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No Syria For America

This is the second article that I have posted about the conflict in Syria. Obama said that it would not be like the strikes in other Middle East Countries. The American people cannot believe that statement because for the most part it is the same words that we have heard before about the Middle East.

Secretary of State John Kerry has said more than once that Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian (Syria’s leader) used chemical weapons against civilians is “undeniable,” Kerry said the poison gas attack last week in, Syria, is a “moral obscenity. But the reaction of most Americans is; a U.S. military strike on the Syrian government or its military would be the wrong answer. There is little doubt that Assad and the rebels are both guilty of war crimes, including bombing, displacing and raping civilians. To date, Syria’s civil war is believed to have claimed more than 100,000 lives. The uprising against Assad began 29 months ago as mostly a peaceful demonstration to protest Assad. This happened in the midst of other Arab Spring uprisings in the Middle East which Obama was all for.

Although these protest would not have been nearly as dangerous to U.S. interests as the use of chemical weapons Obama should have stepped in then but he waited for the Muslim Brother Hood to get heavy involved before he decided to take action and then went to the side that the Muslim Brother Hood is on and that is completely insane. All Americans should be able to plainly say; people we have a problem here” and lets not go there.

Any intervention by Obama should require a careful strategy and plan of action if an intervention is even warranted. Where the Middle East is concerned there is not much in the way of a policy from the Obama administration, except that he seems to always want to side with whatever side the Muslim Brother Hood is on. The al-Qaida factions fighting alongside the same Syrian rebels that Obama wants to support are responsible for the deaths of more than 6,700 Americans which have died fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. But Obama and people like Kerry want to support such people as the Muslim Brother Hood. For a fact both sides are about the same. Both hate America and both are capable of using chemical weapons or for those matter nuclear weapons.

All Americans should keep in mind that civil wars in the Middle East have lasted, in some cases, for decades. In many ways, such civil wars never really end and they have been going on since Biblical times and even though there might be a truce it is almost always short lived. It is no big surprise or great wonder that the number of Americans who support and back Obama for American intervention in Syria is even lower than the approval rating for Congress. Now that is something to think about! According to a Reuter’s poll only nine percent of the American people want the U.S. to intervene. That is because the majority of the American people knows it would be useless and it would only be aiding the people who hate us.

Unless the American people are willing to go to the extent of sacrificing this nation’s sons and daughters in yet another Middle East conflict where more of our sons and daughters will die or be maimed, the calls for intervention, by Obama and such people as Kerry ought not to be heeded.


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