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Down The Road I Look

As Most Americans already know Friday, Dec. 7, 2012 was the seventy first Anniversary of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. (December. 7, 1941) was a day that has become one of the most remembered days in the history of The United States. There are many people who live in this country who can still remember the dates and events of Pearl Harbor rather well. I am told by many people who were living then they will never forget it and hope that it never happens again. In fact most people in this country say that, what happened at Pearl Harbor could never happen again.

It may not happen with aircraft carriers and hundreds of planes like at Pearl Harbor, but with a old, out of date submarine, or things such as a suitcase- sized nuclear bomb, and things like that it is more than possible, it is likely to happen. When The United States is faced with Muslim extremists like the ones who attacked and destroyed the World Trade Center, it can be pretty much safe to say anything can happen. These Muslim terrorists would not like anything better than to nuke a United States city or even Israel. And there should be no doubt in any ones mind that if Iran develops a nuclear bomb or some Muslim terrorist group get their hands on one of the many nuclear weapons that are missing and unaccounted for (from Russia) they will use it. A blind man can see this. When Pearl Harbor was bombed around 2,000 Americans were killed. A nuclear strike on any of our major cities could kill millions of people.

Things today are much more serious than the Pearl Harbor attack or the World Trade Center attack. The sad thing about all this is Obama is aware of the danger and the seriousness of the problem and he is in the process of cutting our military to the point of being so weak we will not be able to defend or protect our country from these people or their ideas of destroying us as a nation. He is in the process of downsizing the military so he can enlarge this country’s social programs, When anybody with any sense at all knows we should be increasing and growing our military and other agencies such as the CIA to deal with these people.

Any president of this country, in the past, made it his first job to protect the people and the country. That job still remains the same today, although Obama seems to overlook that most important job. No social program can protect us as a nation. You can pass out free cell phones, food stamps, free money, and all the other freebies but that will not keep this nation safe. Only the defense department and the intelligence departments can do this. Obama is a lot of things, such as a liar, a great deceiver, and a friend of our enemies, but he is not a fool. He knows exactly what he is doing. Americans should ask if he has the best interests of the United States in mind as he continue to weaken and lead this country for another four years. They way it looks now he wants this country to fail either by the physical cliff or by the Muslim terrorist and their agenda for us. He truly wants this country to fail.

We only hope Congress can keep him in line until Jan. 20, 2017 when he is no longer in office, that is if he ever leaves office. In the next four years we will most likely see a push for a dictatorship and a change to our constitution so that this narcissist  person can stay in power. He already has lined his self up with most of the dictators of this world and is pushing hard as he can for a socialist (communist) country.


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