Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Joke We Call President

Some people say Barack Obama is either out of touch with what is happening in today’s world, or he refuses to admit that his policies have been a failure. His policies have been a really bad failure for the American people but I think it goes beyond all that. It was never more apparent than in his comments of under one minute made after the attacks in Brussels that left people dead and scores injured. Obama stood before a Cuban audience, and uttered his sorrow over the deaths in Brussels and urged the world to fight terrorism. That was all he said. Not another word. There was no speaking out to the world to fight ISIS.
In fact there was no mention of ISIS. Obama should have said that he would head home to come up with a plan to bring the free world together to get rid of ISIS. But what did he do? He began thanking the Cuban government for being so kind to his wife, children and his mother-in-law. (This is another family vacation at the expense of the American tax payer) Obama plans to stay away from Washington as this crisis continues. He has no sense of the world’s problems or ignores what he knows because at heart he is a Muslim. He can not even say Muslim Terrorist. It would have been encouraging for the president to make a statement attacking radical Islamic terrorism. It would have been encouraging if the president had cut short his trip and returned to Washington to show his concern for the safety of The United States, but he did not. It would have been encouraging if the president had met with his national security team to see what steps had to be taken to protect America. But he did not do this. It would have been encouraging for the president to express anger and determination about these acts of terrorism. Instead, we received minimum comments from him about the attacks and then we hear a speech about the great relationship he wants to see between a communist country and America.

 All of that was followed by a baseball game where he was happy to do a wave with Raul Castro and the crowd. He also had fun taking a turn as an announcer. It reminded us of his comments after the beheading of an American were made, and 10 minutes later, he went to play golf. How callous can he be when these attacks have just happened? This man does not know how to be president and what is expected of the leader of the free world. He is a disgrace, and Americans will be pleased to see him go. I only Hope that we have an America left as we know it when he leaves office. The recent terrorist attacks in Brussels and France demonstrate the importance of immigration as an issue in our presidential campaign. As a country of immigrants, America has always supported welcoming those who come here legally. When they simulate among the population, learn our language, and not move all together and want Americans to change their ways. This issue, given the rise of terrorist threats to our country, must be a very important concern of the candidates for the presidency. Clearly, the United States has to have stronger vetting procedures in place before any Middle Eastern refugees are allowed into the country.

The American people should be concerned about the president’s plan to accept up to 60,000 Middle Eastern refugees. We do not need no more people from the Middle East until this problem is brought under control. In seven and a half years Obama has just about destroyed America and the “What you gonna give me” crowd still does not have a clue, and if the Democrats win this up coming election it will be more of the same.

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