Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Support Your Police

To The People of Salisbury, Maryland
Police are called a lot of things, Smokey, The Bear, Barney, County Monty, town clown, and a lot of other names that are not even worthy mentioning. You hear people say that if you want to find a cop go to the local donut shop. Don't they have a right to a cup of coffee and donut like so many other people? A police officer should be respected. That badge on his chest represents law and order. Well guess what the police were not at the donut shop a couple of nights ago. They were on the job and because of that a women is safe and no more will this criminal violate the law. Why is it that people always want to find the worst in people who protect us. We hire these men and women and send them to school to be trained in their jobs and when they do their jobs by the book and do what they are trained to do there is a out cry by some people. What a shame. If this man broke into my house I would have shot him and then called the police. Then, to some people, I would have been the bad guy. Some people are against gun ownership for the private citizen even to protect their self and now they are against police protecting you by shooting someone in the line of duty. No wonder there is so much crime.

I was a police officer for seven years and I know the dangers, the job, and all the unnecessary crap that the police officers have to take. I know what it is like to see a police officer, who is one of your best friends, shot and laying in the yard dying while I'm being shot at. I'm speaking of Trooper Bill Mills who I will never be able to drink a cup of coffee or eat a donut with again. He was a find man, with a family, who was just doing his job. I know what it is to have a knife thrown at me, to be shoot at, to have a chair broke across my back while on duty. I know how dangerous it is to be in close quarters with a man waving a knife at you. No, these officers did the right thing and they will be back on the streets doing their duty once again. We need to be thankful for that. One thing for sure we do not have a stabbed or injured police officer.

The problem is that we are living in a world that rewards the criminal and cries foul to the police department. We live in a world that thinks differently than it use to. It use to be: "if you did the crime you did the time" What happen to that? Well let's see. Someone has suggested that the criminal has rights. They are right. Everybody in this country has the right to due process. But that is how it always has been. you have a right to a fair and speedy trail. You are innocent until proved guilty and twelve people have to agree that you are guilty. That is the rule of law that is guaranteed to us under the constitution of theses United States.

However due process to some people is a lot different than what was intended. Due process to them is making sure the criminal has cable TV in their cell, a telephone to use, food to eat, Gyms, basketball courts, etc. We want to make them feel at home so they can be let out early and do the same thing over again, but this time they are smarter criminals because they learn by their mistakes. We must make sure that their rights are not violated, but what about the person who was robbed, mugged, assaulted, raped, or murdered? What about their rights? We have heard about the man being shot by police and some people are outraged about it, but what about the women who's house was broke into? What about saying something about how she must have been terrified. What about her feelings and her rights? I can tell you, long after this is over and you hear of it no more this woman will still have problems sleeping, being by herself, and just plain being scared. Let the same thing happen to you and you will see what she is going through and will go through. Most of the time if you really stop and think about it the victim is always the loser.

We always are looking for fault with our police. They are not doing this or that right. They are giving out to many tickets, they are spending to much time at the donut shop. They are always sitting in their cars. Why not for just once say what they are doing right. Give them credit for a job well done and thanks from a great full community for their timely response to this incident. Your house might be next. Your life could be on the line next and then you will be glad to see those fine men and women coming to your rescue. Do you know what Salisbury would be like with no police at all?

If we ever want to get a grip on crime in this country and that also includes terrorism then some people are going to have to get a different mind set. They are going to have to get a grip on life. These Salisbury Police Officers did what they were trained and are payed to do. They did what they were expected to do. PROTECT YOU THE CITIZEN! I thank them for a job well done and I would be proud to shake their hands.

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