Saturday, March 17, 2018

Just The Facts

Remember the old TV program “DRAGNET” with Jack Webb? One of his famous lines was “Just the facts”. So let us deal with just the facts today in this article.

There are so many articles in the local newspaper lately about gun control that would make a person think that there is an agenda by the left to remove guns from this country. I never realized or knew how big this movement was until I read several different articles in the paper. There are never are any articles about pro-gun just anti Gun. People, especially teenagers, will protest without knowing all the facts, without even knowing why they are protesting. Some teenagers were asked what they were protesting and they could not even answer. They only protest what they hear or see and because other people are doing it, without ever checking the facts. These teenagers are better known as the Tide-Pod generation. It is called the dumbing down of our kids. Before they protest about anything, including guns, they should be required to study the Constitution of the United States.

For example, we had school kids all over the country [on a certain day] walking out of school protesting the recent shootings in schools. I wonder how many of these students would have protested if the protest were held not during school hours. The media was all over the story about kids walking out in protest but nothing was said about some kids in schools having a walk in instead of a walk out. What more can you expect from a liberal press? There was some difference of opinion over the issue of gun control and the violence caused by these shootings but the American people read only one side of the issue. How in just a short time could there have been such a walkout all across this nation? The answer is, it was planned and put into effect as soon as the school shooting happened by liberals and progressives who want to see the confiscation of guns in this country.

 At one school kids were so unruly during the walkout they destroyed an American flag which is all a part of the liberal agenda and then tried to assault a police officer. The very flag they destroyed represents the very means that allows them to protest.

They were protesting, if that was what you could call it, and most of them knew nothing of what they were protesting. By that I mean the deep roots of why they were protesting are not being brought to the front. I am not afraid to say there is a bigger issue behind all of this and it is not about gun violence. There was a picture in the paper of a girl holding a sign that said: “Eighteen Century laws can’t regulate 21st-century weapons”. Down through the history of this country, our constitution has done a pretty good job so far. What law or amendment does she want to go next? These signs are right out of the communist playbook. After the guns go the liberals will have the Holy Bible gone and their version will replace it.

How about the fact that there are 11 kids a day killed in this country a day because of texting on their cell phones while driving. That is over 4000 thousands kids a year being killed by texting and driving. I guess we should ban cell phones from kids and while we are at it automobiles too because they are part of the blame for this sad waste of human life. Another sign held by another kid said; ”we want education without fear of annihilation”. I also would like that same thing whenever I drive to the store or drive to church without the fear of being killed by a teenager texting while driving.

The sad truth here is most kids are being dumb down by a liberal agenda that are using gunning violence as a platform to promote their agenda. It is sad when liberals’ have to use our kids to promote their communist agenda. It is the liberals’ in this country that are trying to mobilize our kids for their cause. More time should be spent on teaching the history of this country and what it stands for. But what is happening is some of our histories is being deleted out of our history books and our school curriculum. What percentage of kids in this country even know what the Constitution is and what it stands for, sad to say a very few if any.

The issue is not about gun control. It is about controlling a nation of free people by taking away the only means of keeping ourselves free. Some people will laugh at that statement. But it is the truth. History is trying to repeat itself right in our backyards and most people cannot even see it. We only need to look at Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, Cuba, and many other nations. Look at what happened to them. The guns were taken and then the real slaughter began. Millions were murdered because they protested the governments of these countries. This is the same road America is going down. A gentleman from Scotland wrote, to the local newspaper and said This; America has no need of people running around with guns. He also stated we have a most capable military to protect us. This is true. We have the finest military to protect us from all outside threats but not from the Trojan horse which is getting bigger in our country.  That is the reason for the second amendment and the reason for our Constitution.

Lastly, I read an article in the local paper about a church that was having a prayer vigil against gun violence. That may be fine, but the church [all churches] needs to go above and beyond this. The sad thing is their mind is dull and they are being deceived. Any Bible believing church knows there is more to be done than just a prayer vigil against gun violence. The roots of the problem go a lot deeper than gun violence. It is called THE SIN PROBLEM; which is an all-inclusive word for Rebellion against God and His Word. The history of the world, as eyed through the Bible and some other good history books, plainly show the fact that when God is in control the nation prospers and when God is not in control there is evil, violence, and every sin a person can imagine. My friends God is not in control of America. We have forsaken Him. We as a people have turned our backs on him and now we are reaping what we have sown.  America is now reaping for the killing of millions of unborn children in the womb, the removing of anything that pertains to God from our schools and government buildings, and the promoting of homosexual lifestyles in the schools and in government, which clearly are against God’s laws. Our government and sad to say most of our churches are falling short of preaching and upholding the truth and the Constitution of this country.

It is true that the United States is 3rd in murders throughout the world, but if you remove Chicago, Washington, DC., Detroit, St. Louis, and New Orleans look what happens. The United States comes in at 189th out of 193 countries in the entire world. And what is more amazing is the five cities mentioned here have the most strict gun control laws in the nation. Now please tell me about people wanting to pass more gun control laws. The true problem in this country is not the need for more laws. It is THE SIN PROBLEM.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Teachers Were Always Armed

I know that statement will turn some heads, but the fact is it is true. How do I know this to be true? Let me start with my history teacher. She was armed with a large book about three inches thick and would not fail to bend you over a chair and administer ones due rewards.  Then there was my third grade teacher who was armed with a twelve inch ruler that reached out and touched someone when they needed it.  Then there was my six grade teacher who would raise her arm and point her finger and you would not see recess for a while let alone daylight. Then there was the dreaded paddle at the principals’ office that brought with it all the respect that was needed in that high office. If a child was unruly on the bus he was put off and got home the best way he could. And when we got home from school we knew we were going to get our just rewards once again.
Am I trying to make teachers look bad, not at all? The teachers who are mentioned above were the most kind, considerate, loving people who focused on the task at hand and that was giving kids the education they needed. The difference is there was order in the classroom, and in the halls. Just like in today’s world the teachers back then were not given the credit they deserved, but there is a big difference between the two different time periods in this country’s school history.
The ills of our school system in this country can be blamed on no one but the federal government and its system of how we are to raise our kids. The government has usurped the school’s authority to give our kids a good education. A student must have the right environment to receive a good education and discipline must be a part of that environment.  This is not happening in our school system.
The government, as I have said in the past, wants you to believe it takes a village to raise a child. This was one of Hilary Clinton’s famous sayings. While there may be some small merit to that statement we must realize it is the family unit and how it is structured is the foundation for raising our kids. When a child is raised correctly in the home that will show when they are out in public and in the school system which they attend. They will dress properly, conduct their self properly, and be a blessing to their family in their home and in the school which they attend.
Teachers have an impossible task today of trying to teach most kids because the kids do not see the school as a place of learning but a place to gather and socialize. For the most part respect has gone out the door. The standards for our schools and for our homes must be raised.
The problems in our schools are blamed on guns, teachers, bus drivers, and many other things when the real problem is the structure of the family unit. How we see kids behave in school, for the most part, is how they behave at home.  This is the root of the problem.
Let us arm our teachers, bus drivers, and other school personal with the authority they need to maintain a good environment in our schools. If we do this there will be no need of arming our teachers with hand guns and police patrolling the halls.

Monday, March 5, 2018

The Truth About The News

For over 10 years I have been writing articles to my Blogs about the problems we are facing in America today. The English and grammar may not always be right. But for the most part, they are always received well and I always get many emails agreeing with the articles and then there are a few who disagree and want to put their own spin on the issue. That is okay too because I always believe in free speech and what people have to say. Everybody has a right to voice their concerns about their government, and the laws that govern our land.
I have said all that to say this. Not all the media is the same way. It only takes the average intelligent person to watch the news on TV to soon see that it is clearly one-sided and it is their opinion that counts and not yours. You might expect that out of major news networks but when it comes to your local hometown newspaper you would think they would be a little different but that is not so. There is an agenda in this country that is not what all Americans want.
I want to make a statement that will most likely get me in some trouble with a few readers. The liberal news media today is no news media at all. It is the enemy of the American people.  I have to agree with President Trump when he said; “we have fake news” because he was telling the truth. The lies, twisted truth, and invented news are all we ever hear. The liberal news media is just a mouthpiece for the socialist, progressives, communist, or to sum it up in one word, THE DEMOCRATS.  If communist ever took over this country then the liberal news media would see they can only print what they are told to print. But guess what that is already happening now!
We have a local newspaper and I have heard more than one person say (while sitting in the local McDonalds) that they just do not read the paper anymore because of their one-sided views and articles. Sad to say they are right. 75 to 80% are all liberal articles and follow the liberal agenda of dumbing down America.  The news media should print the story and let the people decide and not put their spin on it.
What really gets me is when you write an article to be published in the paper if you have the word “Jesus” in it you know that most of the time it will not be printed or if you say anything about the spiritual condition of this country it will not be printed. Jesus is not allowed in our schools, government buildings, public places, and now in our schools. We do not hear about Our Lord because it does not fit into the liberal agenda or the liberal newspapers, just like He did not fit into the platform at their convention some years ago when Obama was running for president.
A man once said you can learn more from what you do not read in a paper than what you do read in a newspaper and he is so right.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Surrounded By Stupid People

Over the course of my life I have seen a lot of things happen to this country and before my time I read of a lot of things that do not make much sense. 
For example before my time there was a period when you could not buy alcohol. That was called “The Great Prohibition” and all across America you could not buy alcohol, legally. The federal government spent millions to stop the sale while thousands of people, including government officials and local police departments, secretly joined in the drinking of the alcohol.  Millions of dollars were made in the selling of the rot gut liquor. In the very end the law was repealed and millions of people and families have suffered and even died. So the “ninety nine bottles of beer on the wall” are still around and still are killing people every day. And not in just small numbers either. Over a hundred years later the government is still working on the problem.
Then along comes the “Wacky Weed” better known as Marijuana and the hard core drugs such as heroin, cocaine, uppers, downers, black beauties, and you name it. There was a crisis then and it is now.  Now it is opioids and Rx Medicines.  The answer for today’s drug problem, so people think, is to take the medicine away from everybody including the people who are under doctor’s care and need the medicine to have any quality of life at all. In other words the good people will pay along with the bad. The only thing being solved is the bad will keep on keeping on with their drug habit and the good people who are under doctors care will suffer with pain because the doctors will not be able to manage their pain anymore. The good will suffer but time will march on. 
Now we have the cell phone and texting. We all know that texting and driving do not mix. It is as deadly as drinking and driving. Laws to stop this were passed and still people get killed at an alarming rate while texting as they drive. Will we band cell phones to stop this deadly problem?  I think not. Teenagers and as well some adults will still keep on texting and innocent people will still get killed. So should we ban cell phones.
People, (liberals), in this country all want more gun control. This happens every time there is a shooting. Most of the people doing the complaining are so stupid they do not know the butt from the barrel, but they, along with teen agers who love the taste of tide-pods, want to complain and make the laws that govern our nation.  Some of these people that are protesting, when asked, cannot even tell you what they are protesting. Now tell me, is that not scary? We have idiots, and are surrounded by them that does not know what the left or right hand is doing. We are surrounded by idiots.
We have problems with guns (so they say) and 100s of laws have been passed to stop the gun, but not the idiot with the gun. We have signs in front of our schools calling them a gun free zone. That is as bad as people who put in a certain colored light bulb on their porch to tell other people; “there is no gun here.”  Like I said we are surrounded by idiots.
If the American people do not wake up and see what is happening we are going to lose all our freedoms and we will either be ruled by communist or Muslims who do not care about your freedom or mine. And even more important we must get rid of the idiots in Washington who make these do nothing paper laws and get people elected that will get the job done.


Wednesday, February 28, 2018

The Democrats Great Society

When I and a lot of you were growing up we were raised by what I think was America’s greatest generation of people. We were taught right, raised right, and made to do right. We knew the meaning of respect no matter where we were, home, in school, church, or just out in public.  That was because we were raised by God believing and God-fearing parents.
With much sadness and heartache, I have watched my generation throw away the gift that was given to them by the great generation which raised them. They have failed to give to their children the ideals and values that were given to them; the values that made this country great. I watched the spoiled brats (no other word for it) of my generation protest and object to military service, protest and rebel against just about everything that was right or good. They gave their peace signs, called for free love but along with that came the beginning of destruction for this country.
They supported slick and greedy politicians that sold them on special rights for certain classes of people when Jesus tells us different in His Holy Word. We are all His children and He sees no certain classes. Red and yellow, black or white we are all precious in His sight.  The same greedy politicians persuaded and convinced women that men were their enemy and that certain crime could be excused because of social barriers. A lot of us watched them buy into a "blame America first" mentality. That was their way of thinking.  Now we can see as their children's children cry for "safe spaces “and ask for socialism and communism to take the place of this great Republic and what it stands for. If they half a brain they could see communism for what it really is.
 Unless you are sheltered in the arms of God there are no safe places in this country. They refuse to see Islam for what it is. (EVIL) They do not even know what the inside of a church looks like or who Jesus Christ is. As far as that goes some of them do not know if they are a boy or girl. We are living in a sad and sick world, a fallen world controlled by sick people whose god is Satan.
 There are no safe places anymore in this country, Most houses are armed camps because of what is on the outside their doors.. People are not even safe in the House of God. We have to stop being brainwashed by liberals and communist that tells you; “guns kill people.” We must realize that guns don't kill people any more than hammers, baseball, or rocks. We are dealing with mentally ill, demon possessed people, who do not know right from wrong. Look back at the generations of years ago and not to the complainers and the ones who moan and groan in our society today, the ones that advocate insurrection and evil do not know right from wrong. Their minds are warped just like the great cesspool and swamp located in our nation’s capital. They are evil people leading the charge for a new America; one that the government will no longer serve the people, but the people will serve the government.
America has no structural points anymore. The family unit (the building blocks of this country) is just about gone. There are approximately 13.7 million single parents in the United States today, and those parents are responsible for raising 22 million children.  Ever since 1964 when “The Great Society” was put into place people rely on the government for everything. We are talking about able bodied people that have the biggest case of “WHAT YOU GOING TO GIVE ME” in history.  They would rather make babies than keep their pants up and work. The more babies they make the more money they will get from the government.  That may seem harsh but it is the truth. Work boots just do not fit these kinds of people.

Then we have people in Washington that want you to believe it is the government who should raise your kids and not the parents.  Hillary Clinton said it takes a whole village to raise your children.  That is communist to the core. I have said more than once and I will leave you, the reader, with this thought; "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction."  

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Clearing The Air

In answer to Mr. Brown’s comments about my recent letter to the Star Democrat I would like to clear the air in this debate. First I am a Christian, American, conservative, and an independent voter, in that order. I am not a member of the NRA. I think for myself and do not have to use the talking points of the NRA or anybody else to make my point. Furthermore I do not own any guns. At seventy two years of age it makes no difference to me what this country decides to do about guns. I do worry about my grand kids living in a world that will only get worse.

Where does the blame go for this latest shooting in Florida? Is it the AR-15? Or does the blame go somewhere else? The FBI was notified twice, the sheriff’s department was notified about this young man 39 times. The school knew about him and what was done? There were several sheriffs deputies who stood outside and would not even go in while kids were being shot.  So people should give up their guns and let the government protect us. What a great choice.

People have had guns in their home for over two hundred years and mass shootings have only become a problem in the last thirty years. If a person would look and then think a little they would very clearly see a connection between the rise of gun violence and the decline of disciplining our children. We, as a nation, have taken Bible reading, prayer, and pledge allegiance out of our schools to having armed guards patrolling the halls of our schools. We have gone from backing our teachers to yelling and screaming at them. At one time the greatest problem was chewing gum in school or smoking in the bathroom. Then Charlie Brown started crying; “Why is everybody picking on me” Now look were we are at. It is not a gun problem. It is a sin problem and a nation that is turning its back on God. What we sow that we will reap!

So we have band fertilizer, box cutters, pen knives, and now it is the gun (not just the AR-15) we want to band. Do not be fooled if you think it is only the AR-15.  My question is what is next on the list to band. Will it be rolling pens, shovels, or hammers?  We are not looking at the big picture here. Yes gun violence is part of the problem but so are a lot of other things. We have Kids without fathers, kids not knowing if God made them a male or female, or which bathroom to use. It is called the dumbing down of our kids. The liberals would have you believe it takes a whole community to raise our kids, when in truth it is the family unit that is the building blocks of this country.  Until this nation returns to God things will only get worse.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

The Shameful Truth

The shooting in the school in Florida is not about gun control anymore. This is now about a complete and total failure at all levels of law enforcement, and the government that is responsible for protecting the American people. The FBI failed because they did not follow up on the tips and warnings provided. If they did this tragedy would have never happened. The local law enforcement failed because there were at least 39 calls for domestic trouble and other concerns that included threats. We now know and it has been confirmed that the School Resource Officer at the school, was armed, and did not do a thing to stop the massacre for at least four minutes. We also know now other police officers were there that did not go in. Police officers who have been in a gun battle know that within three to five seconds, innocent people start losing their lives if they do not take do not act and do something about it. The Broward County Sheriff’s Department failed to not only to protect the kids at the school but also to follow up on all those reports about the shooter. And let us not leave the Broward County School District out of the picture because they failed because they did not report the unusual and strange behavior of Cruz. There were so many signs and forewarning of his criminal behavior, his intent, and what they should have known was a possibility to happen and stopped it.
In this case, there were those police officers who were charged to protect who did not go above and beyond, as they were expected to do. They failed and displayed the worst kind of behavior. A police officer’s job is more than writing traffic tickets and wearing a uniform. When a man puts on a badge and is sworn in as a police officer it becomes a life of service, courage and selfless service, sacrifice, and a commitment to others — those are the values that all police officers should have and most do. The sad thing is there were no guardians for the high school in Florida and that should be the core of this discussion everyone is having about guns, Not gun control.

Just The Facts

Remember the old TV program “DRAGNET” with Jack Webb? One of his famous lines was “Just the facts”. So let us deal with just the facts toda...