Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Coming Great Tea Party

April 15th is the day when thousands if not millions of Americans are going to protest how their taxes are being used. This protest should included a lot more than just taxes. It should be a day of peaceful protest, not only about taxes but some of the things behind the taxes. What is behind the scenes. What is the root of the tax problem. This is where people need to start. There is more than one reason behind this tax problem. Taxes should go for our protection and security, The welfare of our nation as a whole, The upkeep of our form of government which is a Republic.

When tax payers have to pay for social programs for people who will not work, women who have baby after baby by different men, People who use and abuse the system, is to much taxation as it is. {I believe that it is called the Great Society} Now we are burdened with the upkeep of illegals that are still coming across our boarders in alarming numbers. Our tax dollars are paying for this. It is one thing to pay for Americans that need help but to pay for dead beat people, who abuse the system and illegals that should have no claim what so ever to tax payer dollars. This is a problem that has been around for years and it is one of the things that is helping to drain the revenues of this country. Instead of paying for the up keep and laundry list of Mexico's citizens with our tax dollar we need to take that tax money and secure the borders, build the fence, and send the illegals back home. Our welfare system is greatly abused. It should be for the elderly and the truly needy.

We have bills passed in congress for projects that the country as a whole needs but to get them passed we have to finance special interest groups projects that no way help this country as a whole. I believe this is called "Pork" This is another burden of the American Tax Payer that puts a strain on our tax system. Some of these pork projects are way out there as far as there purpose. When a man or women works hard at their job all week and thinks about all the taxes coming out of their paychecks and what it is used for I know what they think. When the illegal Mexican works here his money goes back to Mexico and we pay their tab {for their stay here} with our tax dollar. This has to stop.

We need to stop spending tax payers money on such things as spending millions of dollars on promoting different languages in this country and doing things to promote different cultures. It makes no difference if you came from Mexico, South America, Central America, France, Russia, Iran, Egypt, or where ever you come from once you are in the United States and live here you are an American. Our language is English. You need to learn to speak that. You need to learn our customs, our holidays, and way of life. It is pure foolishness to spend tax payer dollars on projects to change our way of life for other people. What is that old saying: "When in Roman do as the Romans do".

To save even more tax payer dollars we should limit congress to a two year term. This would in its self stop most of the behind the scene pork projects and corrupt things that happens which cost the tax payer more of their hard earned money in taxes. These congress men and women should not get paid full retirement when they retire from congress for just a few years work. They have stopped big business from doing that so how are they any different? Look at the billions of dollars in savings that would make.

We need to stop all spending abuse in our Government so that the necessary things that this country and its people need can be had. This outrageous spending comes from both sides of the isle. It makes no difference Democrats and Republicans are the same. They all have their own game plan and it is not one that will benefit the taxpayer.

The planned tea parties are one way of showing the liberal democrats and rubber leg republicans that the taxpayer is getting tired but it is my belief it will not help that much. Demonstrations never had  much results in this country, only to tear the country apart. What will get results is to vote the liberals and rubbers legs out of office and vote people in that will do the will of the people and most important do what is right and what is best for our country as a whole. Let the government know that we will drink no more of their kool Aid! The tea parties should be a wake up call for our law makers, but will it?

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