Sunday, January 24, 2010

Passing The Buck

During the first year of The Obama administration Former President Bush got all the blame for Obama's failures. The buck was passed to him over and over again.. Everything was bush's fault. Who will get the blame in the second year of Obama's administration, for all the things that will go wrong? "TEAM Obama" will have to find another whipping boy { in other words another George Bush} if things continue to go wrong like they have in this past year. Americans are getting tired of Obama passing the buck, and indeed righty so. Obama keeps saying the buck stops with him. If that is the case, when is he going to take the blame instead of passing the buck to Bush? There will be some events that the most devoted "Blame Bush People" cannot convincingly tie to Bush. For instance, here are some things that happen during the last year, that they cannot logically blame on Bush, but in the end if things do not work out they will try to blame the failures on him again. It will be the great teleprompter spin of 2010.

Let us look at the first issue. George Bush did not invent or create the earthquake that destroyed Port-au-Prince and parts of Haiti. Obama can, however, stick what will certainly be a difficult and nasty clean-up attempt on Bush, who, along with Bill Clinton, has volunteered to help raise relief money for the suffering country of Haiti. If chaos, lack of control and disease become the second and third wave of despair in Haiti, The Obama administration will make {In other words pass the buck} Bush and Clinton the fall-guys for His failure to fix Haiti's troubles and {yes} evils. It will be noted by some of the readers, and ignored by many, that Haiti is just about the most corrupt country in the world. If you research the country you will see that Haiti's leaders are right up there along with Chavez and Castro. Haiti's poverty and the hardships of its people was already the worst in the hemisphere, long before the earthquake and guess what: " It had nothing to do with Bush." After saying that I will get plenty of flack I'm sure! But the truth is the truth. All you have to do is read for yourself. That is not to say that we must do all in our power to help the Haitian people during their time of troubles and to help in any way to end the suffering of its people. But in the end they will still have the same corrupt leaders and the hardship and misery that has been a part of that tiny nation for centuries. Once the Haitian people get back on their feet from the devastation of the earthquake they will still have the poverty and hardships they always had.

George Bush did not create the enormous health care bill that is in congress right now. The not so popular legislation has become an huge dead weight around the neck of Democrats, and it is lock, stock and barrel Obama's creation. That is his baby and that of a liberal congress that has allowed him to get this far with the bill. It has become a grab-bag of unconstitutional favors to one group after another to get the bill past and a huge financial hole that will never be filled and one that will always be on the back of the tax payers. The whole way that this health care bill was handled go against everything that Obama said during his campaign about doing things the right way and out in the open for all to see. Despite continued lectures and talks by the Obama and his teleprompter, the American people who have any sense at all – and especially the voters in Massachusetts -- know that this health care bill is a disaster in the making. If the Democrats are successful in passing some sort of watered-down bill, we will witness ongoing strife in congress over efforts to cut Medicare spending. We will see efforts to punish those who do not sign up for insurance, small business people under pressure and stressed to pay for their workers' coverage, and we will also see increasing waiting periods for people who need to see doctors and use health services because millions of Americans will start to take advantage of free medical care all at the same time. It is time for this nation to wake up to the fake transparency of this administration and know exactly where he is trying to take this country.

George Bush is not to blame for Obama's anti-business and narrow-minded off the wall views. The industry and businesses, that are under attack by the Obama administration, will continue to be undecided and troubled about their future and this will lead to the decision-makers of these companies, both big and small, to put off hiring or adding new people. The stimulus bill will kick in some new jobs in the coming months, job growth may still be very poor. The government nor the consumer can provide the spending flow we need to put people back to work; It will take a strong private sector to get this country back on its feet. Anybody with any sense at all knows this. The private sector is necessary and a very important key for this country's future. Obama, the great community organizer, looks at business as the enemy. Big business is his adversary. Obama's buddies at the Justice Department, EPA, Interior Department and in other places are hitting businesses very hard with increased rules and regulations, with warrantless investigations and fees. This is discouraging businesses just when their confidence needs a helping hand and support. No way can Bush be blame for that, although some of the readers of this article will try their best to find him at fault. The Bush Haters will try their best.

It is not George Bush's fault that the trial of Khalid Sheik Mohammed and his associates has turned into a show or should we say a three ring circus. It is not his fault that these war crimes are going to be answered for in a civilian court. In spite of the very best efforts of the NYC Police Commissioner Kelly and his whole department, and despite an estimated cost of $215 million in the first year alone, {what a shame} there is, certainly, no doubt that the ridiculous decision to try these terrorists in the most targeted big city, in our country, will prove to be a nightmare and a big worry for the law enforcement agencies of New York City. Let us hope and pray that the only attacks coming from the trials of this terrorist are vocal and not deadly.

It is not because of George Bush that the dictators, or should I say "THE NUT CAKES"} running Iran, North Korea and Venezuela continue to resist President Obama's proposals to them. They may be cruel and evil, but they are not stupid. They can see where Obama is coming from and they laugh. Although our new leader has unclenched his fist, with a lot of magnificent teleprompter speeches, our relations with these nations has not and will not improve, because elegant and well-designed speeches, in front of a teleprompter will not cut it. These countries that are ruled by dictators are facing bankrupt economies and restless and distressed populations; that needs a plan. This the same dilemma that is now all too familiar to Obama. The plan with Obama is: He will keep on trying to pass the buck to George Bush another Year because nothing is never his fault.
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