager returned the report to him with the number "900" scratched out and changed to "0" (zero). Why is this happening?

Last year, DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, President Obama and Mexican President Felipe Calderon all claimed that 90 percent of weapons used by the Mexican cartels came from the U.S. However, according to "Southern Exposure," in 2008 the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives analyzed 24 percent of 30,000 cartel weapons seized by the Mexican government and found only 55 percent were traceable, and 87 percent of those came from the U.S. That's less than 12 percent of the total purportedly seized. So the video-makers and some of their law enforcement sources believe the exaggerations are a political ploy to disarm the American people. It is sad when the American people cannot, even, believe their own government. "Southern Exposure" also gives insight on Arizona's immigration law. It is full of interviews and meetings with state lawmakers, sheriffs, pro-amnesty humanitarian and religious groups, as well as Hispanic Americans discussing security and immigration. This documentary covers Marxist and Socialist campaigns to provoke racism and the killing of "gringos," and they catch ACORN in the mix.

How can the president of the United States and Eric Holder sue a sovereign state for a law that does nothing more than copy the federal law?" Most of the people in Arizona are fed up because the federal government will do nothing to help stop this problem.. Now that 22 states are drafting or proposing legislation like Arizona's immigration law. I'm curious to see if the Obama government is going to sue every state. Because if it does, there's going to be one heck of a revolution." The bottom line to all this is that most of the American people are getting fed up with the problems along our borders and what is spilling over to other states.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Truth Hurts

What a great blessing that we can still turn on our TV and have someone like Glenn Beck to give us truths that most Americans do not know or do not want to hear! I believe that God is using him, in his position, in these last days to show America the road that they are on. He has opened up a door that is full of truth. Most of us already know what he is saying, but it needs to be said over and over again until it sinks in to the American people. We, as a nation, are on the broad road that leads to destruction and he is simply telling it like it is. Some people are calling him everything in the book, but the truth hurts them and it is cutting them to the quick! I have yet found anything that he has said that is not the truth! His basic message is this: “America must return to God” and it is the truth!
The American people have a responsibility and a duty to step out from the shadows, the gloom, and the darkness that has come over our land and to help lead in rescuing our country from the chaos and deep mess that it is in, just like Glenn Beck is doing. There is no time for a silent majority who says and does nothing. First we as a nation must realize what has got us, to the point we are at. The answer is so simple that a blind man can see it. This nation has turned its back on God. This nation may have a form of godliness but that is about it. Just a outward appearance. We are fast becoming a godless nation and in due time (if it is not already happening) “We will reap what we sow”. When a nations moral fiber is missing, destroyed, or misplaced trouble will always come. If you are a reader of the Bible you can see this as well as I do. The American people must return to their first love. The love of God and His commandments. Yes! God’s commandments and laws have everything to do with it.
To put everything in terms that everybody will understand let us look at the history of this country. This country was founded on Christianity and the teachings that are found between the pages of that Book. The founding fathers of this country knew that and based every decision that they made accordingly. Because of this our nation (that was under God) prospered. We have lived better and prospered more than any other nation in the world. God did indeed shed His Grace on us. We prospered and became strong. We became a world leader. Just research what some of our great leaders from the past have said about God and His Word. There is more about George Washington than him crossing the Delaware. He was a spiritual man. Just read some of his writings and speeches. The same can be said about the rest of our forefathers. For the most part they were also godly men. The walls of our nation are broken and the enemy floods in. I am speaking spiritually. But not only that there is a enemy from within that would destroy us.
But now because of the sins of the people, the sins of the leadership, and just plain turning our back on God we find ourselves in a cross roads. What the people do in the very near future will make or break this country forever. We can go into bondage to serve other nations and other gods or we, as a nation, can repent return to God and ask His divine help in restoring this great nation. What will it be America? Will you be one of the ones who stand up?
How does anybody expect God to bless a country that has turned their back on Him? The laws of this nation was founded on His word. Now any sign of Christianity has been taken down. The ten commandment, pictures of Christ, and you name it are now not allowed in our court rooms or government buildings. Christmas carols about the Lord are no longer allowed in our schools and if you are politically correct you will say happy holidays instead of “MERRY CHRISTMAS”. Once there was Bible reading and prayer in school, now it is not allowed. We allow abortions on demand, Homosexuals parade our streets, get married in our churches, and it is being taught in our schools that it is okay for Adam to marry Steve. A persons mind has to be deranged to even consider this let alone allow it! No wonder home schooling is growing by leaps and bounds among the Christian community. We have heard our president telling other middle east countries that we are no longer a Christian nation. He also has said that the Bible and our constitution is out of date, and the list goes on and on. The scripture says “Forever thy word is settled in Heaven” and also “Thy word is a lamp unto my feet” Yes this nation has turned its back on God.
I have asked this question before, but it needs to be asked again. Will our nation be like Sodom and Gomorrah? Will we continue down the same path of ungodliness, as we are going now, or will we be like Nineveh that repented of their wicked ways? We must take the blinders off our eyes and see where we come from and what ready made us a great nation. Then we must look at what we are doing now and where we are headed. We as a nation must chose this day who we will serve! As for me and my house, well we will serve the Lord. We will abide by and keep His commandments.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Silent Majority

We all have heard about the Silent Majority since the 1960’s but not much is said about them, The “Silent Majority” is a group of people that makes up the majority of the voters, in this country, but does not widely express their views through marches or demonstrations, or even speaking out. For example. This expression and representation was first recorded and used in 1874, but gained much public recognition and respect in the 1960s, when President Richard Nixon claimed that his policies were supported by a majority of citizens who did not bother to make their views known, and he was right! The silent majority is an undetermined large majority of people in a country or group who do not express their opinions publicly. A lot of the readers of Conservative View Point are the same way. The blog receives a lot of emails and letters by postal mail that agree with the articles but they will not make their views made publicly known. What a shame. It is time to stand up and be counted. People need to stand up and be heard before it is too late.
I once wrote { and still do on occasion } articles that could be seen and read at The Daily Times which is located in Salisbury, Maryland. The majority of the comments, from my articles, I received were from liberals and they were very negative. I was called a racist, along with many other names that I will not mention here. Some I could not even post. I guess you could call their comments “Politically Correct”, because that is what it amounted to. They just phased their comments somewhat different. Very few conservatives made any comments at all on the blog section, But their support by emails and the postal mail was and still is over whelming. I cannot and will never understand why people will just sit and say nothing when our country is being destroyed, by people who are so far to the left it is impossible to go any farther.
We have a president that calls this country bad every chance he gets. He has people (his czars) that are making policy behind closed doors, We have communist in the government that has been appointed by him. He is friends with terrorist and see himself as a world ruler. We do not know where he was born, anything about his life before he became president. But yet most Americans just go about their daily routines as if everything is great. Where are we as a nation headed to?
Just as we sing the national anthem and pledge allegiance to the flag of this great nation we should also stand and say enough is enough. We want our country back. Obama may think that he has a convincing case, but there is one thing that he did not consider: “THE SILENT MAJORITY”. Let us as Americans go to the ballot box in November and turn this country around. Stan up and be counted!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Worst President This Country Has Ever Seen!

I think Barack Obama will be the worst President this country has ever seen. He will damage our nation in more ways, or already has, than I have the energy to write about here. But just to outline a few for my friends and readers.

I don't know if John McCain would have been the best President we've ever had, or if he was the best man available at the time, but I have no doubt that, although he might be misguided, or mislead about some issues, he is most of the time in the right ballpark, and that he surely is dedicated, one hundred percent to his country. He was and is aware of the terrible threats that face the US and the rest of the world, and there was, or is, no doubt about his objective or his allegiance to the American people. He was not caught up in fantasies, moral equivalences or grievances that has brought nothing but harm to every citizen of this country. When compared to Obama, the Politically Correct Internationalist Global Citizen, there is no comparison as to who should have been president. It sure was not Obama! The great transparent president! All we heard from him during his campaign was “change” and that is what we got alright! How is your change working out?

After reading and searching the internet for creditable information about Obama, several things have come to light. The first is just about everything that he ever done in his life are hide or covered up. His records from his Illinois State Senate office disappeared during the election, the same for his client lists at the Law Firm he worked for. [Hum wonder why?] No paper he has ever written at University has ever shown up. He says he threw them all away. Two years from his biography are completely blank. [GONE] He spent time in Pakistan with friends after college. Who paid for such a trip for a young student? These are reasonable questions of a man whose true ideology can be considered unknown because of his many odd, to say the least, associations, and which seems suspicious to most Americans. Don't we, as Americans deserve better answers than getting haul over the coals for asking about his past? According to Obama and some of his people, we are racist if we ask anything about him. How dare we ask questions about him? We're only asking because he looks different. That is his way of correcting our concern of even being suspected of such an offensive characteristic. That's very clever and clear to me that it is pressure and intimidation. And guess what, it works.

In reality, it's wonderful that this country has risen above its racist and bigoted past to elect an African-American to be the President, although he is not African-American. He is Muslim, white, and African-American. I have said this more than once. Has he ever made a speech praising the nation for this accomplishment? That is, other than his very brief homage to Martin Luther King at the DNC. NO!! Obama has time after time presented himself as a victim of racism when it's been clearly shown as the opposite, this is an good indication that this, same thing, is going to continue throughout his presidency. He will always play the race card.

His extreme leftist background and beliefs -- it is daydreams as regards to our economy. It's just lots of terminology that has no relation to reality. His plans and ideas go way, way beyond shoring up of Social Security and Medicare for the elderly. And even way beyond Universal Health Care. His programs and plans change daily as he pulls ideas out of the air, or from one of his many czars that help him rule this country. YES!! I said rule. He does this to suit whichever group he happens to be attempting to influence at any given time. We are going to see massive poverty on a level we haven't seen before. We can expect almost all opposition to his ideas, and all his failures, to be blamed on and characterized as some form of racism, which will of course be associated with the Republicans. He and his reckless, stupid, moves are going to take race relations in this country backwards in leaps and bounds.

I, truly, believe that Obama and his wife, think that he is the One who can heal this mean nation that is very, very dangerous. They really do believe he is above the law and knows better than our laws and Constitution. There have already been remarks from his czars that the Constitution oughtn't to be so untouchable and sacred. He truly seems to believe himself about his good judgment, although he has done nothing to demonstrate anything of the sort. He's shown quite the contrary, and on a consistent, everyday, basis. He is more dangerous than any president we ever had. It is like he wants to destroy this country and so far he is doing a pretty good job of it.

Take a note about this: Obama and his cronies went to his pals at the Justice Department to attempt to silence, and prohibit the TV cable channels from showing a video about his relationship with Bill Ayres. You know, the home grown terrorist. They lost, but the video isn't around anymore. WHY?

In addition, did you know this, during Obama’s Campaign thuggish behavior was used to attempt to shut down a radio talk show which had a guest speaking about Obama's connections and failure with the, Chicago Annenberg Challenge, where a grant of $100 Million meant to be used to improve education was used to fund radical groups instead. They flooded the station with phone calls and emails. None of the phone calls were debated [any issues or facts], but solely denounced any critic of Obama as a liar and worse. Freedom of speech anyone?

So what do we really have here? We have a president that will not produce a birth certificate to prove where he is born. We have a president, that by his actions hates this country, one who does not know if there are 57 states or 50 states. One who bows to Muslim kings and think that the Muslim call to morning prayer in the most beautiful thing. Hum! What a statement for a professing Christian to make. We have a president who will not call acts of terror what they really are, instead calling them “manmade disasters”. The list could go on and on, but you get the picture.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Its Bush’s Fault!!

The latest, up to date, grim facts and figures on unemployment has dealt a new blow to President Barack Obama. Will he blame this on Bush like everything else. If it is going bad for Obama it is Bush’s fault. Do you get as sick of hearing that as I do? No matter what the problem is with Obama, it is always Bush’s fault! When is he going to stand up and take the blame for what is happening. Bush has been out of office for just about two years now.
A Labor Department report showed 131,000 jobs were lost in July and the unemployment rate remained fixed at 9.5 percent, which is better than the worst levels this year but still painfully high. Must be Bush’s fault again! Small business created 71,000 jobs for the month, which was not enough to offset the massive government layoff of 143,000 census-takers. Must be Bush’s fault again!
Overall economic growth slowed to a pace of 2.4 percent in the second quarter of 2010, and other economic indicators are way down, even though Obama points to four quarters of economic growth. The White House has reject the probability of a [double-whammy] recession, but some economists warn of a Japanese-style economic stagnation where our government fails to make the necessary changes to make progress.
Obama is trying to put the best face on the most recent employment figures. "Climbing out of any recession, much less a hole as deep as this one takes some time. The road to recovery doesn't follow a straight line. Some sectors bounce back faster than others," Obama said. Hum Sounds like Bush’s fault again! Obama said the latest figures underscored the need for final passage of a bill aimed at saving 160,000 teaching jobs, which has cleared the Senate, and for other measures favoring small business. Look out there goes more money out the door. Where are we going to get money that we do not have? Start printing more money! Sounds like another stimulus package headed this way!
The conservatives are conducting their own campaign and blaming Obama for wasting a large part of the big 787 billion dollars in stimulus funding approved a year ago. It is not clear if the conservatives will be able to stop any new stimulus efforts wanted by the White House. Although the recovery seems to be faltering. Obama keeps on pressing his case, IT IS BUSH’S FAULT!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

I Wish I Could Say That I’m Surprised

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I wish I could say that I’m surprised that the NAACP has recently passed a resolution condemning the tea party movement because of so-called racism. Sorry to say, I am not. I have been looking at the resolution and in all honesty I just don’t get it. In simple terms if you are not in the Obama camp it makes a person automatically anti-black.

The NAACP should, in my opinion, be about freedom of thought, expression and existence for all people. Instead, the NAACP seems to only want people who has thoughts and expression that agrees with them. I think that is so wrong. It was not the goal of this origination when it was founded to do this.

I have no ill will for blacks, whites, or any other skin colors. That is totally neither here nor there in my life. As a Christian I believe with all my heart that all men are created equal. I do resent and take exception to those of any color or race who choose to get by in life riding the gravy train that I and other hard working people am forced to pay for. I would rather to give my money that I have earned by my labor to churches and groups and individuals that work to improve life for people and society.

The truth is the Tea Party doesn't want to put anybody against anybody. If the truth was really known, the tea party people, white and black, people in this country -- the, vast majority of them -- are sick of this. They don't want all this bitterness and they don't think it's necessary or acceptable anymore. The past is the past, and nobody can deny it, but it's not warranted anymore. You listen to Ben Jealous of the NAACP, and you would think that the Klan is running this country. With a black man in the White House, the Klan's still running the country, and believe it or not the Klan was all Democrats! Most people in this country, that means blacks, legal Hispanics, and whites, want a unified and integrated country built on the concepts of the American Constitution. It is not that complicated at all. What makes it complicated is that certain black, as well as certain white people have been raised and educated to think they have no chance in America, which is challenged by evidence..

This administration and that includes Obama and Holder have set race relations back to the 1950’s, but that is their agenda. That is what they want! Shame on them!!! They prey on people, both white, black, and Hispanics who live in the ghettos and are on welfare and tell them they should expect entitlements, privileges, rights, and free this and that. Martin Luther King , if he was alive, would speak out on the NAACP and New Black Panther movement for the racism they promote and advocate. He was a man with integrity and a vision that surpasses what any other black man or white man’s vision was or is today! He was a great man, but humble.

This resolution by the NAACP sends race relations back to the dark ages, much to the delight of those whose livelihoods (that means their way of living and source of revenue) depend on keeping the issue alive. Would somebody please produce anything but unreliable, sketchy, and unsubstantiated evidence that racism is widespread and prevalent in the tea party? The NAACP can't, which undermines any respect they ever earned. They are tearing down everything that Martin Luther King stood for and it is a shame.

These principles are what the NAACP are calling racist: Basic Tea Party 101 for candidates and elected officials:
* Be open and honest;
* Speak truthfully;
* Listen to and work for all the people;
* Adhere to the Constitution and your oath of office;
* Secure our borders;
* Support smaller government;
* Lower taxes.
I thought that this was the very roots of what American government are suppose to be about!

The NAACP should, in my opinion, be about freedom of thought, expression and existence for all people. Instead, NAACP seems eager of only defending thought and expression that agrees with them.  It will harm an entire generation of the kids THEY CLAIM to care for , and profess to have committed their life's work for. What a crock. The whole thing makes me sick. I am not just angry at Obama, I am ashamed he is our president. Not because he is black, but because he is a lying, opportunistic phony and not only do I say this, but many black leaders that can see what is happening.

I’m proud to say that my father taught me and I taught my children to never distinguish by skin color only by character and with the NAACP acting as it is, it's tough to understand why I made such an effort. I know why, because not all Black people subscribe to the NAACP and NBP the same as not all White people subscribe to the KKK. Honest Black and White Americans are tired of all this.

The black and white members in the Tea Party, and in America, in general are interested in Freedom, and less Government Regulation, and a country free from Terrorists, and Socialism. A country with lower taxes, and jobs for Legal citizens, and less spending by the Federal Government, for all Americans and not by the color of anyone's skin. Whenever I hear those words by MLK, Jr. and see what he went through to bring civil rights to blacks in this country, it makes me sick inside. It makes me sick inside because he did so much and after he died, they gave into the Left, let the Left use them, and now they are reaping what they have sown - a community with all kinds of problems, including unwed mothers, gangs and drugs. Not all, of course, but I am not blind and I’m sure many other people both white and black are not either.
When I heard that disgusting man from the New Black Panther Party speak, it made me sick! It absolutely sickens me, as much as watching someone from the Klan speak there crap, or even listening to Muslims speak about the West and other non-Muslims. It's nothing but HATE and it disgusts me to my very core. Kill the crackers, kill their babies, and on and on I could go. Where is the NAACP here. Why have they not spoke out against this?
We must stand together against this hate, as MLK, Jr. did - peacefully, in unity. And then we will prevail. Love will conquer all. It will not be the NAACP, THE BLACK PANTERS, THE KKK, or Obama with his change, as he calls it, it will be because the American people of all races get down on their knees and seek the “ONE” who can truly bring about change. Let us all have a dream like Doctor King did and then, with God’s helping hand, seek to put that into place.


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