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Obama’s War

The military, the defense agencies and intelligence communities have always been skeptical when dealing with Democratic Presidents. Democratic presidential candidates must trash both departments to win the primary votes of liberal activists. They make promises to decrease Pentagon budgets and redirect the spending to domestic programs or better called the pork barrel giveaway programs of entitlement. Obama's win over Hillary Clinton in the primary, and then John McCain in the general election was largely due to his ability to use his rhetoric and teleprompter to express anti-war sentiment and his promise for more entitlement programs.
By the time the presidential campaign was over and Obama won, it was no big secret that the CIA and the defense establishments were pessimist and against many of his more radical and extremist plans. The ones that will allow our enemy to destroy this country. Regrettably, a consequence of this distrust and misgivings is a renewed weakness to Islamic terrorists. Obama alienated and put his self on bad terms with the front line, the boots on the ground. He has a worse relationship with our troops than Bill Clinton did.
Obama's leadership of this country and the troops was not helped by his decision and determination to ignore his meeting with Gen. Stanley McChrystal, {the general, in charge of the troops in Afghanistan,} until almost nine months into his term as president. During this extended period, Obama only spoke with McChrystal only once and that was not face to face but over the phone. This lack of communication was contrary to his campaign promises to listen to our generals. To complex this boo-boo, Obama wasted time. He hemmed and hawed taking his time {months to be exact} to complete a new plan for his Afghan offensive.
Obama also give orders to Attorney General Eric Holder to engage in an reckless examination of the way used to interrogate suspected terrorists after 9/11. The interrogation probe, which is largely seen by many as a witch-hunt against George W. Bush and his administration, is opposed by seven former CIA chiefs from both political parties. Obama openly ignored the warnings of these republican and democrat professionals and has given Holder a free hand to do what he wants. To most Americans this is a big mistake and it will give the Islamic terrorist a big advantage point in the holy war against us.
In December, Obama issued a executive order {13526} which declassified sensitive national secrets, including the daily presidential briefing which were classified. By issuing this controversial executive order, and rolling back precedents set by the Clinton and Bush administrations, Obama is further threatening his relationship with the intelligence community. By revealing sensitive documents, the methods and contacts of U.S. spies become part of the public record. His decision creates a reason for the agencies to hold back and hide information. As you would expect and rightly so, spies never want to appear on the front page of the local newspaper having their decisions bad mouthed by uninformed people who only know what they are told by people like Obama and his followers.
Obama's reaction to the terrorist who was dubbed the underwear bomber by the news media has further strained relations. He condemned what he called "systemic failures" in the CIA and other U.S. intelligence agencies for failing to "connect the dots," and announced "he would not tolerate it." This is a classic example of him passing the buck. {but he said the buck stops with him} CIA officials had sent all the appropriate data to the U.S. National Counterterrorism Center in Washington, which was set up after the 9/11 attacks as a clearinghouse where unprocessed data should be examine. As luck would have it, {Being Sarcastic} the Obama administration had planned deep budget cuts for the NCTC before the terrorist attack.
Obama has also met tough opposition in the Pentagon with their refusal to go along with his pipe dream of a nuclear-free world. Obama loves traveling the world over making silver- tongued promises which are very dangerous and unsafe to America. To give a example, Obama wants to unilaterally disarm in the hopes that our enemies follow suit. The second debatable part of Obama's policy is to issue strict guidelines that lay out in detail to the public when the United States would use nuclear weapons. This policy is meaningless because our enemies won't believe our announcements anyway. And, if we do follow these procedures and course of action, we will then be tying our hands and the military to defend this nation. How can anyone really believe that Obama, when he couldn't even get world leaders to agree to a global climate treaty, will be able to convince other nations to do away with their nuclear weapons? That is pure stupidity and lack of common sense on his part.
Barack Obama with his decision-making, his lack of skill and ability, his readiness to put the blame on others, and his not so practicable worldwide view on terror, his pushing away and turning his back on our most important resources, the intelligent agencies, in the universal war on terror and that goes without saying. The bottom line is that this president is willing to sacrifice American lives in order to engage in dangerous policies that are popular only with leftists in this country and leftist all over the world.
Given the fact that we have a president that will not call terrorist what they are: "TERRORIST", a president that has empathy for the terrorist, a president that gives the terrorist rights to our civilian courts, a president who claims that we are a Muslim country should tell us one thing. We are fighting a war against Muslim Terrorist that we cannot win as long as Obama is our leader because he will not allow it.


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