Monday, April 6, 2009


We have debated the issue of gun control for years and years now and it seems like we are getting no where with this debate except for the passing of hundreds of laws that does no good. Theses laws does not keep the guns out of the hands of criminals only the law abiding citizens who are then at the mercy of the criminal.

I don't believe the politicians are in touch with the common people or do they want to be in touch. They are not the same as they were in years gone by. There is a hidden agenda with these politicians. They need to be asked is it gun control or people control that you are after?The only sure defense between a lawful citizen and a thug is his gun. Sen Feinstein realizes this and has said that her family was threatened by someone and she thought she should have a conceal carry permit but she opposes the rest of us the same freedom of choice. Why is that? We need to take our country back from these kind of politicians and tell Hillary, Holder, Obama and the rest of the gun control people that this is America with a constitution that gives us the right to bear arms. Neither on of these politicians needs a gun for protection because they all have security men around them twenty four hours a day and each one of them is armed.

These people need to either support the constitution as they swore to do or leave office and move to a country that believes as they do. China would like to have them and so would Russia and Cuba. When you make a law that goes against the constitutionally guaranteed right of the American Citizen to keep and bear arms you have declared war on the rights of the American people. Anything less than that makes those politicians LIARS to the people and TRAITORS to the principals that was our founding fathers. Our government is infested with these people who care not about the average mans rights or what is best for our country. They have their own special agenda and they could care less about the American citizens rights.

Why is firearms such a problem now when forty of fifty years ago it was not a hardly a problem at all? Forty or fifty years ago there was hardly, if any, gun control laws on the books and people were a lot safer then. Why was this so? It was because nearly everybody had a gun of some type and knew how to use it. Just that fact alone stopped many a crime such as breaking and entering, robbery, and murders. It did not stop all of them but there was no where as many crimes committed in those days as it is now. If that is the case, and it is, then where is all the crime in this country coming from. Well if you sit down and ready take a good look what has happen in this country over the past several decades a blind man could see it.

As I said in many of my commentaries I'm 63 years old and I have seen a lot in this country and I no probably a lot of you readers have also. What amazes me is that the blame is never put where it should go. The blame for all the increase in violence over the past decades is the fault of the politicians and court officials who make the decisions, not the guns used in the crimes. Let me go deeper into this topic because I already know there are people who disagree with me. 

When I was a teenager I could go hunting in any woods as long as I had a hunting licenses. Property owners did not care as long as you did what was right. You could go into any store and buy a gun to go hunting with. You could walk down the side of the road with it as long as it was unloaded and you could have it in your car as long as it was unloaded. You did not have to sign your name every time you bought a box of ammunition for the gun and you could buy as many boxes of shells as you wanted at one time. There was not hundreds of of laws on the books controlling the use of a gun. But that is not the way it is now. You even have to take a gun safety course now to get a hunting licenses. It use to be that the parent gave their children all the lessons that they needed and they did not use a gun until the parent said that they were ready to use it. What is the difference between then and now? It is not the gun because it is the same now as it was them. You put shells in the chamber, aim, and then pull the trigger.If the gun is not used right it can kill. It is still a person using and controlling the gun so what is the difference between now and then?

The difference is that our government and its leaders decided in the early and mid 1960's that the criminals needed more rights and the honest citizen needed less. This all came about the same time as the "Great Society" came into place. They decided that the police officer had to much power and something had to be done about it. It became harder to arrest someone and even harder to give the bad guy the sentence he should have received. This give the criminal more incentive to do bigger crimes against the public with the police having less power to stop them. It use to be that a police officer had respect and he was answered by a yes sir and no sir. Today the police officer are cussed until , as the saying goes, a fly would not lite on them. This is mostly thanks to the laws put in place by our elected officials. Compared to years ago the police officer has his hands tied and the criminal has his untied. Then you wonder why there is so much gun violence. So now there is a group of people like the "Brady Bunch" that would take away the rights and punish the honest citizen along with the criminal. They can not rightly divide the truth as the ordinary person can. Who are they working for the criminal or the honest citizen.

There has been hundreds of gun laws passed over the years since then and those laws have not been any deterrent to any crime committed by the criminal. It continues to get worse. Why is that. It would seem after a while there would be so many gun laws that it would have a effect and stop some of the crime if the gun was the main reason, but it does not. There are so many laws on the books that a hunter feels like a criminal when he goes to the store to by a box of bullets.So these people pass new laws and still the crime grows worse. This should soon tell people that it is something else other than the gun that is the main problem. These laws are only hurting the law abiding citizen because the bad guy will always get what he needs to commit the crime, if it is a gun or anything else. We should untie the police's hands so they can make arrest. Untie the judges hands so they can give the criminal a sentence that fits the crime and then see that the sentence is served. What good is it to lock someone up and then give them week end passes, conjugal visits, and early release? They have cable TV, gyms, and better than decent food. They are just as good as being told to do it again and again. 

Now we have even a bigger threat looming and that is terrorism. Our government said it will protect us, well if their protecting us is anything like what is happening on the border with Mexico then we are in serious trouble. Those people who live on the border are not waiting for government help. you can best believe that they have a loaded gun or two in their house. Let me put it into a context that everyone should understand instead of listening to the same old crap from our government.

Three men were walking down the street after dinner with their families. One was a Democrat, one was a Republican, and the last one was a good old boy from the south. As they walked down the street a terrorist runs out of the dark alley with an AK47 Assault Rifle and a long knife intending to kill everyone there or in other words to commit jihad. There was no turning back for this guy. The democrat reaction was this: We need to debate this, There should be more street lighting here. Maybe if we gave this poor fellow some money and a place to stay he would be different. We need more anger management, maybe we need to hire more law enforcement officers and we most certainly need more laws to stop this! The Republican pulls out his gun and then begins to thinks: If I shoot this man am I in the right, will they lock me up, is there any trouble for me in shooting this guy, what does the law say about this? Then last there was the good old boy from down south who re acted this way: He pulls out his Glock 45 automatic, aims at the terrorist, and bang, bang, bang, bang. Now in this story which of the three families would be around to go out to dinner again? Which of the three people above are you most like?

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