Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Which is it, President Obama?


Yes We Can or is it Doom and Gloom: During the presidential campaign Obama ran his campaign with a message of hope and change. He said a lot at that time, but really said nothing that had any substance at all. The voters bought into this rhetoric, this great speech making of his, and now a lot of them are ashamed of their self for falling into his false message of hope. I wonder, as a lot of Americans do, why has his presidency not matched the words of his campaign. He has said one thing but is he living up to his promises?

He said that in his administration there would be no lobbyist. He exact words were: "Lobbyist will not find a job in His White House." One of the very first things that he did when he came into office was sign an order stopping all lobbyists from working in his administration. That was good. Then the very next day he signed a waiver to allow William Lynn, who is a lobbyist for Raytheon, to serve as the Deputy Secretary of Defense and since then more than a dozen lobbyists has joined the Obama administration. The bottom line is he lied to the American People. Strong words, but they are the truth! There will still be barrels of pork rolling out of Washington at the struggling tax payers' expense.

During his campaign Obama stated, in an issue of USA Today Magazine, that he was the only candidate that was not taking any money from Washington lobbyist. Really Mr. Obama, are you telling the truth. One again NO he
is not! During his campaign his bunch of fundraisers has at least thirty members of law firms that were compensated over one hundred thirty million dollars to try to influence the federal government. Ten of these people were previous federal lobbyist and raised millions of dollars for Obama's Campaign.

Obama who had a catchphrase of "YES WE CAN" now has gone to words such as "continuing disaster", "we will sink to a point that we may never recover". No reverse ever? What happened to the yes we can? What a turnaround! Not more than three weeks ago Obama was saying that this country was up to any challenge. Now he is telling us that we as a country could be in economic ruin forever. I have a question to ask the reader: "WHERE IS THE AUDACITY Of HOPE THAT HE PREACHED? WHERE DID THAT HOPE GO? They were "Just words". Remember that phrase?

I remember when the democrats in congress, including Obama, were saying that President Bush was spreading fear to accomplish his goal in Iraq. Is not Obama doing the same now with his rhetoric and his new speech making about the economy? I think he is, except there is one difference. Bush was not spreading fear. He was telling it like it was. The trouble with Obama is this: "He is spreading fear to get his goals accomplished. He has gone from being upbeat and optimistic to gloom and doom. To you voters who are sad that you voted for him you should have looked at his record through the years and you would have not made the mistake of listening to campaign promises and rhetoric that said everything but yet said nothing. In closing I want to leave you with this thought: BELIEVE IT OR NOT, HE IS NOT THE MESSIAH!

What this writer sees for the next four years is false hope, false promises, and some very tough times ahead for this country.



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