Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Attorney General

We can all remember The Black Panthers intimidation of the voters in Philadelphia during the election of 2008. I wondered what happen to that issue and what was done about it. I was amazed what I found out. The Attorney General {Eric Holder} has refused to prosecute the Black Panthers despite the over whelming evidence against them. WHY? In the most recent string of developments, the House Judiciary Committee voted to stop any action, to not do anything, with the case. Again I ask why? Fifteen Democrats voted to refuse any action on the bullying case while fourteen Republicans voted in the favor of more inquiry into the matter. The House Judiciary Committee voted 15-14, along party lines, not to require the Justice Department to hand over investigative information in the case. What is Holder hiding. Attorney General Holder has obstructed and refused to cooperate with the investigation, and now, it appears that, the Democrats are going along with him and are apparently letting him get away with it. There is no reason why information could not handed over to the committee. I don't think that it was a national security issue. What was the problem?

To most Americans, including myself, this is a very serious case of voter intimidation and bullying. So what is Eric Holder going do, just let them get away with it? I wonder if that would be the case if it was the KKK or a white supremacy group instead of the Black Panthers. Eric Holder may think that this was a small incident, but it does not look that way to me. In all the years that we have had elections there has been only two or three remote cases of voter intimidation but in 2008 there was 48 complaints. This is not a isolated incident. It is a issue that needs to be looked into. Why so many in 2008?
Holder cannot his waste his valuable time on voters being bullied and intimated by thugs with night sticks at the entrance to voting places because as we all know it takes all his time and all his energy for the really
bad guys, like the Navy Seals that will be put on trial, who he is going to prosecute to the full extent of the law for giving a terrorist a bloody nose and denying him his rights under our constitution. {not his}. Is this the way the justice system is going to work in our new Obama land? If it is, something is not right.

There will be no safety for anybody in this country. When you have people in authority that will call what is bad, good and what is good bad, there is something wrong.

After looking at the video, you can see what a charming looking polling place it was. Just look at the video and see for yourself. Soon all of our polling places will look the same and other nice men wielding nightsticks while decked out in steel toed combat boots and black clothes will be stationed at the front door to make sure that only those voters who they allow and approve of feel welcome to take part in the democratic process. But then again , if you remember when the story broke on Fox News it was of course the McCain supporters propaganda and half truths that should be silenced by the Fairness Doctrine which will make sure that everybody has their fair share of free speech, especially if you agree with the democrats. This intimidation goes way beyond all voter fraud. Who will need voter fraud if these guys start hanging around in numbers. The boots of these hard core bullies, at our polling places, are not the Boots on The Ground that we need. If we do not take a stand on this bulling, then the next election it will be that much more worse.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it!

----------- George Santayana

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