Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Pandering Obama

How is America Arrogant:  Our president who is now in Europe representing the United States made this statement, Saturday, in one of his latest speeches: "Americans are arrogant."  How can a president of this country, a country that has done so much for the world, say this country is arrogant? I would like for him to explain that to me for I see this country just the opposite. Obama needs some history lessons and to remember how much this country has gave the world. 

If it was not for the blood of American Soldiers and the might of the United States most of Europe and the world would be under the control of Hitler's jack boot, Stalin's communism, or the rising sun of the Japanese Empire. Have you forgot that President Obama? We now have soldiers dying and being injured for life today in Iran and Afghanistan to stop the spread of terror throughout the world while most of the world just watches and you, our leader, call us arrogant.

Mr. President, America is the most Generous  and the most least liked on this earth. After World War 11 the Americans gave billions of dollars to Germany and Japan to rebuild with. Britain, France, and Italy was also helped. Not neither one of these nations have ever paid back a cent to us. We saved the French from going under in 1956 and now they insult us every chance they get. Who is arrogant? When earth quakes hit other countries who is the first there? It is the United States. Did any country help us a couple of years ago when we had hurricanes and floods in the south?

Every time a country is in need we Americans are always there to help, with the dollar which most countries want to replace now with a globe currency, with food, medical supplies, and our arm forces when ever they are needed. We feed, provide shelter, and medical attention for more and more illegals from across the border everyday. Would Mexico do that for America? Yet you say we are an arrogant people. There are countries jumping for joy right now because of our financial problems. Who is arrogant.

I ask you Mr. President what are we arrogant about? There is a difference from being arrogant and being proud. In sixty three years I have never heard a president of this country say Americans are arrogant, nor have I ever heard a president's wife say, as yours did, That "America is a down right mean country" I'm proud to be called an American and I'm proud to be living in the land of the brave and the home of the free. I'm proud to put my hand over my heart and say the pledge allegiance to the flag.

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