Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mexico Wants What?

image Mexico is now crying fowl because of all the violence in their country and they are asking the United States to do something about all the guns coming into their country from the United States. I have a solution to this problem. STOP THE ILLEGALS FROM COMING HERE!  How do you think the guns are getting back to Mexico? Mexico needs to take care of their own problems. We are taking care of enough of their problems for them already.

We are feeding, giving medical care, welfare, and providing tax payer’s dollars for illegal's to come to this country and to be better cared for than some of our own citizens. More jobs are being lost to them everyday.That is a fact. We have their gangs roaming every state selling drugs and nearly twenty percent of crimes committed in the United States are committed by illegals. That is a fact anybody with a computer can look up.

The are working for less because most of them are living five and six families to a house splitting all the expenses. In most towns living like this is not allowed, but nothing is never said, But Mexico needs our help. How much more help do they need. Here is the best way to help Mexico.

We need to pack every illegal a brown bag lunch and send them home. Then we need to do the fence along the border and all the problems would be solved for Mexico and also the United States. There would be no more illegals in this country driving our way of life down and there would be no more guns going back to Mexico. Problem solved you would think, but no, this country will only past more gun control laws to hurt the American citizen while the illegals will still run wild. It is time for this country to say enough is enough.

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