Sunday, March 1, 2009

Help Save a Mexican Drug Lord:

BYSURRENDERING YOUR GUNS NOW!  Barack Obama said during his campaign he doesn’t want your guns, then he appoints, as can be shown, the most anti-gun Attorney General in history Eric Holder, who tells you that Obama does want to ban your guns … well, not necessarily your guns: You might get to keep the ones you already have … if you register them for future confiscation. WILL THE REAL OBAMA PLEASE STAND UP?  Use The CTRL button & click on Holder’s name above to read how this new attorney general is all out pro gun control. That means taking your gun! Why would a man that said he does not want to take your guns have for his Attorney General a man that what total gun control?

To all the gun-owning voters and hunters who voted for Obama and kept telling me how wrong I was and that Obama wasn’t really going to take their guns, well guess what … I told you so:

“ there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons,"  -- Obama’s Attorney General  Eric Holder, Feb. 25, 2009.

Just a “few gun related changes,” mind you; it's just a little gun ban. And of course, this is what Obama “indicated” during the campaign. But gee, is that what Obama said? Funny, that’s not what I remember, and that not what Obama said in the video  above.

Those of you who were take in by deceptive means  into thinking that they do not want your guns and you voted for this man who talks, as you can see, out both sides of his mouth, you are now thinking: “The ‘assault weapon’ ban wasn’t that big a deal. I still got everything I needed. After all, they aren’t after my hunting rifle.” Sorry to say, wrong again. Make a point of remembering my words: This ban on semi-automatic firearms will reflect  HR 1022 from the last Congress and will cleverly – but not openly– ban, for the most part, every semi-automatic rifle in your collection.

This is what is going to happen, just watch and see: This will include:

  • All guns banned in 1994, whether by name or by features (e.g. pistol grips, bayonet mounts, detachable magazines, etc.);
  • Ban even guns modified to comply with the requirements, as manufacturers did in 1994;
  • Ban guns specifically exempted in 1994, such as the Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30, M-1 carbine, etc.;
  • Ban all semi-automatic shotguns;
  • Ban all semi-automatic rifles with detachable magazines (think Ruger 10/22);
  • Allow the Attorney General to ban any firearm deemed not “sporting” regardless of use in sporting activities;
  • Ban 65 types of firearms by name (the ’94 ban covered only 19);
  • Ban handguns which accept magazines of greater than 10-rounds capacity; and
  • Ban importation or sale of full capacity magazines, also covering frames, receivers, and parts used to repair or refurbish firearms.

Let us do it for the Mexicans: Obama and Holder are not even using the usual: “Let us do it for the children” rubbish, but in this case, we are hearing “ We must do it for the Mexicans”: The truth is if you really research the violence in Mexico all types of guns are being used including a high number of military weapons. In other words big weapons that you can not be bought in your local gun shop or gun show. We are not told that. You have to look for that kind of information, but it is there you just have to look for it as I do.

The Bureau of Justice Statistics reported in a recent report that fewer than 1.7% of armed offenders used military-style semi-automatic offenders in commission of crimes. This mean two things. {1} Under two per cent of all gun related crimes in this country was committed by an offender using military-style semi-automatic weapons. {2} So as you can see no domestic bases or reasoning can be found for banning them, so instead, Obama and Holder wants them banned to save Mexican drug smugglers from killing each other.

Remember my gun owning  conservative friend, the ones that cling to their Bibles and guns, that it is the United States government which refuses to seal the border, making drug and gun smuggling possible with the American citizen paying the price for this. First it was our jobs and now it is our right to bear arms.



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