Monday, April 20, 2009

The Great American Sideshow

Since our president has been installed as our leader we have seen a president of appeasement. He has done many things that a president just does not do. He went to Europe and made the statement: America is arrogant. He made that statement to make himself look good and appease the European liberals and socialist. He bowed to and kissed the ring of the Saudi King, something a president of this country does not do. That was a act of submission. During a recent trip Obama made himself friendly to the ruler of Venezuela (Chavez) who is just another lovable lefty in the left wing news papers and news outlets in this country. He excepted a book from Chavez that blast the United States. Is this leadership? In noway it is leadership. It is called appeasement. You can not buy off (an aggressor) by concessions, by soft words, by bowing to them, usually at the sacrifice of principles and that is exactly what our president is doing. His ideas and beliefs are not American. They are socialist and wrong. They are one of appeasement.
We only need to look at history to see were our president is wrong in his actions. In the 1930s England's prime minister (Chamberlain) went to Germany and appeased Hitler and conceded to his wishes to make peace and come home with a "things are going to be okay" and everybody knows what happen next. Hitler took over nearly all of Europe. You can not win by appease your enemy. You win by standing tall and being strong. This is something that Obama does not understand nor does he want to understand. To be a strong country you must have a strong leader and a strong government.
This country of ours is slowly turning its back on Israel. We must realize how great of a ally that this tiny nation is to us. They have voted and took the side of the United States more times than any other country including England. Why do you think that Israel is called the "Little Satan?" and the United States is called the "Big Satan"? Did you know that there was a leftest peace movement in Israel that no longer exist? Israel tried to give land away for peace. That peace movement does not exist anymore because they have found out that no amount of appeasement will help against people who want to take your heads off, who want all your land, who want to wipe you off the face of the earth. They are right. My question is when is our President and congress are going to get it. We must get out of this mind set that somehow appeasement can buy peace because it never has worked and it never will work.
The United States needs strong leadership right now and that is something we are not getting. What we are getting is a president that appeases every terrorist that comes down the pike, every communist leader he meets. What we have here is a president that is giving away our country by appeasement, to illegals, to people who will not work in a pie shop. Soon capitolizm and freedom, as most Americans know it, will be a thing of the past because of the wreck less notions of a community organizer who has now become the highest leader in the land. Obama is selling our country out and most Americans do not even see it.

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