Wednesday, October 2, 2013

America In Danger!

The American people are living in very dangerous times and in a country that becomes more out of control every day. It just gets worse every day. We are lied to by the government from the White house right on down. People who are afraid want to be protected, and since we, alone, cannot protect ourselves against more acts of terror and such fears as another mass murder by some nut job. Some people are lured into thinking the government is going to keep them safe.

That is a big mistake because the only way this government, under Obama, is willing to help make us safe is to take some of our freedoms from us till all our freedoms are gone. You had better be on your guard when any government is willing to trade the assurance of protection and security for your freedom. Something is wrong with that picture. Some Americans will surrender their freedom for a cheap cell phone given to them by Obama and you pay for. Obama is buying the American peoples freedom for trinkets and making them slaves on a government plantation.

How much freedom are the American people willing to surrender for such a promise of protection by Obama?? Already Obama is calling for more power for the FBI when they already have one heck of a lot of power. He wanted a thousand more men. And why do you suppose that is for? If you say for our protection then you better think again. More Internal Revenue Service is coming you way and he also wanted to use the army (for what?) and do you remember when he was running for office the first time he wanted a civilian army answerable only to him. And he wanted that civilian army to be as big as the regular army. That speaks and smells like a want to be dictator to me.

He also wants more control and power to tap our phones, to snoop in our emails, and to invade our privacy in just about everything that we do. He wants the American people to surrender their guns. When the American people surrender their guns there will be no more freedom! More and more everyday America is sounding like Hitler’s Germany. If you think that I’m blowing this out of proportion then you need to read the history of Germany when Hitler was in power. It is history trying to repeat itself again.

He wanted rapid power and authority from Congress to infiltrate what he calls the fringe and off the wall groups and, in short, to snoop and to peer and to spy on the American people at his will, mainly those who hold different beliefs from those that flow in the indifferent and muddy mainstream of America. The ones Obama can deceive, mislead, and con. Obama has proved this by the I.RS. and N.S.A. scandals. No matter what anybody says the order for these agencies to do what they did came from the top, in other words from the Obama White House. He knew what was going on.

This is the first president ever that is so stuck on his self he will not put the values of this country and the American people’s freedom and safety out in front instead of his selfish wants. God save our country and bring back the freedom, the safety, and last but not least a Christian president who knows Jesus Christ as his Savior.

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