Monday, September 2, 2013

Let Allah Take Care of It

The whole world is waiting to see what Obama will do about the situation in Syria. Most of the world has warned Obama not to use any military force against the Syrian government and that doing so could result in punitive retaliation. The British parliament voted not to take any action against the Syrian government because there was no smoking gun evidence against them, so, will somebody, please tell me why Obama wants to bomb Syria? Why would Obama or any American want to help either side in that country? The truth of the whole matter is this: Does anyone really know for sure who is doing the killing with chemical weapons in Syria. The truth is either side would use the chemical weapons if they had them and had the opportunity. The question to be asked is why Obama is so willing and ready to help the people in that country that oppose the Syrian government. Those same people, for the most part, are the very people that hate Americans and will sooner or later try to kill us. They would have no problem in using chemical weapons on America.

The smart thing to do is let Allah, not Obama, straighten things out in Syria. With Obama, it seems that whatever side the Muslim Brotherhood is on that is the same side Obama takes. The same thing happened in Egypt he took the Muslim brotherhood's side. Why take the side of people that hate you and want to see you destroyed? There has to be a reason behind it because there is no reason for Obama's intent to wage war without a strong rationale for his reason to validate such a war and there is no reason to bomb Syria just because Syrians are in a war with each other.

Obama's foreign policy strategy is all wrong. For one thing he has no foreign policy except one that is for the people that hate us and against the people that are our friends. There are two questions to be asked regarding Obama's intended help for Syria. The first question is whether or not such action, as Obama proposes, would help the Syrian people or the Muslim brotherhood and the second question is what impact, if any, an attack on Syria would have on United States national security.

Obama wants to punish evil acts (not really sure if that is the real reason) in the form of an air strike on Syria to serve as a deterrent but the fact of the matter is the United States, along with other countries, invasion of Iraq with a massive army of foot soldiers, tanks, airplanes, and warships wasn't enough of a deterrent to stop evil men from using chemical weapons on their own people, why should Obama think this will be?" There is no clear mission in Syria. What important American interests are we protecting? NONE

What we are really seeing is still another struggle between violent radical Islamists that has been an ongoing problem in that area of the world for hundreds of years and that will be going on until time ends in this world. The United States has no business getting involved in Syria or anywhere without first asking what is the vital interest here. Obama needs to give the American people some sort of validation before he intervenes in Syria. Starting with asking Obama who is he really behind in all this?" That question is easy to answer, THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD

Either the information is blatantly wrong about who used the gas for the mass destruction of the people or it is as made up and phony as Barack Obama's personal background and we all know how phony that is. This also implores one to ask why Obama would go to such measures to manufacture or invent evidence just to go to war against his half-brother's employer, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. With Obama it makes a person wonder.

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