Sunday, December 30, 2012

Return To What We Know Is Right

Looking back to the awful killing of this nation's children in the different schools across our nation it is so sad, so devastating to the families, the community and the world. It is such a tragedy, to not only the children especially, but also the adults, the parents and the nation. A person my age has to ask this all important question; “What has happened in our society today that has made these school shootings so frequent? If you just take time to look a blind man can see it.

Things need to change in America. We do not need more gun laws, or more police patrolling the halls of our schools. I have written many articles on this, but I feel like enough is never said about this. Morality in our public is gone and prayer was taken out of the public schools in 1963. Since 1963, several trends have occurred. Teenage pregnancy has risen, divorce rates have tripled and violent crimes and drugs have become lifestyles.

These trends have resulted in children in single-parent homes where the child has been deserted by one parent or the other,sometimes both. These children feel abandoned and are scared in heart, mind and spirit. They have no one to turn to and often end up engaging self-destructive behavior.We need to allow God back in the classrooms and return prayer to our schools. We have put God out in the cold. God is gone from our schools and now we have mass killings of our kids, drugs, sex, and who knows what else in our schools.

The people who stopped prayer in schools are partly to blame. These children need a friend to turn to and have a personal relationship with. They need God. We need to pray for America to change from its promiscuous lifestyle. That lifestyle has resulted in more than 60 million babies being aborted. This act will never be justified by our Heavenly Father. If we as a nation want our schools to be a safe haven again then we must have God as a part of our school system.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Doing Away With Firearms

Obama has wanted to do away with all firearms which is the true liberal position concerning all firearms, not just assault weapons. He will use this latest tragedy in Connecticut, to promote this. Obama and the liberals in this country will only start with assault weapons. That will be their first step and then would come the hand guns and last the guns used for hunting.

What would happen to the most physically weakest human beings in this country if guns just disappeared? Women, older people, and the helpless, would be the victims of any violent crime a person wished to carry out on them, and then their children, whom they can no longer protect. Don’t even dream or think of the police getting there in time to save you or your loved ones from some monster. Average response time of a 911 call is 20 minutes. Average response time of a model 191-A1 .45 ACP traveling at little less than 1000 ft per second is 2 seconds. Personally I will go for for the 45.

The sad thing is, those who ignore and pay no attention to history are doomed to repeat it. Our founding fathers were not at all concerned with different types of firearms. The main point of the 2nd Amendment is keeping citizens armed to protect against the tyranny of the government. A government who wants to take your guns, from an elected leader that makes (or wants to make) himself a dictator, as well as some other things.

No matter which model guns that are outlawed, wack jobs and the mentally unbalanced like this latest piece of crap in Connecticut will just use something else to commit their killings with. Baseball bat, ax, rolling pin, knife, or anything else that will get the job done. You cannot legislate or make laws against insane people. If the crazy people can’t shoot people, with guns, anymore, they’ll use anything they can get their hands on. You just simply cannot stop crazy people from killing by passing more laws or taking away the law abiding citizen’s firearms.

History will tell you that the first move for control or a country or its people by every dictator in history was the confiscation of the citizen’s firearms. Citizens who give up their guns quickly become subjects and no longer citizens. Look at Hitler’s Germany, Russia under Stalin, Red China, and some other countries.

There is nobody alive who was not mad at the school shooting in Connecticut, and was not thinking about the pain and the agony the parents of those little kids are having to endure. The crazy with their animal behavior always look for the most defenseless, and always where there is no risk of reprisal. It’s about time the government got down to business and recognizing where the vulnerable people are and act in view of that instead of passing more laws that will never do any good.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It Is An Incomprehensible Act


The days following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School have really taken a toll on me. Every time I look at my grandkids I want to cry. I’m just like, most of the country who has made a great effort and struggles to comprehend and grasp the thought how twenty children and six teachers could be murdered and shot point blank, several times, each, by a heavily armed, unstable and volatile man. How could this happen? What kind of person would do this?

It is an incomprehensible act, as it should be, for any reasonable, sane adults and children. It is an evil act spawned and thought out by a gunman whose motives remain unclear, even as his long history of social issues comes to the surface. It was no surprise to me when anti gun articles were being put out by most liberal news outlets even before the victims could be mourned and buried.

The news outlets are blaming the tragedy on gun ownership, and the American gun culture, and blames that culture for the terrible deaths. To put the blame on gun ownership and being allowed to own firearms is senseless and stupid. I’m sorry but there is no other word for it. Most (notice I said most) of the outcry in the news media is not really for the children who were murdered but the outcry is one of promoting their anti gun agenda.

When the senseless deaths of people, including kids come from alcohol the silence a person hears is deafening. Why is there never no talk about or the responsibility of alcohol, drunk drivers, their advertisers, or vendors. For a person to believe that gun owners, gun makers, and the NRA are villains and their products and ideas should be banned for the public safety it just plain nonsense. The Liberals will argue and debate that if there were no guns in this country, this tragedy would not have happened. If that is the case then, if there were a ban on alcohol and drunk drivers, hundreds of other tragedies and deaths would have been avoided.

There are laws in our country that regulate firearms, alcohol and drunk driving, but these problems and behaviors persist. They are still there. Some quick research on gun related deaths and alcohol related deaths would clearly show this startling fact, alcohol deaths are much higher than firearms deaths in this country. Now explain this to me why are not the liberal news media calling for the banning of all alcohol products?

This omniscient fact will always be left out because it does not fit into their agenda to remove our rights as Americans to own firearms. In one gruesome and dreadful act, Newtown was changed forever. The families will never be the same again, nor will anyone there feel completely safe anywhere from now on. The parents and their children will bear this grief for the rest of their lives and over several generations. The survivors won’t ever feel right again. This is the same as when a drunk driver kills innocent people as we hear about over and over again. Those families will never be the same again. I have had friends killed by drunk drivers and my brother is mentally and physically disabled by a drunk driver. Why do we not hear more about these things? It is because it does not fit the agenda of the anti God and socialist who want supreme power in this country.

I heard on Fox News that one of the teachers hid her students in a closet and then confronted the mentally disturbed gunman. He shot and killed her as she confronted him. What would have happened if that teacher would have had been trained and allowed to be armed? I can tell you this, most likely, she would have shot and killed this guy. There would have been a lot less kids murdered. That statement may be shocking for many who read this but it is the truth. For those of you who do not know we now live in a godless society. A society that does not want to hear the truth if it goes against what they want. Did you ever hear of the Pearl River, Mississippi shootings. Most likely not. Take time to read it. A principal and his gun

I cannot believe Obama on two different occasions acted so concerned in the death of theses kids ( he might have been) when millions of unborn babies are murdered and it has his approval. Precious are the lives of our little ones no matter if we can hear the heartbeat in the womb of its mother or against our chest as we hug them. In the days and weeks ahead, we can pray for the surviving families in Newtown. And while we may not be able to help them directly, maybe we can take stock of the troubled youth in our own communities and make time to talk with them or help redirect their lives. Maybe we can reach out to their parents and offer to find ways to manage.

Maybe we can volunteer our time to a mental health group or youth groups who need a mentor or a friend. For those with serious mental conditions, maybe we can stop being silent, and step in and alert a social worker, a police officer or medical personnel before the violence escalates. Maybe we all need to care more for each other and for the people at the edges of our society. It is difficult to get involved, but that’s what it’s going to take. It may or may not work, but the alternatives are too grim to even think about.

Then, lastly there is this idea. Let us put God back where He belongs in our society. Let us put Him back in our schools, court houses, government buildings, our homes, and yes let us also put Him back in his rightful place in our churches as well as our hearts. It is plain to see the more America rejects God the more violence there is. That is a statement that no one can deny!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Tragedy Of It All

As I reflect on the tragedy of the shootings of the kids and adults in that small Connecticut town everything in me cries out “OH God How Can This Happen” My thoughts turn to my grandkids, and as I looked at them I wondered how anybody could take the life of such innocence. I just wanted to hug and hug my grandkids. I thanked God for the protection that He, in His amazing Grace, provides for them.

It bothers me that as soon as this tragedy was reported all you could see and read on twitter, Face Book, and the internet was pro gun views and anti gun views. Give me a break. This is the time for mourning and praying for the people who lost loved ones in this tragedy not the time for debates for or against gun control. Obama in a round about way in his speech yesterday, about the tragedy, hinted about gun control without using the words. I am and always will be for people having the right to own their own gun and even carry them. I own several. But now is not the time for the debate on guns.

We will hear of people wanting new laws to deal with this tragedy when we already have a law to deal with it. “THOU SHALL NOT KILL” That law has been on the books for  thousands of years. A Christian can see the problem in a minute. We are living in a Godless country and a Godless world. I never heard once when I was growing up, of mass murders in our schools, our courthouses, or other government buildings, when Christ was allowed inside. When the Bible and prayer were used to start the day in schools and in our courtrooms. When our country and its leaders communicated with God on a daily bases these things did not happen. Now we have violent games kids play on the internet and their game boxes, with out of touch parents promoting it.

So it makes no difference if people have guns or do not have guns the problem is this nation has turned its back on God and now we want to blame everything and everybody under the sun for what has happened. Some will even blame God. The blame is with the nation as a whole. America has rejected God. You cannot build a safe house to live in without the proper tools and a good carpenter.

Let us, as a nation,  put our arms of love around the people who have lost loved ones in this tragedy and pray for them. Leave the debates for later!

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Truth About The Fiscal Cliff

Since the November 2012 elections it is confusing and puzzling to me how Obama and the Democrats can change their public definitions of “compromise” and “balance” . The communications out of the White House, and systematically repeated by the liberal news outlets is that the Republicans stubborn refusal to compromise on Barack Obama’s balanced approach to correcting the budget deficit is what’s holding up a deal to steer clear of the fiscal cliff. But when you bypass the liberal news media and see things as they truly are you will soon get a different picture of what is holding up any sensible solution to the deficit problem.
An Obama compromise it appears, by his rhetoric means one of submission and surrender to his will. A balanced budget to Obama means nothing other than a tax hike on the rich (who he hates) and more spending for free gifts to the people who voted him in and failed policies that have eroded our country.
The Republicans in congress and their leaders for all intents and purposes has moved somewhat from the (no new taxes) position that they had for so long because they are willing to compromise to avoid the upcoming physical cliff which they know will be very harmful to our country. Although the Republicans are getting no recognition for it, they have compromised their position that was held by them prior to the election.
The Republican leaders have agreed and approved to raise more than $800 billion in new revenue by closing tax loopholes and eliminating deductions for higher-income earners. That’s the amount Obama said he wanted and even campaigned on. But now it is a different story as anyone can see. The GOP also has shown a willingness to put defense spending cuts on the table as part of the overall deficit-reduction package. Both positions have brought the Republican leaders harsh criticism from congressmen and other conservative Republicans in within their own ranks. The president, though, is taking the stance that victory means he doesn’t have to bargain at all. It is “We will do as I say” position that has moved him far to the left of center.
Obama now wants twice the amount of new taxes ($1.6 trillion) from the wealthy and instead of spending cuts proposed by him he’s wants $50 billion for another one of his failed stimulus packages. Obama’s only compromise is a unclear promise to talk about $400 million in entitlement reforms, but only after the tax hikes are in place. With Obama it seems like he believes that more and more taxes are needed.
Obama also wants to double taxes on capital gains and dividends. This would be a devastating step that would freeze and put a stop to job-creating investments. And he wants to be the sole person to say when and how much the debt ceiling can be raised. This is what the people in the real world call a dictator. Obama knows the Republicans will not accept these terms.
All of these policies and proposals, by Obama, would only replace the fiscal cliff with a policy that will in the end lead to the same bankrupt financial place that everyone, with any sense is trying to, stop. Republicans, although it is against what the party believes in, have agreed to relocate a sizeable amount of money from private pockets into the government coffers. That’s a major move by then, and one that comes with a price.
Obama needs to act in a responsible way by showing more giving with the tax rates that he wants and go along with the more effective revenue raising that the GOP has put on the table. Closing loopholes and ending deductions, would limit how much income the rich of this country can shelter or hide from the Internal Revenue. Obama thinks that if the fiscal cliff is not stopped, the Republicans will get the blame, and he’ll then be able to force the GOP to accept his terms. That’s an uncertain bet for sure, and one that could, and most likely will, lead our nation back into recession or even a depression.
I believe that the president’s goal is not one of stopping the physical cliff and bringing back the prosperity so our nation can prosper again. My belief, as well as many other commentators, is that he wants just the opposite to happen. He wants and is striving for the United States to be transformed into a third world country where he will be the leader for decades to come. Never have we, as a nation, had a man as our leader that wants to destroy us by his actions, policies and lies.
The people who voted for Obama because of all the free hand outs, his empty promises, and the ones who think he is God and the savior that has come in the flesh are in for a rude and harsh awakening. If he is allowed to continue with his policies and his agenda they will soon see who the task master is.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Down The Road I Look

As Most Americans already know Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 was the seventy first Anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. (December. 7, 1941) was a day that has become one of the most remembered days in the history of The United States. There are many people who live in this country who can still remember the dates and events of Pearl Harbor rather well. I am told by many people who were living then they will never forget it and hope that it never happens again. In fact most people in this country say that, what happened at Pearl Harbor could never happen again.

It may not happen with aircraft carriers and hundreds of planes like at Pearl Harbor, but with a old, out of date submarine, or things such as a suitcase- sized nuclear bomb, and things like that it is more than possible, it is likely to happen. When The United States is faced with Muslim extremists like the ones who attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center, it can be pretty much safe to say anything can happen. These Muslim terrorists would not like anything better than to nuke a United States city or even Israel. And there should be no doubt in any ones mind that if Iran develops a nuclear bomb or some Muslim terrorist group get their hands on one of the many nuclear weapons that are missing and unaccounted for (from Russia) they will use it. A blind man can see this. When Pearl Harbor was bombed around 2,000 Americans were killed. A nuclear strike on any of our major cities could kill millions of people.

Things today are much more serious than the Pearl Harbor attack or the World Trade Center attack. The sad thing about all this is Obama is aware of the danger and the seriousness of the problem and he is in the process of cutting our military to the point of being so weak we will not be able to defend or protect our country from these people or their ideas of destroying us as a nation. He is in the process of downsizing the military so he can enlarge this country’s social programs, When anybody with any sense at all knows we should be increasing and growing our military and other agencies such as the CIA to deal with these people.

Any president of this country, in the past, made it his first job to protect the people and the country. That job still remains the same today, although Obama seems to overlook that most important job. No social program can protect us as a nation. You can pass out free cell phones, food stamps, free money, and all the other freebies but that will not keep this nation safe. Only the defense department and the intelligence departments can do this. Obama is a lot of things, such as a liar, a great deceiver, and a friend of our enemies, but he is not a fool. He knows exactly what he is doing. Americans should ask if he has the best interests of the United States in mind as he continue to weaken and lead this country for another four years. They way it looks now he wants this country to fail either by the physical cliff or by the Muslim terrorist and their agenda for us. He truly wants this country to fail.

We only hope Congress can keep him in line until Jan. 20, 2017 when he is no longer in office, that is if he ever leaves office. In the next four years we will most likely see a push for a dictatorship and a change to our constitution so that this narcissist  person can stay in power. He already has lined his self up with most of the dictators of this world and is pushing hard as he can for a socialist (communist) country.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


This article was written by a Rabbi from New York.
Posted on November 7, 2012


The most charitable way of explaining the election results of 2012 is that Americans voted for the status quo  for the incumbent President and for a divided Congress. They must enjoy gridlock, partisanship, incompetence, economic stagnation and avoidance of responsibility. And fewer people voted. As I write, with almost all the votes counted, President Obama has won fewer votes than John McCain won in 2008, and more than ten million off his own 2008 total.
But as we awake from the nightmare, it is important to eschew the facile explanations for the Romney defeat that will prevail among the chattering classes. Romney did not lose because of the effects of Hurricane Sandy that devastated this area, nor did he lose because he ran a poor campaign, nor did he lose because the Republicans could have chosen better candidates, nor did he lose because Obama benefited from a slight uptick in the economy due to the business cycle.
Romney lost because he didn't get enough votes to win.
That might seem obvious, but not for the obvious reasons. Romney lost because the conservative virtues -- the traditional American virtues -- of liberty, hard work, free enterprise, private initiative and aspirations to moral greatness  no longer inspire or animate a majority of the electorate. The notion of the "Reagan Democrat" is one cliché that should be permanently retired.
Ronald Reagan himself could not win an election in today's America.
The simplest reason why Romney lost was because it is impossible to compete against free stuff. Every businessman knows this; that is why the "loss leader" or the giveaway is such a powerful marketing tool. Obama's America is one in which free stuff is given away: the adults among the 47,000,000 on food stamps clearly recognized for whom they should vote, and so they did, by the tens of millions; those who ( courtesy of Obama ) receive two full years of unemployment benefits (which, of course, both disincentives looking for work and also motivates people to work off the books while collecting their windfall) surely know for whom to vote; so too those who anticipate "free" health care, who expect the government to pay their mortgages, who look for the government to give them jobs. The lure of free stuff is irresistible.
Imagine two restaurants side by side. One sells its customers fine cuisine at a reasonable price, and the other offers a free buffet, all-you-can-eat as long as supplies last. Few -- including me --  could resist the attraction of the free food. Now imagine that the second restaurant stays in business because the first restaurant is forced to provide it with the food for the free buffet, and we have the current economy, until, at least, the first restaurant decides to go out of business. (Then, the government takes over the provision of free food to its patrons.)
The defining moment of the whole campaign was the revelation (by the amoral Obama team) of the secretly-recorded video in which Romney acknowledged the difficulty of winning an election in which "47% of the people" start off against him because they pay no taxes and just receive money -- free stuff -- from the government. Almost half of the population has no skin in the game -- they don't care about high taxes, promoting business, or creating jobs, nor do they care that the money for their free stuff is being borrowed from their children and from the Chinese. They just want the free stuff that comes their way at someone else's expense. In the end, that 47% leaves very little margin for error for any Republican, and does not bode well for the future.
It is impossible to imagine a conservative candidate winning against such overwhelming odds. People do vote their pocketbooks. In essence, the people vote for a Congress who will not raise their taxes, and for a President who will give them free stuff, never mind who has to pay for it.
That engenders the second reason why Romney lost: the inescapable conclusion that the electorate is dumb, ignorant, and uninformed. Indeed, it does not pay to be an informed voter, because most other voters -- the clear majority -- are unintelligent and easily swayed by emotion and raw populism. That is the indelicate way of saying that too many people vote with their hearts and not their heads. That is why Obama did not have to produce a second term agenda, or even defend his first-term record. He needed only to portray Mitt Romney as a rapacious capitalist who throws elderly women over a cliff, when he is not just snatching away their cancer medication, while starving the poor and cutting taxes for the rich. Obama could get away with saying that 'Romney wants the rich to play by a different set of rules'  without ever defining what those different rules were; with saying that the "rich should pay their fair share"  without ever defining what a "fair share" is; with saying that Romney wants the poor, elderly and sick to "fend for themselves"  without even acknowledging that all these government programs are going bankrupt, their current insolvency only papered over by deficit spending. Obama could get away with it because he knew he was talking to dunces waving signs and squealing at any sight of him.
During his 1956 presidential campaign, a woman called out to Adlai Stevenson: "Senator, you have the vote of every thinking person!" Stevenson called back: "That's not enough, madam, we need a majority!" Truer words were never spoken.
Similarly, Obama (or his surrogates) could hint to blacks that a Romney victory would lead them back into chains and proclaim to women that their abortions and birth control would be taken away. He could appeal to Hispanics that Romney would have them all arrested and shipped to Mexico (even if they came from Cuba or Honduras), and unabashedly state that he will not enforce the current immigration laws. He could espouse the furtherance of the incestuous relationship between governments and unions  in which politicians ply the unions with public money, in exchange for which the unions provide the politicians with votes, in exchange for which the politicians provide more money and the unions provide more votes, etc., even though the money is gone. He could do and say all these things because he knew his voters were dolts.
One might reasonably object that not every Obama supporter could be unintelligent. But they must then rationally explain how the
Obama agenda can be paid for, aside from racking up multi-trillion dollar deficits. Taxing the rich does not yield even 10% of what is required, so what is the answer, i.e., an intelligent answer?
Obama also knows that the electorate has changed -- that whites will soon be a minority in America (they're already a minority in California) and that the new immigrants to the US are primarily from the Third World and do not share the traditional American values that attracted immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is a different world, and a different America. Obama is part of that different America, knows it, and knows how to tap into it. That is why he won.
Obama also proved again that negative advertising works, invective sells, and harsh personal attacks succeed. That Romney never engaged in such diatribes points to his essential goodness as a person; his "negative ads

were simple facts, never personal abuse -- facts about high unemployment, lower take-home pay, a loss of American power and prestige abroad, a lack of leadership, etc. As a politician, though, Romney failed because he did not embrace the devil's bargain of making unsustainable promises, and by talking as the adult and not the adolescent. Obama has spent the last six years campaigning; even his governance has been focused on payoffs to his favored interest groups. The permanent campaign also won again, to the detriment of American life.
It turned out that it was not possible for Romney and Ryan -- people of substance, depth and ideas -- to compete with the shallow populism and platitudes of their opponents. Obama mastered the politics of envy "of class warfare" never reaching out to Americans as such but to individual groups, and cobbling together a winning majority from these minority groups. Conservative ideas failed to take root and states that seemed winnable, and amenable to traditional American values, have simply disappeared from the map. If an Obama could not be defeated -- with his record and his vision of America, in which free stuff seduces voters -- it is hard to envision any change in the future. The road to Hillary Clinton in 2016 and to a European-socialist economy -- those very economies that are collapsing today in Europe -- is paved.
A second cliché that should be retired is that America is a center-right country. It clearly is not. It is a divided country with peculiar voting patterns, and an appetite for free stuff. Studies will invariably show that Republicans in Congress received more total votes than Democrats in Congress, but that means little. The House of Representatives is not truly representative of the country. That people would vote for a Republican Congressmen or Senator and then Obama for President would tend to reinforce point two above: the empty-headedness of the electorate. Americans revile Congress but love their individual Congressmen. Go figure.
The mass media's complicity in Obama's re-election cannot be denied. One example suffices. In 2004, CBS News forged a letter in order to imply that President Bush did not fulfill his Air National Guard service during the Vietnam War, all to impugn Bush and impair his re-election prospects. In 2012, President Obama insisted -- famously -- during the second debate that he had stated all along that the Arab attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi was "terror" (a lie that Romney fumbled and failed to exploit). Yet, CBS News sat on a tape of an interview with Obama in which Obama specifically avoided and rejected the claim of terrorism -- on the day after the attack -- clinging to the canard about the video. (This snippet of a 60 Minutes interview was not revealed - until two days ago!) In effect, CBS News fabricated evidence in order to harm a Republican president, and suppressed evidence in order to help a Democratic president. Simply shameful, as was the media's disregard of any scandal or story that could have jeopardized the Obama re-election.
One of the more irritating aspects of this campaign was its limited focus, odd in light of the billions of dollars spent. Only a few states were contested, a strategy that Romney adopted, and that clearly failed. The Democrat begins any race with a substantial advantage. The liberal states -- like the bankrupt California and Illinois -- and other states with large concentrations of minority voters as well as an extensive welfare apparatus, like New York, New Jersey and others -- give any Democratic candidate an almost insurmountable edge in electoral votes. In New Jersey, for example, it literally does not pay for a conservative to vote. It is not worth the fuel expended driving to the polls. As some economists have pointed out generally, and it resonates here even more, the odds are greater that a voter will be killed in a traffic accident on his way to the polls than that his vote will make a difference in the election. It is an irrational act. That most states are uncompetitive means that people are not amenable to new ideas, or new thinking, or even having an open mind. If that does not change, and it is hard to see how it can change, then the die is cast. America is not what it was, and will never be again.
For Jews, mostly assimilated anyway and staunch Democrats, the results demonstrate again that liberalism is their Torah. Almost 70% voted for a president widely perceived by Israelis and most committed Jews as hostile to Israel. They voted to secure Obama's future at America's expense and at Israel's expense -- in effect, preferring Obama to Netanyahu by a wide margin. A dangerous time is ahead. Under present circumstances, it is inconceivable that the US will take any aggressive action against Iran and will more likely thwart any Israeli initiative. That Obama's top aide Valerie Jarrett (i.e., Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett) spent last week in Teheran is not a good sign. The US will preach the importance of negotiations up until the production of the first Iranian nuclear weapon  and then state that the world must learn to live with this new reality. As Obama has committed himself to abolishing America's nuclear arsenal, it is more likely that that unfortunate circumstance will occur than that he will succeed in obstructing Iran's plans.
Obama's victory could weaken Netanyahu's re-election prospects, because Israelis live with an unreasonable -- and somewhat pathetic -- fear of American opinion and realize that Obama despises Netanyahu. A Likud defeat -- or a diminution of its margin of victory -- is more probable now than yesterday. That would not be the worst thing. Netanyahu, in fact, has never distinguished himself by having a strong political or moral backbone, and would be the first to cave to the American pressure to surrender more territory to the enemy and acquiesce to a second (or third, if you count Jordan) Palestinian state. A new US Secretary of State named John Kerry, for example would not augur well. Netanyahu remains the best of markedly poor alternatives. Thus, the likeliest outcome of the upcoming Israeli elections is a center-left government that will force itself to make more concessions and weaken Israel � an Oslo III.
The most powerful empires in history all crumbled -- from the Greeks and the Romans to the British and the Soviets. None of the collapses were easily foreseen, and yet they were predictable in retrospect.
The American empire began to decline in 2007, and the deterioration has been exacerbated in the last five years. This election only hastens that decline. Society is permeated with sloth, greed, envy and materialistic excess. It has lost its moorings and its moral foundations. The takers outnumber the givers, and that will only increase in years to come. Across the world, America under Bush was feared but not respected. Under Obama, America is neither feared nor respected. Radical Islam has had a banner four years under Obama, and its prospects for future growth look excellent. The

"Occupy" riots across this country in the last two years were mere dress rehearsals for what lies ahead: years of unrest sparked by the increasing discontent of the unsuccessful who want to seize the fruits and the bounty of the successful, and do not appreciate the slow pace of redistribution.
If this election proves one thing, it is that the Old America is gone. And, sad for the world, it is not coming back.


The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday, the unemployment rate fell from 7.9 percent to 7.7 percent in November, the lowest jobless rate in four years. The report claims the number of workers expanded by 146,000 jobs. But this report did not go far enough. The report, although true, was given in a way to give Obama a favorable rating and good results If a person takes time to look behind the headlines by the liberal press and the reports by the government,. They will find the report, as a whole, is more troubling. than good. The government’s estimate of job growth in September and October was revised lower by 49,000 jobs (and) averaged less than 139,000 per month for the last three months. That number, given by the government is less than the number of jobs, (150,000 per month), needed to keep up with population growth.
In the mean time, the unemployment rate, for the American people  did not fall because there was an overwhelming amount of jobs in the economy. The real fact, the number of people counted as employed in the survey fell by 122,000.people. The unemployment rate dropped
Only because a whopping 350,000 people left the labor force because they give up looking for a job in this Obama economy.. Sometimes you can learn more from what you don’t read in the newspaper.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Only In America

TOP-10  Observations by a Canadian:
 (1)   Only in Americacould politicians talk about the greed of the rich at a $35,000.00 a plate campaign fund-raising event.(2)    Only in America , could people claim that the government still discriminates against black Americans when they have a black President, a black Attorney General, and roughly 18% of the federal workforce is black while only 12% of the population is black.(3)    Only in America , could they have had the two people most responsible for our tax code, Timothy Geithner, the head of the Treasury Department and Charles Rangel who once ran the Ways and Means Committee,BOTH turn out to be tax cheats who are in favor of higher taxes.(4)    Only in America , can they have terrorists kill people in the name of Allah and have the media primarily react by fretting that Muslims might be harmed by the backlash.
(5)    Only in America, would they make people who want to legally become American citizens wait for years in their home countries and pay tens of thousands of dollars for the privilege while we discuss letting anyone who sneaks into the country illegally just 'magically' become American citizens.(6)   Only in America , could the people who believe in balancing the budget and sticking by the country's Constitution be thought of as "extremists."(7)   Only in America , could you need to present a driver's license to cash a check or buy alcoholbut not to vote.
(8)    Only in America , could people demand the government investigate whether oil companies are gouging the public because the price of gas went up when the return on equity invested in a major U.S. oil company (Marathon Oil) is less than half of a company making tennis shoes (Nike).(9)    Only in America , could the government collect more tax dollars from the people than any nation in recorded history, still spend a Trillion dollars more than it has per year - for total spending of $7-Million PER MINUTE, and complain that it doesn't have nearly enough money.
(10) Only in America , could the rich people - who pay 86% of all income taxes - be accused of not paying their "fair share" by people who don't pay any income taxes at all. Have a great day!


Republicans in Congress must be at a loss and confused, because most sound minded Americans surely are. The Republicans thought that they were reaching a deal  with Obama to avoid the fiscal cliff, with its 25 percent tax increase and cuts in spending growth, particularly on defense. But regrettably, Obama has laid down his conditions and terms (There is really no negotiating with him) to avoid the so called physical cliff that is facing all Americans at the end of the year. So what is that condition? The answer is simple and easy to see for those who really want to see.  It is the unconditional surrender of all conservative ideas and values and to do as he says and wants. What Obama wants is a blank check, a go ahead, to destroy America as we know it. The values and ideas that have kept this country strong for over 200 hundred years.  As I have said in the past and not only me but so has many other people, Obama wants to become Americas’ first dictator. That he is becoming very fast and with no checks and balances to stop him.

It looks like by Mr. Obama’s actions that he is not concerned in the least that the fiscal cliff will drive the economy into another recession or perhaps even a depression. Obama believes  that he can blame the Republicans and their leadership for the failure and gain more political support from the dummies in this country who are wondering what he is going to give them next. During the period in-between all this, Obama gets a huge tax increase over $400 billion per year, ridiculous spending cuts, no reduction in entitlement spending and a justification for more government spending to relieve the suffering from the self inflicted recession, all this while he is telling the American people he is trying to avoid it all. Really Mr. President!
Instead, Obama postpones the fiscal cliff in return for a smaller tax increase of $160 billion per year, more welfare spending, no long term reform and to top it off, no congressional authority over borrowing. The dictator is here. Wake up America! Obama sees this as a big win no matter how a person looks at it. The citizens of America and the nation as a whole will lose from all the high taxes, a much weaker economy, and the extravagant and wasteful spending which will continue under Obama and his policies.

There is no sound or intelligent reason for Obama to allow this country to go over the fiscal cliff. But there is a reason behind all his madness. He has from day one wanted this country to fail and over the past few years he has done everything he could for America to fall and this is just another one of his efforts for this to happen. Obama sees himself as a dictator over a third world country and America under his leadership is heading there fast.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


As I travel around the Delmarva Peninsula I hear more and more  people talking about this past presidential election. Some were happy with Obama winning another term and others not so happy because they see as I do the pending downfall of America as Obama continues his dismantling of America. I heard one person say, as a smile came across their face, finally they will get some decent health insurance, but will they?  Sorry to say, It will not be as easy as that. That smile will go away and disappear as Obamacare is fully implemented. A person cannot use an insurance, no matter how good it is, if they cannot find a doctor. More people will be enrolled in this government insurance but there will be fewer doctors to treat these people. Their smile will soon turn into a frown and discontentment when doctors start to close their practices because of the low rate of reimbursement. Their income will not be sufficient to maintain a private office and pay their help. Obamacare has already started to gut Medicare.
If you are a Medicare recipient do not forget the 15-member Board in Washington, appointed by our fearless leader, to determine if you, or I, are too old or too sick to get a knee replacement or have  heart surgery. Obamacare legislation is more than 2000 pages. Few knew then or now the whole contents of the bill when it was passed with only Democratic legislators supporting it. It was not crafted and put together with or by professional medical people  to determine and sort out what was best and needed  But the truth is it was put together by a bunch of congressional staffers that Nancy Pelosi put together. I will agree, as most people will, better health care is needed in America, but, I’m sorry to say Obamacare is not the answer the American people are searching for. Obamacare is a tax, it will raise your taxes, adds additional charges for  many people, lessens the quality of care and will have the “efficiency” of the federal government, which is none. They cannot run any program right, so, how do you think they can manage your medical care. If Obama care is so great why is not Obama and his family enrolled in it? Why aren’t  the members of congress enrolled in it if it is the answer to all the problems facing people who need medical insurance?
How long after this Obamacare starts before the nursing homes start closing and the senior citizens are no longer cared for. We as Americans need to ask these questions and you will be surprised what you might hear or see in the very near future with Obamacare.

Just The Facts

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