Monday, June 29, 2009

The Unanswered Letter

I was scanning the internet and I came across a letter that Frank Wolf, a Republican Congressman from Virginia, sent to Attorney General Holder and is waiting for an answer . The letter was sent on June 8, 2009 and he may well wait a good while longer because the Justice Department doesn't want to explain its choice to write off its case against the worst case of voter intimidation and bullying in many years, and also why they have not pursue a criminal indictment. I really would like to hear Holder's answer, if he ever gives a answer. Wolf's letter asks why the Justice Department dropped the case against the New Black Panther Party, which Wolf's letter describes as "a radical militant supremacist association and hate group and its two members who threatened voters as part of a national voter coercion and intimidation effort on Election Day last November." I want to know the answer also. Click here to read the letter

According to Wolf's letter, in an hostile encounter in Philadelphia (which I personally saw, and I'm sure many of you did also, on Fox News on Election Day) one NBPP member pointed a weapon at folks, all within eight to fifteen feet of a polling station. "One of the witnesses, an knowledgeable and qualified civil rights attorney, has publicly called this 'the most obvious and unconcealed form of voter intimidation' he has ever seen." So please tell me why Mr. Holder refuses to do anything. Could this be the new security force that Obama was talking about during the election? The one that was only accountable to him. Sounds like a pretty good start. The Justice Department dismissed the case, according to new reports, over the strong objection of career lawyers working in the Civil Rights Division. Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee are taking into consideration their own uncertainty of the Justice but it has been delayed for weeks actually because of difference of opinion among the staff. While the Judiciary's internal debate continues, there are other issues to be looked at. It is rumored there was correspondence such as e-mails, phone calls and so forth, between Justice Department political employees and outside interest groups on how the New Black Panthers case should be pursued or how to dismiss the case. Why is the Justice Department is delaying its answer. As the congressman waits for an answer I also wait to hear about the reasoning behind this.
Doesn't do any good to have the government's brown shirts in jail now does it? We have a president that has aligned his self with communist, terrorist, corrupt organizations like ACORN, and just plain crooks. Now we have his attorney general not doing anything about this incident at the polling station but wants gun owners to give up their guns. Looks like to me it is the 1930's Germany all over again only this time it is the American Gestapo and the American Brown shirts!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cap And Trade

The House of Representatives has now just passed the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade carbon emissions control act. If it passes the Senate, the bill's pusher-in-chief (OBAMA) will sign it real fast. I have not read the bill, so I should not put my two cents in. But then, neither has any congressman read the now 1000-pages and more of this great amazing thing. So why have they passed it. For this reason alone I want to put my two cents worth in. The house has just passed a bill not knowing all of it and most likely not even half of it. We are not to imagine things, but we are to believe it is a good bill because we must trust the congressional assistants who wrote it. If anything it is a demonstration to "the power of believing anything" and the "Yes we can" dogma of Obama It is the eagerness to pass a bill that has not been read, much less understood. The congress reminds me of the rats following the pied piper, Obama is the piper and the congress is the rats. Most people will believe anything and then later they will have to pay the price. The price will be more taxes and a tight-ing of government controls. Doesn't the government have enough control over our lives?

There is one thing that is certain: The cap-and-trade program will increase the cost of energy in the United States. We are already paying through the nose for everything that we as a consumer buy. It is for the most part a huge tax increase on businesses and consumers, in the face of which, businesses will slow down to a crawl and consumers (that's you and me) will decrease our activity and buying. Things will for sure get tighter. You think we are having hard times now just wait. You are getting ready to see the economy really go bad, much worse than it is now. It is a back door Trojan ( The governments sneaky way of doing things) were the peoples taxes are increased dramatically and they do not even know it or see it coming and we still will follow the pied piper who is OBAMA. Obama and congressional leaders say the bill will create new "green" jobs. But increasing and raising the cost of doing business does not stimulate employment in general. It is just the reverse, it hampers it. This new bill will likely increase demands to build plants and factories outside the United States and even the particular jobs created by such mandates will come at the cost of other jobs. So what are we gaining except higher taxes and more regulations.

If you stop and think about it, this great bill so far, rests on a contrast between today's darkening days and the darker days of the Great Depression, when the Congress of that day and the president rushed through the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, thereby digging the depression deeper, marching America into a scary, institution-threatening poverty that only ended in the aftermath of World War II. Back in 1930, general political wisdom had it that protectionism protected the whole economy. There was little evidence for this. It was the outbreak of world war two that really saved the economy. The bill that was passed back in the 1930's might have helped some people but not the general Population. But protectionism did make believable sense on the surface, like the cap and trade bill does today. And remember back in those days, economists had not yet been bought off, like they are now, by the temptation of power and the appeal of political status, so almost to a man, they opposed the bill. The trouble today most economist are in the tank for they too are following the pied piper. Obama and his new lookouts love to talk of "science" as if the pronouncements of scientists are like prophecies and are totally protected from political pressure and economic incentives. The fact that those scientists and their projects are generally paid for with our tax dollars and tax-supported research grants doesn't faze today's political leaders. And yet how many of the president's men, or the current Congress, would buy the science supported by tobacco companies? How many would dilly-dally to dismiss the science paid for by oil companies? The double standard regarding the wrong function of science still leans to support those who like to do "great things and mighty" things in government, ( you know like Obama and the yes we can speeches) leaning the other way from those who move forward carefully concerning intrusive regulations, rules, taxes, and prohibiting things they have been not proved as wrong or dangerous. We have seen this in the 20th century. Think of all those economists and experts in the field of economics who pretended they could direct the economy and point it in the right direction. Now we may be witnessing it in the scientist who have wanted, put forth, and pushed this bill that many call the Waxman-Markey outrage. It is a outrage that is for sure.

The parallels here are striking. They are similar and share many characteristics. Today's so called leaders in economics and finance, until about nine months ago, confidently thought they could predict the future and manage the economy and eject risk with an detailed statistical collection. Not look what that got us, the government or should I say Obama controls the banks, auto industries, soon health care and many other things. At the rate things are going Obama and his congress will control everything. This is the same thing with today's climate scientists who aim to copy the long-term trends of the worldwide environment. They pretend they can predict where the "tipping points" are, and tell us why, with an air of stimulating certainty. How wrong they are and most Americans will agree with me. This global warming thing was endorsed and promoted by the same man that said he invented the internet. ( Al Gore ) Now that should tell you something. I can say this: the global warming debate most likely made him a few million.

I think that "global warming" may soon become an worldwide embarrassment. And then we will witness a whole lot of so called experts sneaking off to write their next research grant proposal in a well-deserved shame and disgrace leaving us, the tax payor, with higher taxes and funding their next project. The cap and trade bill when it fully kicks in will ensure the American people a long, ugly life to our deepening depression. ( oh I'm sorry our recession )

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Words Of A Great American

I recieved this in a e-mail and The vidieo is something that you should watch. I do not know for a fact about the rest but I'm sure considering who Obama is that it is not far from being right

Thomas Payne
This guy's video on youtube has been so popular that Obama called him personally. He said that he was very disturbed with the video \and invited him to the White House. Obama also said he wanted the White House to handle the Press and not to talk about the video or the White House visit.
That's interesting!
Watch it now. This may be the best six minutes invested in your future You may have to turn your Sound Control up some.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


The Democratic Party's outlook, for the future on elections (in my opinion) is not admirable or highly regarded. But it is very impressive and striking. That is to say this: they plan to win at any cost. Do and say whatever it takes to win. The recent chain of events has shown they will do anything to get elected. Just think about who they have associated themselves with and who is behind them. That should scare you to death! Democrats spend the taxpayers money(think about this and let it sink in) on groups like ACORN that, among other disgusting and dirty tactics, seek out Skid Row bodies and wheel them to polling places. All the Democratic National Committee needs are vans and the smelling salts. Democrats brazenly and shamelessly take policy positions and viewpoints such as more government services and amnesty for illegal immigrants - not because that is the right thing to do, but because they are bribes that they know will work for them and guarantee them the vote. They do not care that the policies will hurt the Country. They do not care about what it is doing to the economy or the security of this nation. But it is to get that vote. It is all about power. Sometimes I think (my opinion only) that the Democrat party would give out free booze, needles, methadone, and medical marijuana (in voter goodie bags) if they could get away with it, just to get that vote. Nothing is honorable any more.

Democrats a long time ago got rid of America's melting-pot ideal, you know, E Pluribus Unum ("Out of Many, One") . This was what made our country great. A person would come to this country and would learn the English language and the way of life. They would more or less melt into the American society. Most Democrats do not want this because it stops and interrupts their drive for unending rule. Splitting the country into separate distinctive groups and playing them against each other works a lot better. This is how they win. That is going to be the down fall of this country. And anyone who disagrees with them is a racist. We have seen that during this last election with Obama and we are still seeing it. If you do not agree with him you are a racist. I'm want to make it perfectly clear that I'm a conservative American, not a republican, not a democrat, I'm not a racist, I'm not a kool aid drinker and I have not feel off any turnip truck. I can see what is happening to this country and I (along with millions of other Americans) do not like the direction this country is heading in. We are living in a giveaway society. I do not care what race or color Obama is or is not. I can name at list three black men who would make great presidents and Obama is not one of them. So do not call me a racist or a sore loser.

One of the first things President Obama and the democrats tried to do was to take control of the Census Bureau. (Remember That?) This was and is an undertaking that could change the congressional districts and make certain Democratic majorities for years to come. The new president and the democrat party also made out an enemies list, focusing on conservative talk-radio hosts. He also appears to have singled out Fox News. Why Fox News? Why not ABC, CNN, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, or some of the other news agencies? It is because Fox News is for the most part fair and balanced. That is why their ratings are always so high. These transparent political gestures were done in the middle of the economic mess that we were in and by the way that we are still in. The mainstream media excitement, over Obama, to make sure of a lasting victory for a new Democratic Party was plain to see during the campaign and still is. In other words, George Soros and acorn are in charge now. This is your new democrat party. This is what we have to look forward to. The new democrat party is not like the old democrat party of mom and pop. With people like Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Bidden, (I could go on and on) are the leaders then you got to know it is not that same old party. When elected, the Democrats gave out billions of dollars as bonuses to their basic supporters that we as taxpayers paid. Just think about the stimulus package, this is a out of the ordinary payback for big labor unions, liberal activist groups and conglomerate corporations. It would be hard pressed for me or anybody else to name a single Democratic policy that is not motivated more by dogma and their leftist attitude than winning an election by any means. They stimulated their corrupt base not the economy. That's right, the small man, the tax payer is still no better off, in fact worse, since Obama and the democrats have come to power.

The main stream media is not going to expose this transparent (one of Obama's famous and favorite words) fraud when the main stream media are in the tank for Obama and the democrats. NBC News, (whose is owned by General Electric) is getting billions in stimulus cash. So why not propagate and spread the Democrats policies. The liberal news media is at the forefront of a off the wall campaign to operate as a check on the party that is out of power (the republicans) , not the party in power (the democrats). In other words they will keep up their love affair with the Obama administration ( no need for the Viagra) There is no checks and balances to prevent them turning this country from a capitalist nation into a socialist nation where people depend on the government for everything. Needless to say there are millions of people in this country that like that idea because that is how they were raised. They think the government owes them everything. The democrats under President Johnson started this with THE GREAT SOCIETY and we have been in a downward spiral, to some degree, ever since. Obama and the democrats say we need to spread the wealth around, in other words as the old democrat saying of years ago: ".a chicken in every pot.: What happens when there is no more wealth to spread around.

With Democrats holding comfortable and secure majority in the House and Senate, as well as controlling the executive branch, it's only logical and commonsense that the mainstream media will focus their analysis and news reporting on Rush Limbaugh, former President George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, and any other republican that can mount or establish a campaign against the democrat party. Why would they do this? To keep their love affair, with Obama going. They did it in the election and still do it with great skill and as long as the media has this ongoing and continuous love affair with Obama little will change. What upsets me the most is that Republicans seem to think, for some reason, Democrats can be their friends. They had better wake up and smell the coffee. If they do not get motivated things will only get worse. Listen, this country is on a downward spiral that will soon not be able to be reversed. We are headed to being a socialist nation real fast were the government has control over every part of your life. It is getting close to that now. There will soon, if not already, will be no more checks and balances in our government, because liberal democrats own the store.

In the next election, things need to be considerably a whole lot different. The Republican Party will not survive and continue in existence, if it doesn't recognize the truth that the Democrats are its adversary and not just its opponent, There is a big difference there. They must realize that they must begin to play for keeps. That means telling it like it is and stop trying to play by the rules because the other boys (the democrats) have not played by the rules for years and they just about have the whole bag of marbles. This is not the democrat party of old. This party has thrown the rules out the door and just look at what we got. An arrogant, yes we can, president that some people think is the messiah. A president, with the help of the democrat party and some rubber legged liberal republicans is turning our great country into a socialist nation. The near end of freedom as we know it and the start of socialism, which is no more than communism, is creeping up on us fast. These may be hard words but they are the truth.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Next Korean War

This great country of ours has already fought one war in Korea and the way things are shaping up we might be there again. During the Early 1950's we fought a war in that country. Some call it a conflict, but it was a war were our soldiers fought, bled, froze to death, and died, some being maimed for life. That should have been the last war there. We had a great general (Douglas MacArthur) who would have won that war, but whose hands were tied by our nation's leaders at the time. It seems that we are always stopping short of our victory of winning the war. We are always stopping short of the goal. So we will have to do it again with the cost of more lives on the battlefield. When will we as a nation ever learn that you do not compromise with the enemy. We have since then spent untold billions of dollars to maintain that peace and for what, we are just about back to square once again. We should have did it right the first time and all of this with north Korea would not be happening now. The problem is we are always leaving before the job is done. This leaves unfinished work.

North Korea threatens to engulf the whole Korean Peninsula in an all-out war. North Korea's recent test of a nuclear bomb is a serious threat to our country and to international security. This should not have been even allowed to happen. Kim Jong-Il continues to thumb his nose at President Obama. The dictator has made Mr. Obama look small on the world stage of players, showing just how his presidency is ineffective and reckless, in other words to make it very clear, useless. Washington's (the Obama administration) emphasis on diplomacy was supposed to smooth the progress of rogue states into increased cooperation. Instead, it has only helped and made the likes of North Korea (and Iran) to go ahead with their nuclear-weapons programs. Mr. Obama's "open hand" has been met with Mr. Kim's iron fist - one that has smashed Uncle Sam in the face. And this will keep right on happening as long as Obama is in the White house. When will our government ever get it? If North Korea has not, in 50 years cooperated, with the United States what makes Obama think he can talk to them now? Some people in this country might see Obama as the messiah, but I do not think that North Korea will see him that way.

North Korea is a regime not only unstable and repressive, but also treacherous and dangerous. They has formed an anti-American axis with Tehran and Damascus. It is involved in narcotics trafficking, counterfeiting and the smuggling of illicit weapons. Last year alone, North Korean state-run companies sold more than $1.5 billion in arms to Muslim nations such as Iran, Syria, Myanmar and Egypt. North Korea is a brutal police state characterized by one-party rule and totalitarian social control. Political corruption is rampant. Leninist economic planning is fused with nationalistic militarism. The result has been a failed nation - a starving, miserable population; a landscape blotted with slave-labor camps; and a country in which electricity and running water are luxuries for the privileged few. That is one of your Socialist nations. U.S. and Israeli intelligence officials say North Korea has supplied Iran's mullahs with key missile components. During Mr. Kim's first nuclear-bomb test in 2006, Iranian technicians were present as observers. In 2007, North Korean scientists built Syria's concealed nuclear reactor before it was destroyed by an Israeli airstrike. By successfully detonating a nuclear device, Mr. Kim has sent a powerful and deadly message to the bad guys: He is ready to sell weapons of destruction as well as very important missile knowledge to jihadists and terrorist-sponsoring regimes. Does Obama still think that talking will do the trick? You do not talk with a mad dog or a mad man, because the results are the same. They will bite you were it hurts.

Desperate to prop up their love affair with the Obama administration and help all it can the liberal media have downplayed and not said much about the North Korean danger. They want you to think that Mr. Kim as an erratic, spoiled child who is looking for some international attention. In fact North Korea has threatened to abandon the armistice signed with Seoul following the 1950-53 war - an act, however, it has already repeatedly committed in the past. Whether this is more of the usual North Korean threats remains to be seen. I personally think that things will grow worse. The Russian Foreign Ministry has warned that the growing state of affairs may spark a nuclear conflict in the world. Obama and the so-called "realists" (somebody who only considers things as they are or appear to be, and avoids ideals and abstractions) at the State Department are determined and settled on to have Pyongyang rejoin the six-party talks. That in itself is a joke. You cannot talk to mad men who are bent on doing something that is deadly and wrong. This is exactly what the problem is, the importance placed on joint diplomacy. That has led to the present crisis. Mr. Kim, like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, is determined to build a nuclear state - no matter what the cost. Our President either does not get it or he does not care. Mr. Kim believes (rightly so) that having a nuclear deterrent will immunize his regime from a Western military attack, thereby ensuring his country's survival. For fanatical dictators, in my opinion, talks are simply a cover to attain what they want. In this case it is the bomb. Talking to people like North Korea is a waste of time and gives them more time to complete their mission. If they have not changed their policy since the 1950s then how is talking going to change anything now? They have been talking (out of both sides of their mouth) for fifty years. So I do not see how any smooth talking messiah can change their mind about anything.

The grimy little secret is that the Obama administration knows this, They no longer really cares to dismantle Pyongyang's nuclear program. If they did, they would have launched a surgical airstrike to knock out North Korea's missile launch in April. Such a bold and confident move by this administration would have told the communist leadership - and its chief sponsor, Red China - that Washington was serious about curbing its Weapons of mass destruction capabilities. It would have put Tehran's Islamic nuts on notice. Instead, Mr. Obama pursues and wants a reckless policy of appeasement. Pacification will never win a war. It is also my opinion that we are no longer in control of our own destiny no matter if it is here at home or abroad. With the leadership that we have in the White house now we will always be on a downward spiral.

We have lost our freedom of action to pressure China to disarm one of the deadliest outlaw regimes on earth. America will regret that someday. Why is this so? Because China just about owns us, lock, stock and barrel. If you do not believe this then do as I did and start looking for the facts and you will find them. Not only has this country borrowed from China until we just about cannot barrow any more, nearly everything that we buy any more comes from China and that includes a lot of our food. This makes their economy strong while our economy is weak. This is not the time for the American people to have a weak president that says a lot but does nothing. We need a strong president that will take strong actions to protect this country and the world. I might have to say I'm sorry latter, but I must say that Obama is not that man. If you are looking for the messiah it is not him.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Day We Become Silent

You hear a lot about silent majority. You know the ones who are soundless, noiseless, unspoken, and never stand up for what they believe in. But here are the facts about the silent majority. They disagree with some of the ways that this country is run or should I say governed. We all have that right and it is my thought that if you disagree with something you should speak out and say what you mean and mean what you say. You will never change anything by keeping silent. Silence is not always golden. Right must have a voice that is heard. The silent majority must be united in its goal for a lasting peace in this world but at the same time they must be being united against people who think and live as if they were in the middle ages with modern gadgets. They must be unified against people that are elected to our highest office that would destroy this country.

The Muslim world will not give in as long as the United States is a Divided Nation. The Muslims can never defeat this country. Only Americans, themselves can do that. We must remember there is one thing worse than war and that is to be over powered and defeated. We are a strong nation but we make our own self weak by being divided. Remember the old saying: "United we stand, divided we fall" There are some people in this country that have not got that concept or hypothesis yet. It is just like the example of wooden matches. You can break one very easy, two you can break but not as easy, three it gets harder until you cannot break the matches. That is how this country has to be to win this war on terror which is now coming against us. This is one war that we as a nation have to win. When you sit around and waste years debating if the glass is half full of water or half empty you both will be wrong because the water will be gone and so will this great country. To me that is a simple way of explaining the problem about the terrorist. You do not win a war by open handily giving ground to the enemy.

General Patton, during World War Two, told his men this: "I do not want to hear we are holding our ground. Let the Huns do that! We are going to keep advancing till we win this war!" My next question where have all these great men gone? It is my opinion that we have the weakest president ever in charge of this great nation. What we need is another Patton and I can assure you that this war would come to a lot quicker conclusion. There are thousands of people that if they read this would be in agreement with me one hundred per cent. They have the same opinion but they will not open their mouth and say so. That my friend is the silent majority and because of you being silent and wordless your life will soon be over as you know it.

Not only will the terrorist have control over us just look at the other things that are happening right before your eyes and the silent majority just lets it happen. The government in just three short months controls nearly all the banks. They control the car makers and can tell them what kind of car to make, they want to control, and most likely will, the heath care of this country. You will be having you health taken care of by the government, because they are the ones that control the doctors. The end goal of this present administration is to control everything including you. That is just about as close to being a communist as you can get. There is coming a day not to far off that people like me, who are not silent and will speak out, will be stopped from, crying aloud against the things that are destroying this country. You may say that I'm crazy, that I'm sick in the head, fanatical, a idiotic, and many other things, but there will come a time if the silent majority does not speak up it will happen. We have a man that is taking us to the cleaners real fast. Just look at what has taken place in just a very few months. What will this country be at the end of four years. He is living up to his promise of change. Where will that change leave us at the end of four years or God forbid eight years.

The liberty that our fore fathers fought, bled, and died for are ever so slowly being taken from us and most of the people in this country do not even have a clue. It is time for people to stand up and say as Patrick Henry said long ago: "Give me liberty or give me Death"! It is time for more tea parties and most important it is time for people to vote for their liberties at the ballot box. Listen when the black people of this nation finally got tired of being at the back of the bus they made their voices heard in unity and rightly so. They had their rights as a free people and they made theirselfs heard. If they would have been a silent majority they would have been still riding in back of the bus.

This day, June 5, 2009, I'm so thankful for the men and women that have served this country so that I might be able to write this article. I give thanks to the men and women who bled and died, the ones who are maimed for life The ones who are buried in a far away land who died to keep us free. Freedom is to be cherished at all cost. There was a great price paid for it by our servicemen across this world.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

President Barack Husain Obama's Speech

President Barack Obama's speech to Muslims was also listen to by Israel and the United States, listening to hear if he would soften the United States support for Israel or make peace with Iran at the cost of Israel. His careful words illustrate the talker that he is. This man is so good that he could be caught in a pie shop eating pies and talk his way out of it. He talked about the distrust and misunderstanding on both sides, the United States and the Muslim world. I would like to ask: "Where is there a misunderstanding on the part of America?" The Muslim terrorist have bombed, killed, held hostage, and have made threats (just yesterday for example) against us. That is no misunderstanding. That is plain fact. We have gone out of our way to help the Muslim world and that is a fact. For all that we are kicked in the face and called the great Satan.

An Israeli government statement issued after Obama spoke ignored his calls for a settlement freeze and the creation of an independent Palestinian state, demands that Israel continues to reject and if I may say rightly so. The Muslims do not want some land, they want all. That is plain to see A spokesman for the Israel government said this: "We share President Obama's hope that the American effort heralds the beginning of a new era that will bring about an end to the conflict," the statement said, noting that Israel's security must be guaranteed.

The president knows that he can make little headway with Muslims unless he pushed an Israeli peace deal with the Palestinians, which would most likely depends on a deal with the Arab world as a whole. Who are we kidding? In plain easy to understand language the Arab world as a whole only wants a deal that eliminates all Jews and the big Satan (The United States). Only when the free world understands that we will are under attack by a group of people and nations that have one goal in mind, the control of the free world, mainly destroying the United States and Israel. It is time for the United States as a united people to see this. Until we all come together in unity there will be no stopping these thugs. This will never happen as long as we have a president that does not want the word terrorist used in any comments, a president that will close Gitmo and put the thugs into the American society, a president who will let a rogue nation develop nuclear weapons, and above all said: "America is not _ and never will be _ at war with Islam." I would like to ask one question: Where does all the terrorist and thugs come from? Are they Christians? Are they Jews? Are they Buddhist? Are they from any other religion? Where are they coming from? The religion of Islam! Wake up and smell the coffee.

Obama said: "It is easy to point fingers," but if we see this conflict only from one side or the other, then we will be blind to the truth. Really, Mr. President, how can you say that? I sure can point fingers with no regret. I point my finger at the 3000 people killed on 911, I can point my finger at the US Cole, I can point my finger at the marine barracks in Lebanon, and I can keep right on pointing, but what is the use and by the way I'm not blind either! Obama also said in his speech that: "To much blood has been shed." I can agree with that. American blood and it is time to stop the spilling of that blood, but this will never be done with our present leader.

Finally in closing I want to make one more comment. It is painful for us to have our Soldiers killed on the battle field by terrorist but when they are killed by terrorist on the streets of our nation is more than painful. Not only does it hurt me, it makes me mad, real mad. The war is now on our streets and in our towns, and communities. It will come a time and that time will be real soon, if we do not really deal with this problem and call it what it is, there will be no one in this country safe. It is time to stop being political correct and start being level headed about the serious threats that are facing this country.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Obama’s Egypt visit

When Obama goes to Egypt this week to give a major address to the Muslim world, what will he say? Will he tip toe through the tulips once again? Will he once again apologize for what he calls, America's arrogance. Will he kiss the feet of the Egyptian Leaders like he did the leaders in Saudi Arabia? Will he once again tell the Muslim world that he is sorry for how America has treated them? Will he tell them that he is sorry for any anti-Muslim feelings that most Americans think and feel? Will he tell them that America is not at war with the Muslim world and will he once again tell the Muslim world that he is so sorry for the way most people in America think? This is what he basically done on his last visit to the Muslim world. Obama does not need to patronize the Muslim people, he needs to tell them the truth. He needs to tell the Muslim world that the country he is president of ( The United States) has not declared war on Muslims and Islam. Obama needs to say that America has no desire to be at war with the Muslim world. He then needs to go way back and very deep, into the relationship that our country has had with the Muslim world for the past thirty or more years. In the last 20-30 years America did not just respect Muslims, but this country also bled and died for Muslims. We Americans were in, at least, five military conflicts on behalf of Muslims, each one resulting in the liberation of a Muslim people: Bosnia, Kosovo, Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq. "Bosnia and Kosovo, as well as the 1992-93 Somalia involvement in which the United States feed starving African Muslims and for that 43 Americans were killed. That was the thanks that Americans got. In none of them was there any important U.S. strategic interest at stake. So, in fact, in these 20 to 30 years, my country, the United States of America has done more for suffering and oppressed Muslims than any other nation, Muslim or non-Muslim. Do you think he will say that?

For all this America has not only not received even a little thanks from the Muslim world, it has been the object of hatred, mass murder, and economic attack from Muslim individuals, groups, and countries. That is some of the truths that Obama needs to say. But we all know he will not, we will never hear it from this president. He needs to remind the Muslims that "In 1973, Muslim terrorists attacked the American embassy in Sudan and murdered our country's ambassador, Cleo Noel, and the chief deputy of the mission, George C. Moore. Later in 1973, the Arab oil embargo against America sent America into a long and painful recession. In 1977, Muslim thugs murdered the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon, Frances E. Meloy, and Robert O.Waring, the U.S. economic counselor. In 1979 radical Muslims violently attacked our country's embassy in Teheran, and for 14 months held American diplomats hostage, often in inexcusable conditions. In 1998, Muslim militants bombed the American embassy in Nairobi, killing 12 Americans and 280 Kenyans, and bombed our embassy in Tanzania, killing another 11 Americans. Then, on Sept. 11, 2001, 19 Muslims who had been living in America slit the throats of American pilots and flight attendants and then flew airplanes into civilian buildings in New York City, burning 3,000 innocent Americans to death. He needs to ask the Muslim world who is at war with who. That is the question that he, as our leader needs to put forth.

Obama needs to ask what would Egypt's reaction would have been had 19 Christians, in the name of Christianity, slaughtered 3,000 Egyptians. How would the Christians of Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East have fared? That is the kind of questions and speech that he needs to make. Because of persecution by Muslim majorities, Christians have been leaving the Middle East in such great numbers that for the first time since Christ, there are large parts of the Middle East that have become empty of both Jews and Christians. Mr. Obama you need to ask your Muslim friends why. Yet, at the same time, millions of Muslims have moved to Western countries and to America. It is fair to say and the truth of the matter is that the freest, and often the safest, place in the world for a practicing Muslim is the United States of America. "Muslim-Americans are treated exactly as other Americans are treated. It is exceedingly rare to hear any anti-Muslim bigotry in my country. And while there is some criticism of the Muslim world, but there is far more criticism of Christians and Jews in America than of Islam.

"Unfortunately, in much of the Muslim world today anti-Jewish speeches and writing are frequently just like the genocidal anti-Semitism and racial hate one heard and read in Nazi Germany during the time of Hitler. This is a stain and scar on your civilization. How can you seriously charge that America is at war with Islam when in fact it is much of the Islamic world that is at war with Jews and Christians? Why are we called the big Satan? What you need to say Mr. President is that America will never abandon Israel. America will we never stop supporting that country, because every president since Harry Truman, Democrat and Republican alike, has been fervent about enabling Israel to defend itself from those who wish to destroy it. And that, dear Muslims, is the issue. America will continue to support a two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli dispute, but the real issue with you, the Muslim world, has never really been about two states. It has always been about Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims recognizing Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. That is a clear fact. The bottom line is that the Muslim world wants to rule the entire world with their religion which is one of fear and hate. You hear so many times that Islam is a religion of love. My question is when does the love start and hatred end? Do you think Obama will ask that question?

The day the Arab world ceases obsessing over the existence of a Jewish state, Israel, which is the size of Belize ( British Honduras) will be a great day for the Arab and Muslim worlds. Your obsession and hatred with Israel has cost you dearly in every area of social development. This is easily verified. If Israel were destroyed — and the so-called "right of return" of millions of third-generation Palestinian refugees would ensure that outcome as effectively as would a nuclear device from Iran — what difference would that make to the Egyptian economy, to Egyptian lack of freedoms, or anything else that matters to Egyptians? In my opinion, none whatsoever. Preoccupation with Israel has simply enabled the Arab world to not look at their own self and their problems from within for 60 years. The Muslim world needs to look at the inside of their world and stop trying to destroy the United States and Israel. What the Muslim world really needs to do is turn the spot light on their self. This is what our president should say when he goes to Egypt. He needs to tell the Muslim world that Americans would feel more confident and secure in American-Muslim relations if they had ever seen a large demonstration of Muslims anywhere against all the terror committed by Muslims in the name of Islam , no matter if it is in London, Madrid, New York, Bali, Cairo, or Mumbai.

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