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The Amazing World of Politics

Even before 911 we had terrorist that tried to do the United States harm and sometimes did
us harm. For instants the first attack on the world trade center, the marine barracks in
Lebanon, the US Cole. In each instance we had people who were trying to kill Americans and
in some of the cases there was a great loss of life. I can remember seeing the blood stained
and bloody victims on TV, also the awful damaged those attacks caused. It will forever be on
my mine and so will the attacks against the world trade center were over two thousand people
lost there life in one day. There was also the Pentagon, and the field in Pennsylvania were scores
of people lost there lives. Do not forget about the husbands, wives, and children who will never see their loved ones again. This all happened in our country! Since then we have seen people beheaded, killed by roadside bombs, and kidnapped. and slaughtered for no reason by people who have a crazy religion that wants to rule the world and will do what ever it takes to do just that.
We had a president in the past who was to busy in the oval office doing his thing and had the
chance to get rid of the main person behind the 911 attack and other attacks and he did not take advantage of the chance. Like I said he was busy with personal matters in the oval office. When
he did strike back at the terrorist what did he do? He sent a few missiles over and destroyed a
aspirin factory. We don't we hear more of this?
The very thought of this government trying to prosecute officials in the past administration is
somehow not right. It smells of politics. We had a president that kept us safe for eight years. There
were no more attacks on American soil, no more American Civilians killed and we were all, republicans, democrats, independents, liberals, and conservatives alike safe in our homes and on the streets of this nation. We had a president that stood firm and unwavering against the threats. He would not compromise the values of this great nation. We need to thank him and his administration for that. As a independent I did not agree with every thing Bush did especially about the border problem, but he was right on about the terrorist problem and for that he gets no thanks by a lot of people. He cared the fight to them instead of them bringing the battle here. He made us safe America, but how much longer will we be safe under this current administration?
The very policies that were put into place by him to check and stop the terrorist are now being dismantled by our new leader. We now have a leader that not only bows and just about kisses the feet of our enemies, but wants to negotiate with them. You do not and can not negotiate with people who will not compromise and it is their way or no way at all. President Bush knew that. You do not have to fall off a turnip truck to see that these people want to convert the world to Islam and with them there is no compromise or meeting someone half way. But Obama is still riding that turnip truck and wants to use his charm on them which really does no good and they are laughing at him. He might have been a good community organizer but president he is not! The presidency is out of his league. He is a lost ball in high grass.
We have a administration that has tied the hands of the CIA so it is much harder for them to obtain any kind of information from the terrorist of any value. They are calling things such as water boarding, putting bugs in a small room with the terrorist, keeping the terrorist from sleeping, torture. They are wrong. There was nothing done to hurt or endanger the lives of anyone. The was also a doctor right there the whole time. No body had their finger nails pulled out, leg or arms broke, eye put out, or cut or mutilated in any way or were they starved. Yet information was got from them that stopped attacks on American soil were people would have been killed. Why will not people use some sense and think. all this has done is to en bold the enemy to do even more to try to destroy this nation. It has also weaken the CIA from doing their jobs because they will be scared that they will not have any backing by our leader. In times such as theses we need a strong leader who will not bow or kiss the *&# ( well I had better say the ring so I will not get flagged) of the enemy.
The base that held the prisoners at Guantanamo is being shut down by our new president and some of the prisoners that were held there are already back on the front lines fighting our soldiers again. I will guarantee that the others are plotting right now to do damage to this country. What are the rest of them going to do when they get out? The same thing. KILL AMERICAN SOLDIERS THATS WHAT! what a disgrace to our nation to have this done.
A blind man can see why this is being done. It is not for any rights of the terrorist or compassion on them. No sir, it is being done to pacify the Bush haters at the expense of our very freedom and way of life. I say enough is enough, We are in a war that must be won at all cost for us to remain a free nation. It is time to stop the politics and be Americans, all of us with a common goal, to beat the enemy of our nation and once again say we live in the land of the home of the free and the brave. Let these terrorist know that we do no live in a land that says: We're sorry, so sorry, please except our apology, we are so arrogant, and we have made mistakes. Please forgive us. This is what is happening today by our new (it is time for a change, yes we can) president. We are headed down the road for disaster and Obama is the pied piper who is leading us.
In closing I want to say this because I know that there are going to be some comments against what i have said. Let us put aside being to the left or being to the right. Let us put up being democrat or republican. Let us all be united as Americans to meet this threat that is before us and have a common goal, VICTORY OVER OUR ENEMIES! Let us come together and say victory is ours and we will not be defeated because we stand together as a united people with one purpose in mind and that is to be free.


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