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The Tragedy Of It All

As I reflect on the tragedy of the shootings of the kids and adults in that small Connecticut town everything in me cries out “OH God How Can This Happen” My thoughts turn to my grandkids, and as I looked at them I wondered how anybody could take the life of such innocence. I just wanted to hug and hug my grandkids. I thanked God for the protection that He, in His amazing Grace, provides for them.

It bothers me that as soon as this tragedy was reported all you could see and read on twitter, Face Book, and the internet was pro gun views and anti gun views. Give me a break. This is the time for mourning and praying for the people who lost loved ones in this tragedy not the time for debates for or against gun control. Obama in a round about way in his speech yesterday, about the tragedy, hinted about gun control without using the words. I am and always will be for people having the right to own their own gun and even carry them. I own several. But now is not the time for the debate on guns.

We will hear of people wanting new laws to deal with this tragedy when we already have a law to deal with it. “THOU SHALL NOT KILL” That law has been on the books for  thousands of years. A Christian can see the problem in a minute. We are living in a Godless country and a Godless world. I never heard once when I was growing up, of mass murders in our schools, our courthouses, or other government buildings, when Christ was allowed inside. When the Bible and prayer were used to start the day in schools and in our courtrooms. When our country and its leaders communicated with God on a daily bases these things did not happen. Now we have violent games kids play on the internet and their game boxes, with out of touch parents promoting it.

So it makes no difference if people have guns or do not have guns the problem is this nation has turned its back on God and now we want to blame everything and everybody under the sun for what has happened. Some will even blame God. The blame is with the nation as a whole. America has rejected God. You cannot build a safe house to live in without the proper tools and a good carpenter.

Let us, as a nation,  put our arms of love around the people who have lost loved ones in this tragedy and pray for them. Leave the debates for later!


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