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The Fall From Grace

This time last year Obama was king of the world. People were calling him the messiah, the savior, and a great man. A year later what has happen to the silver tongue orator? Where has his promised transparently gone or better yet when is it ever going to get here.  His approval rating, according to CBS News, has fell to forty six percent, and his disapproval rating is the highest ever recorded by The Gallup Pole at the beginning of a president's second year. What went wrong with the pied piper?
A year ago, he was leader of a vast liberal superiority in the congress that would last 40 years according to a democrat strategist  James Carville. Just a year ago, conservatism was just about gone, to be heard of no more. A year ago, Obama was the most captivating and charming politician on earth. He was charming the socks off just about everybody. Today the thrill is gone, the doubts about his leadership are growing, even among the one-time believers of the anointed one. Liberals try to point to Obama's decline to him not being tough or hard line enough with challengers. The real reason for today's huge dissatisfaction with Obama, is that he's too far to the left,  So far to the left that he cannot go left anymore without falling off the deep end.
He is the most out of the blue and out-of-nowhere, least-known of all presidents. Obama has the most drastic and far-reaching scary agenda that has ever hit Washington and introduced to congress and to the nation. He wants to reconstruct the American way of life. But the way that is you and me! First with his  with cap-and-trade bill, that, by its self,  is a unparalleled infringement by our government into America’s industry and commerce.  Just like the socialism in other countries. What ever happen to being free. Then, the big one: a health care bill in which the federal government will control one-sixth of the U.S. economy. {unbelievable} Obamacare will turn the health insurance companies into a tool that will serve a useful purpose for him, that being a front for the federal government. The American peoples every move will be dictated  and ordered by government watchdogs who will regulate their every move. At first, health care reform was sustained in the public’s view by Obama's popularity. But then the severity of how bad this would be for the American public took hold, and now Obama care's intense disapproval rating by the public is taking him down with it along with other things. But The health care bill is the most important reason Obama has dropped to 46 percent in the poles. But this reflects and tells the American public of something larger. In the end, what should matter the most to the people is not the personality  or character but the agenda of the person. It was Obama’s personality and pied piper charm that got him elected. Ideas are of importance. Legislative proposals are a matter of substance. The problem is slick campaigns and dazzling silver tongue speeches can only fool the people for a while, but the magic and the charm always wears off in the end. After a while there is no more rabbits to pull out of the hat.
Obama has the honor of being the greatest representative of a political party in recent American history to come to Washington at the midnight hour with a empty vessel.  However, Obama didn't come to Washington just to be someone. He did not come to make things better.  He came to set up a powerful socialist government that would take away our freedoms as we know them and promote big government over our lives.  Obama was groomed all his life for that very purpose and was sent to the White House to do just that. To dismantle this country piece by piece. That is why there is a growing resistance in this country, it is not the man, but it is what he is trying to do to this country. Most Americans will not go along with his radical changes, because we are a free people and so for the next three years the American people will have to put up with things like in the Jimmy Carter era, except a lot worse.


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