Thursday, April 2, 2009

Is This The Change We Wanted?

We heard all through the elections the same words over and over. CHANGE and YES WE CAN! The voters decided for change and now we are going to get that change, but is it the kind of change Americans want? Is it the kind of changes that we need? Well for some Americans it is certainly the change that they wanted, but I'm afraid not the kind of change needed by the American people.

We now have a president and elected leaders (lets add them into the mix) that are beginning to take over this country. At the rate this country is going there will not be anymore elections because the government will control everything . This nation has already gone from a Republic {Being governed by the rule of law as set down in the constitution by our founding fathers} to a Democracy. {Being governed by the majority} How soon will it be before we will go to a oligarchy? {Being controlled by a limited few people that run the country} The way things are going in this country right now it will not take long. Below is a very informative video that desires to be watched by all Americans and then you decide where this country is headed.

In just one hundred days of this new administration the government now controls the banks,automobile manufactures, most all big corporations, and soon the health industry. Soon every part of your life will be controlled by the government. We will no longer be free as we know it today, but we will be living in a socialist state. That is the political correct words for living in a communist state. When we have a leader who, as he said, wants to spread the wealth around, that should have sent alarm bells off. But for some of the people that is what they wanted to hear. How fast the democrat party has turned aside from the views of our founding fathers and from the views of John F. Kennedy who most democrats {as well has most Americans} hold in high regard. I was young then but I can still remember his words very clearly: ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY." What happen to this side of the Democrat Party, which by the way, at that time, was Ronald Regan's Party also.

The government in this country now does not represent "WE THE PEOPLE" anymore. They represent special interest groups, and what is the best for them. It is money that wins elections these days not votes.

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