Wednesday, April 29, 2009

YES WE CAN - The First 100 Days

Barack Obama celebrates the hundredth day of his Presidency this week. Liberals say he’s doing a bang up-job. Conservatives on the other hand say it’s been 100 days of complete horror. Obama has catered, and sometimes I think encouraged, the news media that his election to office as president as being close to that of FDR. From a well designed perception and plan Obama always brought up and talked about the Great Depression as a way to galvanize and to get more government intervention and take over in the private sector. But what has Obama and his liberal congress really achieved in its first 100 days that he has been in office to help the American people? Not much except a lot of talk and speeches aided by a TelePrompTer. Lets take a look at his first 100 days in office and see what he really has done for this country and the American people. This comes from the liberal press.

Obama passed a stimulus bill that was largely hammered out and completed before he got into office. It got no Republican votes in the House and only three in the Senate. He signed a spending bill that was all last year’s business. It even had earmarks from Obama, his chief of staff and other members of his Cabinet from their time in Congress. He signed a children’s health care bill that was largely unchanged from legislation that was vetoed by Bush. He appointed a treasury secretary who didn’t pay his taxes, he tried to appoint a Health and Human Services secretary who didn’t pay his taxes, and he decided not to appoint a government accountability czar who didn’t pay her taxes. Great job so far! But where is the change? Despite Obama calling for absolute 100 per cent earmark reform when he was running for office, the President signed a spending bill with over 8,000 earmarks in it on the 51st day of his Presidency, according to research by Americans for Tax Reform. So which is it reform or more pork?

What other things has the News Media reported on that has happen since our new president took office? Hear are things that they reported on: Obama visited the Jay Leno show. He made out okay on his NCAA college basketball pool. He fired the CEO of General Motors. He appeared on “60 Minutes” a couple of times. He went to a Bulls-Wizards game. He got a dog. His wife planted a garden. He did some traveling. He went to Canada and then to Europe. He gave the British prime minister some DVDs that don’t work in Europe. He gave the queen an iPod and asked the French and the Germans to spend more money which they declined. He asked the Europeans for more help in Afghanistan they also declined. He said he was sorry that America got the world into this mess. He said that we were a arrogant people. I wonder if he encluded his self in that statement.

He reversed a regulation that would have made it harder for labor union bosses to abscond and store up their members’ hard-earned pension money. They don’t want to have too much disclosure and exposure . He also shook hands with Hugo Chavez. The man that hates America and what we stand for. He lifted the travel ban to Cuba that six other democrat and republican presidents kept in place. He has promised to visit Russia and China. I wonder what he will give away or apologize for while he is there. And he also assisted and helped let everyone in the world know exactly what kind of interrogation techniques we use, just in case anybody wants to get ready if they ever get caught trying to terrorize the United States. The president hasn’t done much on the legislative front that wasn’t already cooked up in the last Congress. He hasn’t come up with a cap-and-trade proposal. We haven’t seen his conception of his health care proposal. His budget still isn’t done. We haven’t seen legislation that would regulate the financial services sector. We do know that his proposal to increase taxes on charities and mortgage deductions is dead in the water. We know that the Senate will not do cap and trade under reconciliation and may not do it at all. And while health care reform might happen under a reconciled plan, it is not a done deal. If it is a done deal will it be the best way to go for America?

The Obama administration has done a magnificent job of talking a good game when it comes to change and the "yes we can" thing. He has completely reworked and overhauled the art of political communication and has greatly kept the liberal news media bamboozled and falling all over him. That is not hard to do. So we have had a president that has talked a lot since he has been in office but has done nothing so far to benefit the American People. The poor decision making in reversing the Cuban embargo, cutting money from missile defense and the overall defense budget, and closing Guantanamo bay are not very good decisions and could do a lot of harm. A President's job is to keep the nation safe, free, and prosperous during his term in office. The things that he has done so far certainly does not show any of that. We are less safer now than we were 100 days ago.

I do not smoke but I find this very interesting, Obama signed into law on February 4th just after the sixteenth day of his presidency, the 156 percent tax increase on tobacco products, which comes out to 61 cents a pack. This is a cigarette tax increase that falls mostly on the shoulders of middle and low-income Americans, This does not go along with Obama’s statement that no Americans who make less than $250,000 will see a tax increase. Experts also say that not increasing taxes will be difficult after increasing federal spending by 8% over last year. The more I read about his promises and what he really does gets me confused to say the least. I think he needs his TelePrompTer reprogramed. No pun intended.

In the very end time will tell. This time next year, everyone will know if our new leader has moved the country forward as a whole, or just profited a select few. If he has moved us closer to a socialist form of government or closer to the ideas that this country was founded on. I'm certain that many of the politicians and voters will be singing another tune this time next year. People in the end will vote their wallets. If the economy is still in bad shape our new leader will be far less popular. If the economy isn't fixed in 18 months, the people will look at the currently government in a much more different way, then they will ask: What happen to the "yes we can?"

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