Monday, November 9, 2015

What Will The Next Year Bring

After seven years every American citizen must surely see, as I do, what Obama is doing to the country? How can a person miss it? Why is he doing it is the question that must be answered by all people that love this country. While Obama is a Marxist there is a much more stronger reason for what he is doing to America. This usurper (and that is what he is) is trying to destroy this country and to date he is doing a pretty good job of it. Obama is against this country and it drives every policy and political move made by him. Obama's aim and all his efforts are to humiliate and disgrace the United States of America for its past efforts throughout the world, even though this country’s history is showing a very different picture of what he thinks. It means Obama is not working on the truth and the facts but what was passed on by his absentee father. Read Obama’s books that he wrote. Our country is suffering and will continue to suffer because of Obama's sick and twisted ideals passed on by his father’s ideals about socialism. Everything he has done since he has been president all leads to the destruction of America.
And Obama encourages this. That is why he is cutting America’s military might, so that it can no longer police, or keep the peace, in any part of the world. The fact that it is only the presence of American forces that stops all-out wars does not appeal to him. All that matters is that he humiliates and stops American power in the world. That it does not hold water is irrelevant to him, such is his anger against America. It is why he is bringing banks and government into subjection to his very personal aims. It is why he is determined to fill our country with millions of illegal immigrants who do immeasurable harm to our country. It is why he is pushing up costs, has brought in 'Obamacare', and is taxing the richer folks to nothingness. The idea is to bring the USA to its knees so that it can never again provide police activities to the world. Thus, terrorism will come upon the USA with a vengeance. It is plain to see can see that Obama cares nothing for Congress or the Constitution. He has proved that time and time again. He has proven that many times over with his executive orders. He just wants to bring the United States of America to its knees. To reach his goal, Obama has used illegal, activity of his own, an dishonest presidency, and a nasty disregard for all who want to live ordinary decent lives. He has consorted with gangsters, terrorists, perverts, and all who hate the USA, in order to reach his personal goal. The truth is the truth.
He has pushed up the USA's debt by trillions and intends pushing it up even more. Why? Because by driving America to the edge of destruction were she can neither defend herself or stay prosperous he can bring this country down. Once the USA has been ruined beyond repair, we can look forward to the world policeman being Russia or China, which has already started with Russia in Syria. Can you imagine what the world will end up like? Just look into history and find out! Obama is not just a fake - he is a very dangerous, and we have another year of him yet. Just think of what may take place in one more year of him being president. Then it will take years if not decades to do away with all his insane laws passed by executive orders which by passed congress. Even then, America must be very careful not to elect another person like him. Someone, like Hillary Clinton or Bernie Saunders who will take America down the same road. Obama has brought shame, dishonor, disgrace and ruin upon America . How much more will it take before the American people will realize and see that Obama is a fake and a counterfeit leader, with a extremely personal agenda? One that will cause the total destruction of America.

Just The Facts

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