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Is This The Change You Wanted?

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Obama promised if he was elected president there would be changes and he has kept his promises although the changes are not what most Americans, including some that voted for him, wanted. Since he has been elected to the highest office in this land we live in a more dangerous country. We are now living in a country were the president and his liberal congress along with his liberal crony's are taking away our freedoms a little at a time, like here a little and there a little.  He is a smooth talker and he has done his homework. We must put a stop to this at the end of these four years or we will have no Republic left and we will not no longer be a free people. Obama is a smooth operator as most people with any intelligent can see.
Lets look back at his outlook on several different things during his campaign and after his first 100 days in office to see were he is coming from and where he would like to take this nation. Buy the way he has a good start now and if you have not started to drink the Obama kool aid you will see as I do that he wants 100 percent government control over everything in this country. At the rate we are going we will be calling him king Obama before his four years are up!
  • During his campaign Obama said that he wanted to spread the wealth around. What he was trying to make people think was this: he was going to take it from the rich and give it to the poor. Another Robin Hood. That is a slick way of saying that he wants to take money from hard working people and give it to people that will not work. They would rather rely on the welfare system to keep them. That is not right to begin with and the country can only stand that for a while before everybody is receiving hand outs. So my question is this: What happens after you can spread no wealth around. What happens after every man, women, and child depends on Obama spreading the wealth around and there is no more wealth to spread around. By that time we will have become just like all the of the failing communist Countries. We will be failing too. This is called government control.
  • He has now started to bail out all the big corporations and banks with our tax dollars. He is doing it under the disguise of keeping them from going under. Really! The fact is when you put it all together it is not the helping of these corporations and banks he wants but rather control. GOVERNMENT CONTROL! Some of the banks are seeing that very thing now and are giving the money back. He is making the decisions for these companies and banks. That my friend is what communist nations do! Just stop and think. Is it help or government control?
  • Obama as well as his attorney general are wanting more gun control. He said that he is not after compete gun control but look at his record and what his attorney general is doing. They are putting plans in place to get rid of all guns in this country. They are already saying that 90% of all guns used in the drug wars in Mexico come from the United States. Fox news has already proved them wrong. There are only 17% of the guns coming from the United States that are used by the drug dealers in Mexico.  If they can track all these guns that they say is going across the border why is it a problem to track illegal Mexicans coming to this country and send them back with a bag lunch? Once again it is government control over the people plain and simple. They are laying out the ground work to have total gun control. The experts from the past will tell you “gun control works” The problem is check out the experts! It is sad that we live in a country that wants to take the guns away from law abiding citizens that have never been arrested in their life. But it is coming to that. In this day and time that we are living in why take guns away from the citizens, especially since all the problems that we can for see with the terrorist. The answer once again is GOVERNMENT CONTROL!

  • The days of the family doctor and that special care that you got are over, gone to be no more. There is hardly any, if any, family doctor visits to your house like it was in years past. There is no more doctors coming to your house with that little black bag, but this country still has the best doctors, the best hospitals, and the best treatments in the world. That is a fact. If you do not have insurance there are many places that a person can go for help and assistances. The is already a program in place for that. If you do not go it is your own fault. We do not need socialized medicine like so many other countries when we already have the best medical system on the face of the earth. People have already proved that socialized medicine does not work by coming to this country for treatment and by the stories told by the people of those countries who have socialized medicine. To give you an example Canada has socialized medicine but yet thousands from that country come to this country every year for medical treatment. Why would our government want socialized medicine when they already know that it does not work? GOVERNMENT CONTROL!
  • Obama has in his cabinet a person who put out a memo to law enforcement agencies and the national guard that some returning soldiers might be considered terrorist. Some people might be considered terrorist and put on a watch list if they speak out against abortion, gun con control, high taxes, or like some at the resent tea parties. It is a shame because these people would not know what a real terrorist was if one stood in front of them! If you speak out you will soon be on some kind of watch list. Once again it is GOVERNMENT CONTROL.
  • During his campaign for president he made the statement that this country needs a well armed home land security force as big as the armed forces to deal with the security of this nation and that force should only answer to him. When he made that statement then everybody should have raised their heads and turned on their radar. History proves what that is for. We know that Hitler and Stalin both did that and they did it for one purpose. GOVERNMENT CONTROL over the people. We already have the CIA, FBI, and the National security agencies that were designed to protect this country if they were only given the chance to do so. Untie their hands and let them protect us. People have lived so care free in this country for so long they do not get it. We are close (if Obama has his way) to losing our freedom as we know it.
  • His wife said that The United States was a mean country. Obama told the European Nations that we were an arrogant people. His former so called preacher stands behind the pulpit and damns America calling the chickens to come home and roost. Now no one who goes to a church can not go for twenty years and not hear some of this rhetoric that The Rev Wright was spewing from  behind the pulpit. I know what the preacher talks about even when I do not go and Obama was no different. America is the most generous country on the face of the earth. So I must say to the First Lady of the country, that is so mean, wait until your husband gets done with this country and then you will know what mean is. Your husband is bring the chickens home to roost fast. Mr. President in my life time I have never seen a president more arrogant and conceded as you are. I have never seen a president who wants so much control as you do.

To finish this article I want my liberal friends and conservative friends to know that I do not hate Obama. Hate is not in my vocabulary. I do, however, think that his policies and his over all game plan will lead this country to destruction and the Republic as we know it will no longer exist. He has installed some of the most radical liberals there are in key positions in this country as well as his cabinet. I also think that he has a hidden agenda that is becoming more plain everyday. For the next four years we will have to deal with the most radical president ever elected to office, his liberal cabinet, and a far left liberal democrat congress. There will be no balances or checks. Think about it!


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