Monday, December 10, 2012


Republicans in Congress must be at a loss and confused, because most sound minded Americans surely are. The Republicans thought that they were reaching a deal  with Obama to avoid the fiscal cliff, with its 25 percent tax increase and cuts in spending growth, particularly on defense. But regrettably, Obama has laid down his conditions and terms (There is really no negotiating with him) to avoid the so called physical cliff that is facing all Americans at the end of the year. So what is that condition? The answer is simple and easy to see for those who really want to see.  It is the unconditional surrender of all conservative ideas and values and to do as he says and wants. What Obama wants is a blank check, a go ahead, to destroy America as we know it. The values and ideas that have kept this country strong for over 200 hundred years.  As I have said in the past and not only me but so has many other people, Obama wants to become Americas’ first dictator. That he is becoming very fast and with no checks and balances to stop him.

It looks like by Mr. Obama’s actions that he is not concerned in the least that the fiscal cliff will drive the economy into another recession or perhaps even a depression. Obama believes  that he can blame the Republicans and their leadership for the failure and gain more political support from the dummies in this country who are wondering what he is going to give them next. During the period in-between all this, Obama gets a huge tax increase over $400 billion per year, ridiculous spending cuts, no reduction in entitlement spending and a justification for more government spending to relieve the suffering from the self inflicted recession, all this while he is telling the American people he is trying to avoid it all. Really Mr. President!
Instead, Obama postpones the fiscal cliff in return for a smaller tax increase of $160 billion per year, more welfare spending, no long term reform and to top it off, no congressional authority over borrowing. The dictator is here. Wake up America! Obama sees this as a big win no matter how a person looks at it. The citizens of America and the nation as a whole will lose from all the high taxes, a much weaker economy, and the extravagant and wasteful spending which will continue under Obama and his policies.

There is no sound or intelligent reason for Obama to allow this country to go over the fiscal cliff. But there is a reason behind all his madness. He has from day one wanted this country to fail and over the past few years he has done everything he could for America to fall and this is just another one of his efforts for this to happen. Obama sees himself as a dictator over a third world country and America under his leadership is heading there fast.

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