Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Republican Party

Recently I read an article by a man in a local newspaper who implies that the Republican Party is responsible for all the obstruction in the United States of America because they are anti-immigrant, racist, and radical. Even though I am a registered independent voter (not a republican or democrat) those are pretty serious accusations, if they were, in fact true. But they are not. He must be listening to too many voices on his free Obama phone that some of us are paying for.

The fact is this guy has truly misrepresented and is not speaking the truth about the Republican Party’s views on issues facing this country. I think the Republican Party has the right ideas on how this country should be governed. The only problem with the Republic Party is they just will not stand up and let their “NO” be no and stop giving in to the dictator because of his threats and his scare tactics. But radical and racist they are not.

Their position on immigration is one hundred percent correct. They do not mind legal immigration because that is how our nation was founded. But they are against illegal immigration. The United States of America is a Republic and the country was, for the most part, until Obama became the supreme ruler, a nation governed by the rule of law.

Republicans are supportive of and encourage legal immigration. The operative word here is “legal.” And that is what people like this man and the democrat party in general do not get. And what’s radical about sticking to and adhering to the Constitution? For hard working Americans that believe in their country there is none. But our country has been hijacked by progressives, liberals, and socialists. It has been hijacked by people who want the government to do for them instead of them doing what is best for the country. There are people who would sell their birthright and their freedom for a free Obama cell phone. And most of all let us not forget a want to be dictator who will stop at nothing to get his way.

So the question to be asked: Is the United States of America being hijacked by the Republican Party or has this great nation been hijacked and being destroyed by people who are just way out there in their thinking. Or are there some people who just want to destroy America as we know it? I chose the second because Obama and his followers have already proved that.

It is time for this nation to become a Biblical correct nation, once again and not a political correct nation. It is time for this nation to use the rule of law instead of the demagogy that is going on now. And, finally, as a nation we need to have the dreams of our father’s (The ones who made this country great through, sweat, toil, and hard work, The ones who believed in the rule of law, not the dreams of Obama's father.

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