Monday, February 16, 2009

The Pork Package

The Recipe for Disaster: There is a new name in Washington for what our congress calls stimulus. It is called PORK. The list of ingredients in the making of this bill can spell disaster. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey shows that the voters of this country do not like what they see so far as to what congress is doing to fix the economy. Only 12 percent said that congress is doing a good job while 54 percent rate their performance as bad. I have to agree with them. It only takes a fairly educated man to see that the congress is not handling the economy very well with their stimulus package. Millions of dollars are going for just plain pork projects that will not help this nation at all and will in the end even hurt us more. There is a question that I must ask. Why put the added expense of extra pork on a bill that is supposed to help out the economy. How is that going to help?

Anybody with any plain sense sees that this plan of congress and our President is not going to help one bit. I believe the people at the local coffee shop could come up with better answers than our congress. In fact I have heard some pretty good ideas from my local coffee shop that most likely would do more good than this pork bill from congress. We must start doing better with whom we elect to public office or we really will see bad times such as we have ever known. What we need to do is let the American people decide their self how we are going to get out of the mess that congress has got us unto instead of letting us get deeper into it. The problem is our elected officials who we send to congress will not listen to the American people's voice. How much longer will we allow congress to put special interest groups, pork for their own agendas, and the many other bill's that do not help this country as a whole. We must stop and think: "Who are we sending to Washington to govern this country?"

Instead of giving all these big companies and corporations all this bail out money, that we all know will not work, congress should be giving a 50 percent tax cut on our income and we would see the economy grow by leaps and bounds. The American people would bail their own self out. But as we know that will never happen. That would be too easy and a lot of congressman would not get their PORK. What the American people are getting is the wrong end of Obama's broom and sad to say we will have years and years to get over the pain.

Bill Patchett

February 15, 2009

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