Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Putin Wins, Obama Loses

clip_image002During the recent dialogs and discussions with Russia, the United States goal and what they wanted was to get Syria to turn their stockpile of nerve gas over to international control to dispose of. They wanted it done quickly. There is a problem with this dialog with Russia.

The Russian objective in any discussion is very clear. The Russians want to prevent a military strike by the United States on Syria, and another reason is to keep Syria’s nerve gas weapons accessible. The Russians have already achieved their primary goal because Obama has called the missile strike on Syria off. The United States should have never been involved to begin with and this was because Obama spoke without thinking like some school kid.

Furthermore, the United Nation Resolution against Chemical Weapons plays into the hands of the Russia and Syria’s objectives also, in that it permits a flexible schedule for Syria to hide some or most of its weapons of mass destruction and it will take years, if not decades, to find all of and destroy them. So what has Obama accomplished?

The United States is trying to force the Syrians and Russians to agree to a process that would make Syria immediately surrender control of the chemical weapons. The real problem here is only a credible, clear warning of an overwhelming military attack could make the Syrians or Russia to agree to get rid of the chemical weapons that Syria now has.

However, our little general (Obama) has already said that any strike would not degrade the Syrian military, and because of his weak statement has failed to get the backing of the United Nations (the sewage on the east end of New York) , the United States Congress or the American public.

The Russians, who according to Obama present no hindrance to American interests in the Middle East, have just outsmarted us and Obama does not even have a clue! The American people should not be surprised to see Putin receive the Nobel Peace Prize for blocking American aggression in Syria and it is all because of Obama not shutting up or putting up. We can add this to the list that makes Obama the worst president in American history. And by the way for those of you who read this and call me a racist, YOUR WRONG!

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