Saturday, January 16, 2010

Content of The Heart

 As I write this commentary I have no teleprompter or speech writer to write it for me. This is coming from my heart, with much thought of what I write, and from a person that loves this country and the people of all races, all religions, and from all walks of life. Together we make up this great country. Together we can do anything. So if I offend anybody, black or white, as you read this, please forgive me.

I am so spellbound and fascinated by the reason that some black folks voted for Obama and that reason is, "just because he is black", no matter what his polices are or how damaging they could be to this country and the people, no matter what their race is. I thought that discrimination, prejudice, narrow-mindedness, and bigotry, was for the most part, close to being, a thing of the past in this country. We now have the GREAT SOCIETY and that was to make things better for everybody. But the fact is there was no other reason that some people voted for Obama except for the reason, he is black and they were black. I was wrong. We still have people in this country who have a narrow range of opinions and are limited in their outlook and have a narrow, inflexible, view of the real problems facing them. They only see what they want to see. Some liberals say that about me.

In a recent discussion with, a couple, { that are dear friends and always will be, and I will always respect their views}, told me they voted for Obama – and I asked what was their reason that they voted for him. They said to me it was for a 'lots of reasons'.  Then when I asked what the reasons were, they could not give me just one reason why they voted for him.  I mentioned many particular policies and views that we {all three of us} were against, such as abortion, homosexuals, taking God out of schools and government buildings, and many other views that was of importance to our country. I knew that we all agreed on these issues, and the three of us also knew that Obama did not support these views and they said "there are other things besides policies and our personal views." As close friends for years I did not understand what they were saying. I thought that we knew everything about each other. As a final point to the conversation, {because I was shocked and did not understand} I asked the couple this question, 'Was it because he is black that you voted for him? That was the end of the conversation on Obama and it ended with no answer to my question. All the years that we were friends the color of our skin never stood in the way of our friendship or the views and policies that we knew were right for the country and as Christians. I was shocked
the color of the man's skin was the reason they voted for him. I would have never in this world ever thought that they would do that.

Needless to say this couple were and still are true friends. They would give you the shirt off their back and the last dollar that they had. Although, I said all that, I still cannot understand why they voted for Obama. These people were against, just about, everything that Obama stands for. So for my friends, whose parents looked for freedom and liberty in a country that they loved, will soon began to lose that very freedom that their parents fought for and won during the days of that great leader, Martin Luther King, who in my opinion was a just and good man. As he said, He truly did not look at the color of a man's skin, only the contents of his heart. That was a man of character. A man among men who you could look up to. Unlike Obama's so called transparency Dr. King was truly transparent (He was crystal clear in all his words and deeds, There was never any hidden agenda with him.) The man that was elected to the highest office in our land, {Obama}, was voted for by a lot of people, just like my friends, for no other reason other than he is black and by no means for Obama's character or his transparency.

Obama is dismantling our country piece by piece and taking the freedoms we, people of all races, enjoy away from us. It makes no difference if you are black or white. The longer this man is the president of our country the less freedoms we will have and the more the federal government will be our task master. America will be one big plantation and we will all be enslaved to the federal government and its system of big government and it makes no different the color of your skin, your freedoms as you know them today will be gone. That is the "audacity" of hope that Obama promises.

To further prove the point that I'm trying to make, In this article, there was a black lady {who I do not know} that ask my son yesterday if I was a racist and when asked, by my son, why she said that, she told my son that she based the question on the fact that she thinks that I do not like Obama by the articles in my blogs. She was right and she was wrong. She was right in the fact that I do not like or support Obama's agenda of change, but I do not have anything against the man. He was made in God's image the same as I was and I will always respect the office that he holds. I'm no respecter of persons nor will I ever be. It is Obama's policies that I do not agree with and will speak out on.

I want my freedoms, such as a right to own fire arms and not have them taken away by the worst anti gun president ever elected. There are many other issues that I will not go into that puts this man on my list as a bad president, like the peanut farmer from Georgia {the white guy} who nearly done this country in also. I do not hate or dislike Carter as a person, but I do not like what he did to this country when he was president. If Carter was elected to another term we would all be picking peanuts for a living.

She was wrong in the fact that I do not like him because he is a black man. In all my life I have never judged a man or women by the color of their skin. I am no better than anybody else {white or black}. It is the polices of this man that I do not like and in the end most Americans, black and white, will say the same thing. His" audacity of hope" will be gone, along with his fake transparency, and we will all still be looking for that hope of a free nation, less government control over our lives and a better world, but we will be in worse shape.

Here is a Obama alert, let me draw your attention to this – we have got our first black president, but, with him, we will also get the policies that most people and I do not approve of and also the lack of character, transparency, quality, and judgment that that Dr. King had. There is, and never will be, no leadership with this man, only "a hidden agenda " that in the end will en slave this whole country if he is allowed to continue. So much more better if the person, that was elected to the highest office in our land, was someone like Michael Steele, Thomas Sowell, Condi Rice, or people like them, who are white or black, democrat or republican, man or women, poor or rich, as long as their views are true to the founding fathers of this country and the content of their heart is like past leaders such as Martin Luther King or Ronald Regan. Even though there are some that will not agree with me comparing these two great mean, these two men, even though the color of their skin was different, showed through their actions that the content of their heart was the same and they wanted what was best for all Americans and that is to be "FREE" I will be the first to admit that racism in America is alive and well and most certainly if you are going to speak your mind about Barrack Obama. If some citizens are not pleased with the President of the United States {whether he is white of black} they are allowed. If they want to, they can speak their minds and say so. Believe it or not, it doesn't make somebody a racist just because they do not like the direction our country is going. It has nothing to do with the color of the man's skin who is president. It might be his policies. The race or skin color is not important. It's the content of someone's character that matters. It's what is in the person's heart. I am allowed, as an American to disagree with Obama's policies if I want to and that doesn't mean I am racist. That does not mean that I do not like him because he is black. That means we live in a free country that allows decent. That means we are still a free people.

I believe, with all my heart, racism is alive and well in America because of white supremacy groups and many people from the black community. Yes, you read it right, The Black Community. I firmly believe it takes two to keep the ball rolling.

Some black people have got to get over what happened to their people years ago. It was wrong. I'm not asking black people to forget what happened, because to forget it will let it happen again. What I want and most white Americans want is for the black folk to move on and stop making race the issue for all of their problems and we all know there are some that do just that. People like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get paid, stay rich, and become millionaires over and over again as long racism, in this country, thrives. People, in this country, that preach and think that "white people" are better are WRONG and so are people like Jackson and Sharpton who use the race issue for their gain.

I don't know what else to say about racism except that I am sick and tired of it. We must as Americans move on and realize that if you work hard, and do what's right in your heart to all men no matter what the color of their skin is, eventually your hard work pays off no matter what color you are. It really is very sad what is happening in our country. We live in a society now where to speak out means we get a lashing for something that in most cases isn't even true – we speak out against Obama and we get called racists, hateful, evil, and worse. It is sad, pathetic, and very disturbing – what is most disturbing is that it creates with it a culture of fear and when fear becomes a dominant factor freedom ceases to exist. Just like the silent majority that does not speak out because of fear of being called, " not politically correct".

The majority of the white and black people in this country are not racist and want to go on to better things but there are a minority of white and black people that will keep this issue of race going forever. As long as we have politicians that play the race card for a vote, the KKK, white supremacy groups, the black panthers, The Al Sharptons, The Jesse Jacksons of this world, playing the race card, we will have racism. And by the way if you disagree with me I will not call you a racist. I will call you an American that has chose to not go along with what I said and that is okay, because that is what this country is all about. Freedom of Speech.


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