Saturday, January 2, 2010


At the very beginning, before I say anything else, let me make the necessary statement to give acknowledgements that is due to the very early Islamists. The early Islamist had a major role in the developing the civilization of their day. Mathematics, medicine, astronomy, geography and Arabic numbers was some of the things that influenced people in their day and time-- and beyond. But that was way back then, and this is now, the present. Back then there were no Afghans to racially imprison, no tall buildings, like the Twin Towers to blow up and no passenger jets to hijack or blow up; there were no embassy in Kenya, no USS Cole, no subway systems in Great Britain and Spain; no night clubs in Bali and Germany, no Americans to behead, no more dead bodies of Americans to hang on bridges for the world to see, and the United States was not yet putting billions of dollars into their hands, not least of all to supply the technology that has made Muslim dictatorial families the wealthiest in the world – sitting on bath room toilets with gold seats, while the people starve in the streets. Most, if not all, Islamic countries are 3rd world countries.

The fact is the Islamic religion that was a important role in the development of early society has been taken over by crazed, ego, maniacal madmen called mullahs and ayatollahs, among who it can be argued and pointed out, based on the historical record, Muhammad was founder and chief, he was that and much more.

These Islamic madmen can promote and put forward any crazy belief or reason they want for their cruel and brutal behavior and people of this world can buy into it if they want. The question is what would this earth be like if they ruled it? Would the bombings, beheadings, murders and mutilations of children be part of their world view? Would kidnapping and ceremonial beheadings exampled by Muhammad be part of their laws? Scary thought.

Can we assume by their conduct and butchering of innocent men, women and children in the middle east that this is their idea of jumping into the 21st century with liberties and freedoms for all? Is this their way of accepting and embracing democracy? Yes it is!

Or should we look to Afghanistan, where women, at one time, were students and professionals before Taliban Muslims took over in 1994? Is the brutal oppression that women experienced under the Taliban's so called refined and warm religion what the women of this world wish for and desire? Where are their {The Taliban's} Margaret Thatchers and Condoleezza Rices? There are none. Here is the big follow up question. Would Barbara Streisand, Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer or Nancy Pelosi be able to promote their views against such a leadership? I don't think so!

Looking at the six or more years of Taliban rule in Afgannistan , what would we dare imagine or think if a religion whose leaders killed men for such things as wearing their beards too short were to take over the middle east? They almost have! Does anyone think they would be satisfied with that? Based on the last seven centuries, what could we visualize if they took over all of the world? With these people you have the most rigid set of rules of what people can do, what they cannot do and what they can think." The "Wahhabists" have assumed and taken over the peaceful religion of Islam and replaced the peaceful religion with a preaching of " violent behavior, carnage, brutality, slavery, and cruelty. We see it every day, more so, even in America.

They have supporters all over the world. And the worst of those are the Muslims themselves. The peaceful Muslims will not even stand up and say enough is enough. In every country that permits them entrance and a way in, radical Muslims make an attempt to undermine and weaken the lawful government. They can point to nothing but oppression, murder and a unorthodox form of Islam. Yet we have politicians, in this country, defending them and newspapers praising them. What is wrong with this picture? The turnip truck must have went by and they fell out on their heads.

The question has to be asked: if these deep-seated fundamental Muslim terrorists refuse a free society in their country what about the middle east, The United States and the rest of the world? As a group born with the idea that they should rule the world, what could be expect of them besides all the men not being able to shave and wearing towels for caps. The women would be wearing garments that look like burlap bags that covered all of them except for their eyes and they could go nowhere unless a man was with them. The women would be goners if they were ever raped. Read some of the overseas newspapers.

Based on the most available and latest examples of their governmental rudeness and cruelty can we take for granted that Malik Nadal Hasan and Abdul Mutallab are illustration and patterns of their domestic and foreign diplomacy? But have no fear because we can rest securely in the wide spread belief, among the American public, that our great Mahdi { The Islamic belief of a prophet or messiah who is expected to appear in the world sometime before it ends } will save us, just as soon as he gets back from Hawaii and can find time in his very busy vacation schedule?
                WITH GUNS WE ARE CITIZENS,

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