Thursday, February 12, 2009

Just Words!

As I look back on the campaign promises of our president I find some flaws in some of those promises that he made. Barack Obama promised during his campaign to clean up both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue; with the most comprehensive and all-inclusive ethics reform in history of our government. He stated that his Government would have the toughest and most complete ethics laws of any government in history. Mr. Obama don't make promises to the American people that you cannot and will not keep. A short time ago many people were chosen by Obama for top positions in his administration. Six of them were involved in tax dodging or other deals that do not look very moral from an ethical point of view. Who were these people?

There was ex- senator Tom Daschle who was nominated by Obama to head the Department of Health and Human Services. Bill Richardson is next on the list. He was nominated by Obama for the position of Commerce Secretary. The next on the list is David Ogden who Obama wanted to be the number two man in the justice department. While he was a private attorney Ogden took cases on behalf of Pent House, Play Boy, the ALCU, and one of the largest distributors for pornographic movies. This is the man our President wanted for the number two position in the justice department. There was Nancy Killefer who was Obama's pick for The Chief Performance officer. Whatever that job entails I do not know. Obama wanted William Lynn for second in command of the Defense Department. Then there was the appointment of Tim Geither as Treasury Secretary and last but not least Obama nominated Hilda Solis for Labor Secretary. All I can say is this: "Which end of the broom was Obama using to make the clean sweep with?"

We must be living in a total different America than we use to live in or else I am getting senile. There use to be a moral standard that people, who run for government office and people that worked for the government had better have if they wanted the job.. They were not associated with films, magazines, writings, photographs, or other materials that were sexually explicit in anyway nor were they somebody who did not pay their taxes. They were somebody that we looked up to because they held their standards high. They did not associate with any body that was even the least shady or had anything to do with the production or sale of sexually explicit films, magazines, or other materials. But as I think about this, it is just about right. Look who Obama associated with before he was elected. How can somebody make promises for a clean government when they are not associating with moral and ethical people to start with? If this is what he calls making a clean sweep then he sure is sweeping in the wrong direction! I wonder what end of the broom he is using? In closing I want to insert one of our presidents most used sayings as he ran for office and it will be my punch line. That saying he used a lot is this: "JUST WORDS, THEY ARE JUST WORDS!" Remember him saying that over and over again? Mr. President someone needs to tell you all the campaign promises made by you for a clean government are JUST WORDS.



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