Wednesday, December 19, 2012

It Is An Incomprehensible Act


The days following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School have really taken a toll on me. Every time I look at my grandkids I want to cry. I’m just like, most of the country who has made a great effort and struggles to comprehend and grasp the thought how twenty children and six teachers could be murdered and shot point blank, several times, each, by a heavily armed, unstable and volatile man. How could this happen? What kind of person would do this?

It is an incomprehensible act, as it should be, for any reasonable, sane adults and children. It is an evil act spawned and thought out by a gunman whose motives remain unclear, even as his long history of social issues comes to the surface. It was no surprise to me when anti gun articles were being put out by most liberal news outlets even before the victims could be mourned and buried.

The news outlets are blaming the tragedy on gun ownership, and the American gun culture, and blames that culture for the terrible deaths. To put the blame on gun ownership and being allowed to own firearms is senseless and stupid. I’m sorry but there is no other word for it. Most (notice I said most) of the outcry in the news media is not really for the children who were murdered but the outcry is one of promoting their anti gun agenda.

When the senseless deaths of people, including kids come from alcohol the silence a person hears is deafening. Why is there never no talk about or the responsibility of alcohol, drunk drivers, their advertisers, or vendors. For a person to believe that gun owners, gun makers, and the NRA are villains and their products and ideas should be banned for the public safety it just plain nonsense. The Liberals will argue and debate that if there were no guns in this country, this tragedy would not have happened. If that is the case then, if there were a ban on alcohol and drunk drivers, hundreds of other tragedies and deaths would have been avoided.

There are laws in our country that regulate firearms, alcohol and drunk driving, but these problems and behaviors persist. They are still there. Some quick research on gun related deaths and alcohol related deaths would clearly show this startling fact, alcohol deaths are much higher than firearms deaths in this country. Now explain this to me why are not the liberal news media calling for the banning of all alcohol products?

This omniscient fact will always be left out because it does not fit into their agenda to remove our rights as Americans to own firearms. In one gruesome and dreadful act, Newtown was changed forever. The families will never be the same again, nor will anyone there feel completely safe anywhere from now on. The parents and their children will bear this grief for the rest of their lives and over several generations. The survivors won’t ever feel right again. This is the same as when a drunk driver kills innocent people as we hear about over and over again. Those families will never be the same again. I have had friends killed by drunk drivers and my brother is mentally and physically disabled by a drunk driver. Why do we not hear more about these things? It is because it does not fit the agenda of the anti God and socialist who want supreme power in this country.

I heard on Fox News that one of the teachers hid her students in a closet and then confronted the mentally disturbed gunman. He shot and killed her as she confronted him. What would have happened if that teacher would have had been trained and allowed to be armed? I can tell you this, most likely, she would have shot and killed this guy. There would have been a lot less kids murdered. That statement may be shocking for many who read this but it is the truth. For those of you who do not know we now live in a godless society. A society that does not want to hear the truth if it goes against what they want. Did you ever hear of the Pearl River, Mississippi shootings. Most likely not. Take time to read it. A principal and his gun

I cannot believe Obama on two different occasions acted so concerned in the death of theses kids ( he might have been) when millions of unborn babies are murdered and it has his approval. Precious are the lives of our little ones no matter if we can hear the heartbeat in the womb of its mother or against our chest as we hug them. In the days and weeks ahead, we can pray for the surviving families in Newtown. And while we may not be able to help them directly, maybe we can take stock of the troubled youth in our own communities and make time to talk with them or help redirect their lives. Maybe we can reach out to their parents and offer to find ways to manage.

Maybe we can volunteer our time to a mental health group or youth groups who need a mentor or a friend. For those with serious mental conditions, maybe we can stop being silent, and step in and alert a social worker, a police officer or medical personnel before the violence escalates. Maybe we all need to care more for each other and for the people at the edges of our society. It is difficult to get involved, but that’s what it’s going to take. It may or may not work, but the alternatives are too grim to even think about.

Then, lastly there is this idea. Let us put God back where He belongs in our society. Let us put Him back in our schools, court houses, government buildings, our homes, and yes let us also put Him back in his rightful place in our churches as well as our hearts. It is plain to see the more America rejects God the more violence there is. That is a statement that no one can deny!

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