Monday, April 13, 2009

The Determined Obama

As I watch Barack Obama's first days in office I think that he is resolved and bent to repeat every destructive misjudgment of the past, here in the United States and across our borders to other countries as well. Obama has already repeated a past policy of raising taxes on high income people, He has and is repeating the policy of Franklin Roosevelt  who tried to manage the economy to the smallest detail. This is most certainly the wrong approach to solve our nation's problems. We never have come out ahead when government tried to take charge of the economy and we never will. This is just one of the problems that we face with this community organizer turn president. Franklin Roosevelt's policy's did not help this country get out of the get depression. It was World War 11 that got us out of the depression.

What scares me the most he is clueless to foreign policy and the protection of this country. But what more could you expect from a community organizer.  He is down playing the dangers, present and future, of Islamic terrorist while at the same time he is trying to have a discussion with them. At the same time they are laughing at us. Anybody with any sense knows that you do not have talks with people who are sworn to kill you. Now if we want to be politically correct we must not say such things. We can no longer call the fight against terrorism: " THE WAR ON TERROR"  Has political correctness in this country gone to far.  We can not even be warned about the fanatical and suicidal hatred  these extremist have for our country. Are we as Americans to think that everything is lovely?

We see that North Korea and Iran have nuclear ambitions. We all know that either one of these two countries would use what ever means they had to destroy this country and we now have a president who wants the world to know that not only does he wants to cut back on  our military, Which he already has, but to do away with our nuclear arsenal all together when we have rouge countries trying to build missiles that will reach here. The rate and course that Obama wants to take us on is one of total destruction. Who's side is our president on on? We can not rely on that Sewer on the east river in New York called the United Nations to do anything because that is a total waste of time as we all know. We need action not talk. you do not trust or hold talks with people that want to kill you.

We also have a president telling the world that we are no longer a Christian nation, but a nation of citizens. What kind of  talk is that. All nations are nations of citizens. There is a difference with our country. It was founded by our fore fathers on Christians principles. They evoked the creators name in everything they said and done. Look at some of the documents in our countries archives and you will see that.  It is true that we have other religions in this country but we are still a Christian nation. Those Christian roots will always be there.

I have not fell off a turnip truck nor have I drank any of the Obama kool aid. I'm not blind either and I can see what is taking place. You do not win wars, and that is what we are in, by bowing to the heads of Islamic countries and making such statements as: "Americans Are Arrogant!"  We will never have a strong nation when we have a president that goes to Europe and apologizes for his country that has always stood for the right of all people. a teleprompter is okay for political speeches but not for fighting terrorism. 

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