Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hate Mail

Although I'm sixty three years old I have never realized how vicious and hurtful people can be if they are opposed to your ideas and beliefs. The world is spinning out of control and most of the people that are in it. During the past few months as I have put several articles on my blog dealing with conservative and Christian issues in the Daily times, I have received some of the most hateful and hurtful email that is imaginable. It is a shame that we now live in a country filled with so much hate. Hate for a way of life that has brought us through many wars, dangers, and problems.

I express opinions that some do not like and disagree with, but so do they. The difference is I'm not vicious or hateful to anything they say that I disagree with. I send no hateful, or do I attack anyone, in the emails that I send. But it is not true with most of the liberal left. Not all liberals are this way. If anything is said about the Christian Religion or Conservatism you will not believe the hate that is sent and felt. This is the truth. However I'm glad to say that most of the emails that I receive are mostly positive, even by some liberals who, just as I do, want things right in our country. Their ideas about how to go about it are just different than mine. That is what makes our country so great. But hate should never have a place in any problem or disagreement.

Not one time in any of my articles have I said that I hated atheist, homosexuals, abortionist, liberals, or any certain group of people. I do not agree with their positions but I do not hate them. I am a conservative but I did not go along with everything that Our former president did. I did not vote for President Obama or do I believe in his policies and rhetoric. But he is my president and I will not wish him wrong.

We as Americans need to stop fighting each other and start fighting the real enemies of this country such as terrorism, high taxes, illegals, and the many pork projects that our government is spending our tax dollars on. We as a nation can not get victory over anything as long as there is opposition from within. There is a way way to disagree with out hate.

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