Monday, November 26, 2012

The Split

America is no longer the nation it was just a few short years ago. Her standards are lowered in every area. America was once a thriving nation and a nation that Believed in God and followed His commandments and laws. Because of this America was blessed in abundance in every area. Now nearly half of the population receives some type of government assistance. How much of this assistance is really needed? If a person looks back on the history of this country and putting everything into perspective any person with just the slight intelligence would have to say not anywhere what is being handed out today.

I can remember years ago an average working American family had one car, window air conditioning, we had no cell phone and the government did not provide one, but we got along just fine. There was a time when the only way that a person could receive Social Security disability they really truly had to be disabled. Now it seems that if a person has a headache they are on the road for disability insurance, food stamps, Their  electric bill paid, and all the needs provided when in the real world the person should have a job to support his family and his self, not living off the system for years and years. When these benefits are handed out like giving candy to kids it not only hurts the American taxpayer, but also hurts the people who truly need and deserve help. America is fast becoming a nation that has more takers than there are makers. The American working people cannot sustain this kind of taxation for long. It is beyond me why people cannot see this.

When we have leaders or a leader who wants to put into place a plan or policy that takes from the workers and give it to the non workers (better known as spreading the wealth around) we as a nation are heading for a disaster. There is also nothing wrong with being rich. Everybody would like to be rich, but that is not the case. People must realize it is the rich that provide the jobs, pay the salaries, and keep the economy running smoothly. Without their money being put into the job markets there would be no jobs, no paychecks, no vacations, no medical insurance, or many other things that the average working person takes as granted. Many Americans who are now rich started out with not a cent in their pockets. They worked hard and realized that they could make something of their self. That is called the American dream.

Now it seems the American dream starts with having a child out of wedlock and then keep on having them out of wedlock because the more babies you have the more freebies that are supplied by the government. This has to come to an end. There will soon be more babies born into homes with just one parent in this country. This was not God’s plan for a family unit. When I was growing up there was a saying that was quoted from the Bible; If you do not work you do not eat. I wonder what the unemployment rate would be today if that was ever put into place. There are people who live off government handouts that are living better than people who work every day. What is wrong with that picture? This nation is becoming a nation of poverty real quick.

We have a president who threatens to not pay the social security benefits to retirees (scare tactics) unless some piece of legislation is not signed and how can that be. Social security does not belong to the government or the president. It belongs to the people who faithfully paid it in all their life. They were only the keepers of this money and they were sure poor keepers of that. If anyone should not get paid it is the congressmen and the big salaries and big benefits. The American people may soon have to face Obama care but our congressmen are excluded from it. What is wrong with that picture?

For years America has had a very serious problem with illegal’s coming across the border and costing the American taxpayer millions of dollars every year in government assistance to the ones who will not work, or the cost of the illegal who commit crimes and are in prison. The amount paid for all this is staggering.

The list and the talking point could go on and one but there has been enough said for the average American to see where the problem is in this country. Nothing will change until the American voter (the ones that work for a living) does something about the problem. The first problem is that we have a man in the White house that is promoting all these issues to cause a divide in this country.  George Washington chopped down the cherry tree and Obama is chopping up America.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

CONSERVATIVES - Don't Be Decieved

Obama said in an after election speech that Americans need to set aside partisan politics, stop opposing each other and come together, as a nation, to fix our country’s problems. He has said that there will have to be concessions and compromise made if there is to be any progress in solving the overwhelming problems facing this country. He was right in his statement. When you stop and think what he is saying it appears to be a sensible idea, in fact, it seems evident that is what needs to be done to pull America out of the hole that it is in. That is what we all want. A thriving, safe, and secure America for our children and grandchildren to grow up in. The problem with his speech is once you start looking at what the liberal commentators have to say, you soon read between the lines and see the real upcoming agenda of Obama and his liberal friends. I do a lot of reading of conservative and liberal opinions every day. The majority of the opinion articles, from the liberals, that I have read recently,  seem to indicate it is conservatives in this country who must be willing to make the concessions. I have not read or heard of any liberal concessions as to the needs of the American people. During the next four years I see no coming together of liberals and conservatives.

In my opinion this is the biggest problem facing this country is the balance between the liberals and the conservatives is already leaning too far to the left. It is difficult to ask a person to concede further on issues when they have given more than enough already and after giving get nothing in return except more taxes, more government control, more political speeches with no meaning, and less freedom. The rhetoric seems to be endless, especially when Obama is doing the talking. He says one thing, but does the opposite. That is what is known as a deceiver or better yet a liar. With respect I honor the office of president, but not for him. Not for a man that goes against everything this country stands for. Obama needs to show the American people that these speeches are not just political, that it is not just political maneuvering so he can blame conservative leaders, like he did President Bush the last four years later when his socialist policies fail or he does not get what he wanted. The Obama speeches since the election are doing nothing but setting the American people up for another four years of another do nothing presidency that does not have the best interest of the American people at heart.

We have a narcissistic president who is so self absorbed in his ideas to make America what he wants it to be that he overlooks and seems to just not care about American values. The values that have made this nation strong. He is a man that shows his self to be conceited, egotistical, and a person who will have it his way or no way at all. So do not think that this man has a change of heart. He is still the man of four years ago that promised change and is doing everything in his power to change America into a communist country. We must face the facts about this man and his liberal friends. As long as he is president will not have a strong economy or a secure nation. The next four years will only show an increase in terror from our Muslim friends, violence at the border, illegal aliens, a weak military, and unemployment. Who will be the blame this time?

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Obama Mandate

  Just days after winning the election,  Obama has announced, to the country that his victory gave him a mandate (A go-ahead) to raise taxes on the “rich.” In other words, to put it in terms that you can understand, take from one and give to the other. He had better think  again? That was a two and-a-half-point election. It reflected a clearly divided electorate. The only mandate I saw was to unite a divided country. One of the incredible things about America is that the middle class people do not hate the rich. We were not a society divided by hate or by financial classes until Obama was elected president. I will be the first one to say, there are real issues as the split between the rich class and the middle class is growing, there is no doubt about that. We have a man in the White House who causes that. I have found out in my lifetime you only get what you work and strive for. This is a nation that is open to all its citizens, to excel, and become what they want to be. What a person does with that is up to them. There are some that will always look for a hand out or cry about the rich and what the rich have and what they don’t have.

At sixty six years old I have seen plenty of this in my life. I come from a family that really did not have much. We were not poor because we had food on the table,clothes on our back and shoes on our feet. We were taught at a very early age to work and to better ourselves to the best of our ability. I started out working in the fields as day labor making seventy five cents an hour and every chance I got I did my best to move forward, always wanting to do better. I worked hard and studied every night for at least four hours to become what I wanted to be in this life. I passed the state electrical test, which is a four hour test, and started my own business. I struggled for years but I did not quit. I finally had a business that employed six people. Six people who counted on me for a paycheck and work. When I retired, I retired to a place of my own on an acre of ground that no one bought for me. Now because of the Obama economy I will still have to work to keep it. Never once did I cry out about the rich having it all and me having nothing. I have learned in my lifetime that whatever state I’m in only I can make it better. That same thing holds true for all Americans. Nothing of any value is free.

Obama has started his new term in office with what can be plain to see as a war between the classes. His mandate is to drive the American people apart for his purpose. There was no mandate for him to tax the rich more. The only mandate that needs to happen is one to draw the American people back together again, not to turn us against one another. It is plain to see here, by anybody that has any vision at all, the only mandate that Obama has, has been his own which can be read in His book, THE DREAMS OF HIS FATHER,. That mandate is to turn this country into a communist country with no freedoms and the people depending on the government for everything. A failed concept that has been proven wrong in any country that it was tried in.  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

AMERICA - In Distress

It seems to me if people can use the American flag as a door mat, if they can spit on it, burn it, write nasty slogans on it, step all over it, and degrade it, then people who want to fly the flag upside down should be allowed to fly the flag that way? Under the conditions normally set for the military at sea if you fly your flag upside down on a ship it means you are in distress. And most people in their right mind think America is in distress.  After looking up the word in the dictionary for a clear meaning I think America is in distress. Our country is suffering and in agony. This is not the same country we grew up in.  America is on a slippery slope to destruction and only the people with common sense can see the destruction coming. The other side of the coin is there are people who will still follow the pied piper and still drink the Kool Aid.

Most Christians and most conservative Americans were shocked and scared when Obama won re-election. They have a right to be after his first term of dismantling and destroying our country. A person has to question how did he ever get re-elected after seeing what he did to our country the first four years. But the fact is they need to be more scared of the people that re-elected him. These are the same people that can re-elect another Obama if there is ever to be another election. Who are these people who would destroy the greatest nation on the face of the earth? It is people who, like Obama, hate America, people who will not work and want government handouts, people who have worked hard to bring capitalism down and to have a socialist (communist) nation take its place. Then there are the people who know no better, the ones that are deceived by the master deceiver himself. They are like little children holding their hand out for a free gift. These are the people who we really need to take notice of. It is a sad state of affairs when the takers of a nation can rule that nation being maintained and held up by the makers. There is something wrong with this picture.

When the American voter will re-elect a man that is a deceiver, a liar, one with a narcissistic personality, a divider, and a hater of our country, then we as a nation are in trouble.  As I read in some of commentates I see where there is a movement, in over forty states, by some of the people to secede from the union. Some will say it will not last but this movement will only grow and if nothing changes it could turn into another civil war. I know a lot of people do not want to hear that. So will say that is going a little too far, but the truth is America is ripe for such a thing and most of it is caused by our great divider in chief. The one who worked so hard to divide this nation the last four years.  Hard working people will only go so far in letting the government take their money and calling it taxes, while giving it to the takers.

As more and more of our constitutional rights are taken from us people will stand up and say enough is enough. America is more divided and split apart than she has ever been. Deliverance will not come from the barrel of a gun or a voting machine. Most Americans have never been so homesick before wanting the America of old, the one they grew up in and could feel safe in, to return. It is the time for all Americans that know how to pray to get on their knees and pray for deliverance. People will soon realize this when all else fails. There is only one who holds the keys to the future of America and He is the Rock this country was built on. JESUS CHRIST

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Taking A Moment To Thank Them


A couple weeks ago was a very interesting day for me as I had the honor of talking to a World War Two veteran and listing to him speak about that terrible war. when I came home This man, this hero, so profoundly made a great impression on me that I wrote an article ( The Vanishing American ) on my blog, about me meeting him and for evermore that meeting will be imprinted on my mind. I was and still am a person that gives thanks to our veterans  for their serve to our country and to the ideals it stands for.  Veteran’s Day is a great day for all Americans to take time to give thanks to a veteran, but the truth is, any day is a great day to give thanks to those who served our country. Veterans are everywhere. Veterans  from WWII are dying off by the hundreds every day in this county. Today no matter where you are at today, in church, at the store, a restaurant or where ever you are, take the time to thank a veteran for serving their country and making this country the strongest country in the world.  Look around you today and find someone to thank for what they did to let you live in peace and liberty. That peace and liberty came with a price. God bless those veterans!

Friday, November 9, 2012

OBAMA - A Lot To Be Concerned About

Most conservative voters are concerned mainly about the economy of America since the re-election of Obama, but we must also seriously must also consider and think about the security of this nation and that of our ally, Israel. Obama is, for the most part giving the Muslim terrorist in the middle east a free pass, while at the same time ignoring Israel and her security. 

About a month ago Obama gave Egypt almost $400 million in military aid. Why does Egypt need military aid?  Please tell me who Egypt’s enemies are and what they need to defend against. Americans should have answers for these kinds of questions.  We gave Egypt all this money and what do we get in return? Are they our Ally ? Are they our friend? NO! There is no return for any of the money that we give them.  At least the money that the nation of Israel receives from us we get a return on. We get something back. We receive intelligences about our enemies from them, they share technology with us, and they stand firmly behind us in the problems of the world, especially the middle east. 

What comes into question with me, and I might add millions of other Americans, is why we are giving all this money to a country that is controlled by the Muslim Brotherhood, Who is the people behind Hamas, who as we all know is a sworn enemy of the United States and Israel. These are the people who are on a mission to get rid of the big and little Satan. Why would the Obama administration even consider giving these people money that America does not have? The Muslim Brotherhood has already said that they are against anything that the United States stands for and they will make changes to the peace treaty between the United States and Egypt.  I ask again; “Why are we giving our enemy money to these people?” 

Ever since Obama has held the office of president he has openly snubbed Israel and that county's leader, Netanyahu.  On one visit to the White House Netanyahu was ushered in the back door. Just recently Obama refused to see Netanyahu when Netanyahu request a meeting about the security of both nations, while they were both in New York. Obama opted instead to go on one of the TV shows. This is very serious and people should wake up and take notice. I, sincerely, hope that the people that voted for Obama know that they just could be voting for the destruction of not only Israel, but the United States also. To the people who voted for Obama, did you know there was dancing and rejoicing in the streets of Palestine because you re-elected Obama as your president. Now that is scary! Our enemy rejoicing over who you elected as president. They are rejoicing because a slack president and a weak America will be a big plus for them as they continue their war against us.  

Obama is either to weak to solve the all-important problems of the middle east or he has a hidden agenda. I will go with the hidden agenda. I believe that he is a in the closet Muslim. When America re-elected Obama as president they lost all since of values. Obama and the people in his administration, as well as his shadow government, have nothing new to say about the problems in the middle east. He has nothing new to say to Iran or to the rest of the world. This country and the world are still in danger from these people. With Obama it will be the same old policy of appeasement. A policy that will destroy our country.  It does not take much for the person with just a little common to see that Obama has a hidden agenda and it is not one of protecting this country, Israel, or the world.  Much danger will be on the horizon for the world because of the man who has just been re-elected to the White House. 

A Iranian newspaper Etemaad  printed a list of the advantages to Iran of an Obama re-election.  The newspaper also went on to say: "The re-election of Obama will be a nightmare for the people in Israel, particularly for Netanyahu, because Obama has had the worst relationship with Israel of any past president before him. The paper went on to praise Obama's policy concerning The Arab Spring, it also said: "It was the Democrats that went along with the changes in Egypt, Tunisia, and Libya," and the paper also added this : "If the Republicans had been in the White House, their attention and strategy about the changes in the Arab World would have been completely different." 

It troubles me about Obama''s re-election because he is a man that acts like a Muslim, talks the Muslim talk, and takes the side of the Muslims every time leaving Israel out in the cold. I think some day soon the closet door will open and we will see a Muslim Obama come out and then it will be a long four years before he is gone, that is if he goes! 

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Perhaps you’ve heard that Ruth Graham once said, “If God doesn’t judge America soon He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.” Early Wednesday morning it appears that God has removed His hand of blessing from our nation and the light of freedom dimmed for the human race. Americans embraced gay marriage, public funding for unrestricted abortion, death panels, the power of the government to dictate to the religious conscience of believers, a depleted and demoralized military, a projected national debt of $20 T and the destruction of the national safety net. A defiant people shook their fist at God and insisted on getting their own way, I can guarantee they will not like the results. There’s a glimmer of hope…House Republicans, 30 Governors and the Tea Party…but who will lead? But, even worse, the election is a damning indictment of the American church. If Sodom and Gomorrah fell for lack of 10 righteous men…what do these election results say about the state of the American church?Compromised and complicit in the state of the American culture, the church is no longer salt and light.
Captain Jim Kinney USN (ret)

Robbing Peter To Pay Paul

The voting system in this country is truly flawed in America because a great number of people vote for no other reason than their own personal, material gains. They cannot see past their case of “What ca going to gimme?” or what will they get for their vote and most of the time do get. The problem with this kind of system is there is more takers than there are makers causing today's voting system to be more than just flawed. It is fatally flawed. It no longer works for the good of our country because when you hand out freebies for a vote the voting system no longer works to the benefit of the country as a whole. The working poor of this country, who receive numerous benefits, are not the problem. They need help. They still work, contribute labor and pay taxes to society. What we really have in this country are the hard-working tax-payers (The Makers) and the moochers (The takers) that are people who do not work and for the most part will never work.

A federal government that is not flawed and is honest should operate within the frame work and the limits intended by the founding fathers which would be a much smaller government, much less capable of creating economic distortions and the free give a ways. This would be a much less attractive reason for voting to the moochers and the politicians who enable them.

Too many people assume that the federal government is the provider and supplier of everything. But this is not the case. The federal government should help the people who are truly looking for work, the disabled, and the people who depend on their social security, which they have paid for all their working life. These are the ones who should be helped. But this is not the case in America today. The government (mostly the democrats) give handouts, money, and a lot of other things to people (the takers) for their support and vote to keep them in office. This is not they way the voting system should work. Every freedom that has been given to us as Americans will soon be gone because of who was elected and put into office by the Moochers (The Takers). To the Moochers I would like to say this; “You keep your free government cell phone, but give me my freedom!

Because of these free handouts our nation is on the fast track for self destruction. Some people (The Takers) would rather vote for a leader or political party that gives them free cell phones, free food, free places to live, free utility bills, and just about anything they want instead of a leader and a party which would give them a strong and prosperous nation where there is jobs for all who want to work to provide for there necessities. We do not have a strong leader, in the White House, that will work to guarantee the safety of these United States and it is because of the selfish “What you going to Gimme” voters known as takers who voted him into office.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This article is not written with hate, but one of disbelief, hurt and sadness for our country. For more years of Obama. How could this ever come to be? Four more years for this man to complete his hidden agenda. The answer of how this could be is simple. We now have a majority of people, who see the government as their keeper, and the provider of all things. They cannot see past their case of the “What you going to give me”, to see the things which has made America strong. All the things that goes against the very core of American values has re-elected a president who has for the past four years lead this nation to the very brink of destruction with his polices and agenda. Now he has another four years to finish the job that he has started. The complete destruction of America. Bit by bit and piece by piece. This country was at a historic crossroads, on November 6, and the path the voters choose has determined the future of this country far beyond the next four years. They have determined not only our future but the future of our grand kids also.
The vote of hard working Americans, The Christian values, and the spirit that once made this country great are no more. The family unit is just about gone and we as a nation are facing the grim fact that the America we all grew up in will soon be no longer and a new America that has been forming for the last four years under the leadership of Obama will soon become the new America. A socialist country that will have far less constitution rights for every American which will have a far reaching effect on every American, more so on the Conservative Christian.
Obama promised in his speech after, winning his second term, to reach across the isles and work with others. This will never happen. I say this because Obama is narcissistic, He is a person that has a inflated ego of how great he is and how important he is. If he did not work with the other side of the isle his last term he will not do it this time. There will be nothing to stop him these next four years. I'm very afraid for America and her future. Obama ran the most negative campaign in the history of this country, one filled with proven lies, deceit, hate, revenge, and rage. Obama said together we can, but I'm here to tell you together we can if it his way. He forgot to add in that last part.
This was not a election won on the values handed down to us by our fore fathers and our Christian beliefs. Not one of what we can do for America. But what will America do for the voters that re-elected Obama. What will America do for them? I suppose the majority of the people who voted for Obama are looking forward to their Christmas stockings filled with even more hand outs and freebies. The rest of his voters are looking forward to their perverted agenda of homosexual rights and more government funding of abortion. It is truly a said day for America because the real values that elect a president are not in the winning column.
So what will we have to look forward to in the next four years? Obamacare, open borders, out of site gas prices, more terrorism within our borders (excuse me, Work place violence), more small businesses going out of business, higher taxes to help spread the wealth around to people who will not work and for the most part never have worked. We will see more and more socialistic values put into place, more government control, more gun control or the banning of guns altogether. Policies that have not worked in any country they have been tried in. We will see more and more laws passed that go against the laws of God and lawlessness will soon abound in this country. A smaller military to combat the enemies of our country. Yep, my friends there are the facts of our future!

Monday, November 5, 2012

VOTE - Return To The Old Paths

I come across this phrase in a conservative commentary yesterday“Sewer Salad”in which the person described our current president and his agenda. As I sat and thought about that statement I realized how right they were in making that statement.Ever since I can remember we have have had some really good presidents, some that were not so good. That is the way it goes. You never really know what you are getting as a leader most of the time. The thing that really upset and bothers me is this: We have never, in the history of the country had a president who holds every good and positive characteristic of our country in such open contempt. In the history of this country Americans have never had a president who has done so much to dismantle and take apart this country to fit into a failed political belief. Thousands of people voted for him in 2008 because he promised the change and now we can really see the change that he has in mine.

Obama's constant message about “ tax breaks for millionaires” and the continuous references to “the middle class” is intended to do one thing: encourage and promote class warfare. Every message that comes from Obama's mouth has the same intention and purpose. That purpose is to divide America . The sad thing is he is doing a pretty good job of it. The words we have heard though out our generation “United We Stand - Divided We Fall” has been what made this nation of ours work and made her strong.

The people who are voting for Obama are worshiping a failed political agenda in which Obama has insisted that bigger government, more regulations, and less freedom for the American people is the correct answer to the problems facing this nation. We can see were that got our nation. This just did not happen over night or with Obama’s election in 2008. It started some time ago during the Johnson administration in 1964 and has arrived at what we have today. A Terrible mess! Now we have a man that is steadily pounded nails into that coffin of burying The America Dream. And the current problem will not correct itself when Obama is out of the White House. It took time to get this way and it will take time to fix. We must steer the course that was given to us by our founding fathers based on the principals found in the Bible. I f you want America back to were she once was then we must return to the old paths that was not only good for America, but for our souls.

America will not be able to turn to a better course with just one election. It will take time. So do not sign the death warrant for America The Beautiful by not voting at all and when you vote make sure you know the right side. If you stay home you are voting for Obama. If you vote for a third party candidate you are voting for Obama. Vote for Romney to start our nation back on the right track.

This country, that we have been blessed with, was a gift from God Almighty and was put into place by wise men who were our nation founding fathers. We the people of this great nation have neglected for a long time now, “ America The Beautiful!” and it is time for all true, hard working, God fearing, Americans to stand up and be counted. If Obama gets re-elected you will not have another chance. Four more years of him our liberties and freedoms will be a thing of the past. I say again vote for the right change and that is Romney!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

THE TRUTH - Is It In Obama

Mr. Obama, the American people deserve a better explanation, from you, of the Sept. 11 Benghazi terrorist attack and why you are trying to cover it up, as if any intelligent person does not already know. Why weren’t our military, who was within striking distance, ordered and permitted to help these Americans who were in distress and save the lives of our four country men who died so needlessly? They did not need to die. Why Mr Obama did you allow this to happen? And you want a second term as president of our country to finish what you started! The destruction of our country. Many retired military officers, who know, keep saying that help was possible for the Americans in Benghazi. But you did not even try to help and then tried to blame it on a movie that hardly anyone has seen. The American people deserve a truthful answer, if the truth can be found in you, as to why there was no effort made by you or your administration to make the consular compound and our people in Benghazi more safe. Why was Ambassador Stevens pleads for more security and help not answered and in some cases denied? Does your telephone work on the campaign trail?

When Bin Laden was killed, it took about 30 minutes before you to make your “I KILLED OSAMA” announcement. It is now been seven weeks, and you are still , as you want us to believe, looking for details of what happen. Mr. Obama, you either have a very unqualified and incapable state department if they can’t pull together a report by this time or is your real agenda to keep the American voters in the dark until after the election. Is it that you do not want the American people to know that the many branches of the Muslim terrorist are really not on the run as you have said in so many of your campaign speeches. Mr. Obama, to give you a heads up they are more dangerous now than before you got elected.

You should be glad that the liberal press is keeping this issue off the burner because if it were anybody but you, especially a Republican president, one can be sure the liberal press would not let it rest. But you Mr. Obama are protected by the liberal press. The American people need to thank Fox News for their straight forward and honest reporting about this, because all we ever get form you is lies, deceit, and cover ups. Mr Obama it is time to put on the big boy panties and be a truthful man. Somehow I do not think you can do that.

Saturday, November 3, 2012


 Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. --- Ronald Reagan

If you are a Christian Conservative, like me, you have great expectations about the upcoming presidential election on November 6. We all have hopes of our country returning to where it once was. We all would like to see God return to our schools, government buildings, congress, the White House and many other places. I 100% agree that Barrack Hussein Obama must leave the White house. He is everything that our country does not stand for and he is not leading our country in the right direction. We all agree we need a man who is morally right, and someone who can lead this nation out of the terrible mess that it is in. I believe Mitt Romney is the man who can do this, but he cannot do it alone.

When Jimmy Carter was president The United States Of America was in serious trouble. Not as bad as it is now, but it was bad. Unemployment was high, gas prices was high and you could only buy gas on even or old days, which ever matched your tag number. Iran was a threat like it is today. They held American hostages as captives, most people did not feel safe and secure, Coffee prices and other commodities soared. This nation was in trouble and everybody, Democrats and Republicans, all knew it . Ronald Reagan was elected president and it did not take long for things to change. “Happy Days Were Here Again” In Reagan we had a man who knew what this country needed and he made the right moves to change it. We all are looking for Mitt Romney to be another Reagan. Lets hope so for the sake of our nation.

I said all that to say this, Reagan moved quickly to restore what the canker worm has taken away from our country. He had a congress, both Democrat and Republican, that worked with him and helped him to remove the obstacles which prevented our nation from moving forward. There was a togetherness for the best interest of our nation. There was strength in that unity and we, as a nation, survived the Jimmy Carter years and returned to prosperity.

The majority of Americans have voted Obama who is a ungodly man into the highest office in our land and this man goes against not only God's laws but also against the very fibers that has made this country great. The prosperity, during the Reagan era has left this nation. People have turned there back on The Living God and we are faced with doom and gloom because of it. We are faced, if Obama gets reelected, with the prospect of becoming a socialist (communist) nation without God living under sharia law. That is a fact. You can believe it or not.

There was, also, something else about Reagan that also was a great asset to him and to all of us. It helped him to be strong and stand tall. He, like Abraham in Bible days, believed God. God honored that and blessed Reagan in what ever he set out to do. He was the kind of man that was not afraid to stand before the nation and say, WHAT SAITH GOD” He practiced his faith in every part of his life and God honored Ronald Reagan for that very thing. The Iranian captives came home, the Berlin wall came down, and the block of Soviet Union countries were no more, businesses grew and the economy spiraled. Great things can happen when a people unit and God is in the middle of it all. This election day think about what has made this country great before you vote. I will leave you with this statement from Ronald Reagan.

Within the covers of the Bible are all the answers for all the problems men face.”------ Ronald Reagan

Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Vanishing American

While at the doctors office today, as I was sitting in the waiting room, I met a elderly gentleman who was wearing a World War Two Veteran cap. I asked him where was he stationed at during the war and what he did in the war. He told me all the countries that he fought in. All of those countries were in Europe and even though he was old and could hardly get around he still remembered the dead bodies in the concentration camps, and the people, all across Europe the United States Army liberated. As he told of the events I saw tears come to his eyes. He told of other soldiers, his friends who died or were maimed in the many battles they they fought in. He was proud to be an American soldier who fought to set people free of bondage and dictators. Then the very next words that that came out of his mouth was a shocker. He said:

" We fought, bled, were maimed, and died for our country and the ideals that it stood for. Now look at it. Everything that we fought against is now becoming a part of our country. Hitler would be proud of this president that we have now! My friends who fought and died would turn over in their graves if they saw what is happening to this country today. We have a president who is fast becoming a dictator and who is piece by piece taking away all the freedoms that we have in this country. When I was at war we did what it took to win. Now they will not let our boys win. They will only let them go so far. This president goes around the world apologizing for our country when we have freed more people than any other country in the world. We are living in sad times. Our nation is just about gone. God save this nation and make us great again."

When he finished talking I had tears in my eyes and to my amazement so did nearly everyone else in the waiting room. We all knew that he was speaking the truth. I was thankful for being in the presents of an American hero and before I left I shook his hand and I thanked him for his service to our country. As I was leaving I noticed other people getting up from their seats and shaking the old fellow's hand and thanking him for his service. As I watched the others shake his hand I thought to myself: 'Just maybe we have a chance.' God Bless our Veterans, God bless our soldiers, and God bless the United States Of America!

Just The Facts

Remember the old TV program “DRAGNET” with Jack Webb? One of his famous lines was “Just the facts”. So let us deal with just the facts toda...