Saturday, February 21, 2009

Uncle Sam Wants to Know

What Are You Doing To My Country: I wonder how the politicians would answer that question if they were asked that by Uncle Sam? I believe if He could ask that question today there would be a lot of questions that would go unanswered. What would the modern day people in our Congress say if our leaders of old ask that question? I'm sure they would come up with something. They always have their excuses for their actions. It is all a part of modern day politics. I cannot say what the leaders of old would say, but I can imagine what they would say!

The first thing that they would probably do is de throne Obama for all his anti American friends, and that is what they are. For his socialist views and wanted to change our way of life. Of course Obama says it is a better way but is it? His better way is not the standards that this country was founded on. The old leaders would say that the liberals in congress would have to go also because their ideas are the same as Obama's and are not in the best interest of this country. They would also say that we are turning our back on our Creator. God was always in the middle of their decisions and for that reason this country prospered as no other nation ever has. When you have God on Your side you cannot lose. We will reap what we sow.

Here are some of the things our leaders of old would do if they were here today: First they would return God again to this country by putting him in back in our schools, court rooms, and government buildings. They would reject political correctness for the right way and call Christmas what it is and not just a holiday. They would then say that this nation was founded on God and that is the way it is and if you do not like it go somewhere else. If you would take time to read the rich history of this country and the history of its early leaders you would find that they put Christ in the center of everything they did. You don't believe me? Research some of our old leaders and see what they did and you will see that I have spoke the truth!

The next thing they would do would be to put a stop to the legalized abortions in this country that are killing millions of unborn babies every year. There just would not be any more of it. They would stop the homosexuals from parading down our streets and tell them to get back in their closet or get out. There would be no more same sex marriages and our kids would not be taught it is okay in school. There would be no more brain washing in our schools. There would be no more mass killings in our schools all over this land. There would be no more passing out of condoms in school, no more police patrolling the halls; no more shooting in the hall ways and there would be no more disrespect for the teachers. Let me tell you what it would be. There would be Bible reading, prayer, and strict discipline in the schools across our land. There would be no more sex education classes because it would be done in the home. Why, because we would have Conservative Christian people in charge of our country. For you liberals who think that I'm saying Republican, no I'm not. I'm saying we would have people in the government who were Democrats, Republicans, independents, and just plain good old Americans that know the right way to govern a nation.

The next thing they would do is stop the illegals from coming across our borders if it meant using the army to do it. They would stop the drug trade and not play silly games about doing it. These old time leaders would use the strong arm of this republic instead of trying to be politically correct and watch our nation go down the tube. They would then say to the millions of free loaders in this country: "It's time to work or you do not eat" It is exactly what they would say. They would also say if you do not want to learn our English language and fly our flag then go back where you come from or we will help you go back.

There would be no more fire arm control, but it would be control over people who used fire arms in the commission of a crime. There would be no more slapping the criminal on the wrist and letting them do it again. The laws of this country would be upheld. In other words if you do the crime be aware that you will do the time. Then Americans would feel free to walk the streets again and not made to feel they are a criminal for owning a gun. The American people cling to their Bibles and guns not because they are scared but it is their right as God fearing Americans who would fight and die for their country. Listen my dear friends I cling to my Bible every day for the instruction, comfort, and to learn more about my Lord. It has been and is a daily part of my life.

Lastly without a second thought, they would tell the United Nations to pack up and get out. No more money would be given to them for their policies of doom and corruption. No more tax payer's money would be going down the sewers to a united group of nations that can't do one thing without a lot of articles of this and that. Our leaders of old would say we are American Citizens and do not want to be a subject to the United Nations with all their socialist policies. They would also say that we are Americans first and allies second. They would also call right, right, and wrong, wrong. You would not hear such statements from them like you are now hearing from our current president such as: "There are some portions of the Bible that are not for today and some parts of the constitution needs to be re written. They would not want to re design a new American Flag or say we are scared because we cling to our Bibles and guns. They would not want to spread the wealth around, as our new president said he wants to do, by taking someone's hard earned money and giving it to somebody that will not work in a pie shop no matter how much they like pies.

Bill Patchett

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