Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Respect or Compromise


Respect or Giving In: How proper and fitting that Barack Obama had as one of his main guest Aretha Franklin in his

a celebration at the White House since one of her songs is "Respect." Plainly speaking in words that everybody can understand is since January 20th the new president has been giving out his "respect" to the Muslim World. Regrettably, the way he practices it seems to be spelled SURRENDER or just giving in. In other words put up the white flag. What a disgrace to the American people and to those who was murdered in cold blood on 911. Has he forgotten that terrible day?

  Obama said that his" job to the Muslim people is to tell them that the American People are not their enemy. We sometimes make mistakes. We have not been perfect." What does he mean by that? Where has this country made a mistake in defending its self's from people who would and will kill you because of their so called religion of peace. He is the one making the mistake, not the American people. The only mistake that this country has made with the Muslims is not fighting hard enough to protect its self.

A few writers and bloggers have noted in recent days that Mr. Obama's reaching out to

The Muslim's is not only distrustful, it is remorseful. It clearly embraces a description of the American People that is not accurately correct; it is flawed, and insulting to many Americans. What Obama is saying and doing is belittling his own country. He needs to speak the truth and say it like it is, THESE PEOPLE ARE TRYING TO KILL US AND WE ARE DEFENDING OURSELFS! That is a fact. We have men and women who have bled and died to protect us against theses terrorist!

To show more of his so called respect for the Muslims, Obama deliberately said that America was a country of Muslims, Christians, Jews and others. This moved them (the Muslims) from the second place spot he gave them in his State of the Union address just days before to first place. What is that all about? There are far fewer Muslims than Christians in the United States and, according to self-supporting estimates, only half as many - or even less than Jews.) So why did he do this? It was done to pacify and appease the Muslims.

My closing thoughts on this article is this; why should any American President or people give respect to a religion that degrades women, wants other nations sub servant to them, demands that you convert to Islam, who has murdered 1000s of American Citizens who were at peace and defenseless, a brotherhood of people who have sworn to destroy America from within, a religion that calls this great country of ours, "The Great Satan." The Islam religion
is firm in their determination to destroy freedom and the people who love it. Americans will never respect or have a very high opinion of a religion like that. The kind of respect that Obama is showing the Muslims is not one that will help only hinder a peace. Why would a country like America that was founded and based on freedom show respect for any country or religion that does not respect their right or any other country's right to freedom?

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