Friday, December 14, 2012

The Truth About The Fiscal Cliff

Since the November 2012 elections it is confusing and puzzling to me how Obama and the Democrats can change their public definitions of “compromise” and “balance” . The communications out of the White House, and systematically repeated by the liberal news outlets is that the Republicans stubborn refusal to compromise on Barack Obama’s balanced approach to correcting the budget deficit is what’s holding up a deal to steer clear of the fiscal cliff. But when you bypass the liberal news media and see things as they truly are you will soon get a different picture of what is holding up any sensible solution to the deficit problem.
An Obama compromise it appears, by his rhetoric means one of submission and surrender to his will. A balanced budget to Obama means nothing other than a tax hike on the rich (who he hates) and more spending for free gifts to the people who voted him in and failed policies that have eroded our country.
The Republicans in congress and their leaders for all intents and purposes has moved somewhat from the (no new taxes) position that they had for so long because they are willing to compromise to avoid the upcoming physical cliff which they know will be very harmful to our country. Although the Republicans are getting no recognition for it, they have compromised their position that was held by them prior to the election.
The Republican leaders have agreed and approved to raise more than $800 billion in new revenue by closing tax loopholes and eliminating deductions for higher-income earners. That’s the amount Obama said he wanted and even campaigned on. But now it is a different story as anyone can see. The GOP also has shown a willingness to put defense spending cuts on the table as part of the overall deficit-reduction package. Both positions have brought the Republican leaders harsh criticism from congressmen and other conservative Republicans in within their own ranks. The president, though, is taking the stance that victory means he doesn’t have to bargain at all. It is “We will do as I say” position that has moved him far to the left of center.
Obama now wants twice the amount of new taxes ($1.6 trillion) from the wealthy and instead of spending cuts proposed by him he’s wants $50 billion for another one of his failed stimulus packages. Obama’s only compromise is a unclear promise to talk about $400 million in entitlement reforms, but only after the tax hikes are in place. With Obama it seems like he believes that more and more taxes are needed.
Obama also wants to double taxes on capital gains and dividends. This would be a devastating step that would freeze and put a stop to job-creating investments. And he wants to be the sole person to say when and how much the debt ceiling can be raised. This is what the people in the real world call a dictator. Obama knows the Republicans will not accept these terms.
All of these policies and proposals, by Obama, would only replace the fiscal cliff with a policy that will in the end lead to the same bankrupt financial place that everyone, with any sense is trying to, stop. Republicans, although it is against what the party believes in, have agreed to relocate a sizeable amount of money from private pockets into the government coffers. That’s a major move by then, and one that comes with a price.
Obama needs to act in a responsible way by showing more giving with the tax rates that he wants and go along with the more effective revenue raising that the GOP has put on the table. Closing loopholes and ending deductions, would limit how much income the rich of this country can shelter or hide from the Internal Revenue. Obama thinks that if the fiscal cliff is not stopped, the Republicans will get the blame, and he’ll then be able to force the GOP to accept his terms. That’s an uncertain bet for sure, and one that could, and most likely will, lead our nation back into recession or even a depression.
I believe that the president’s goal is not one of stopping the physical cliff and bringing back the prosperity so our nation can prosper again. My belief, as well as many other commentators, is that he wants just the opposite to happen. He wants and is striving for the United States to be transformed into a third world country where he will be the leader for decades to come. Never have we, as a nation, had a man as our leader that wants to destroy us by his actions, policies and lies.
The people who voted for Obama because of all the free hand outs, his empty promises, and the ones who think he is God and the savior that has come in the flesh are in for a rude and harsh awakening. If he is allowed to continue with his policies and his agenda they will soon see who the task master is.

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