Monday, January 11, 2010

Come Clean Harry Reid


If Harry Reid is to really come clean about his racial remarks about Obama, he needs to put some of his great leadership into a effort into dismantling the hypocrisy and double standards of race-based attacks from the Democratic Party that Reid himself helped to make. If Harry Reid really wants to get the race issues behind him, he also needs to make an apology to folks like Clarence Thomas who he was quick to degrade and describe as a mental midget.  Reid's vocabulary and his rhetoric, five years ago,  seemed to put forward the idea that Black Americans, such as Judge Thomas, that were unwilling to march to the Democratic way of thinking, were stupid, "embarrassing", and not good enough of holding high positions in the federal government. Reid's substantive criticism of Thomas--if it can be dignified with such a description--turns out to be empty. Sorry Harry this very smart man {Clarence Thomas} is no dummy. I am afraid that anyone hoping to see a honest apology from him and an admission of racial typecasting is going to be very disappointed.  Harry Reid will only support the existing standards, for all intents and purposes, of the racial comments on any Democrat are inexcusable, while, at the same time, Reid and other Democrats will continue policy of a double standard when it comes to their racial comments.

Democrat leaders like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are for the most part maintain that only the Republicans (and in particular conservatives) are responsible and guilty of racism and they are the only ones that ever make badly chosen and unbecoming remarks that are demeaning. In the meantime, Black Americans like Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Tomas Sowell, and many other conservative blacks, are attacked and harassed as Uncle Toms and sellouts because, they hold to opinions, ideas, and practices, democrats want you to think that they are not really black at all.  This inherent two faceness is not right and its double standards are wrong. The democrats are just as wrong as any republican. The remarks are the same from both sides of the isle.

As another election year draws near, Harry Reid and his cronies will cry out and attack any Republican that even hints at race, while simultaneously condoning Democratic attempts to demean, to attack, and to disparage any Black American that escapes the Democratic straight jacket of being a loyal vassal and accepting their views. What I'm trying to point out here is, there is a the double-standard with the democrats that no one seems to speak out about or address.

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