Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Is Conservatism A Bad Word?

            A Speech By Ronald Regan
As I listen to the speech made by this great man and think about what he has said in the speech I can only say what a great man we had as our president and to go further with my statement we need this type of man and with his values, now as the leader of this country. After listening to this speech I come to realize, even more than I ever have, what a great man he was. What a great President he was and WHAT A GREAT AMERICAN HE WAS! We need someone with his values, his beliefs, and the love for their country as this man had to get us out of the great mess we are in today. Everything that Regan said in this speech has hit home today with most Americans and it is sad that this nation as a whole would not listen.
Ronald Regan was known as the GREAT COMMUNICATOR because he could convey from one person to another information that was need by the public to make important decisions, he could make you want to give serious thought as to what he was taking about, or his feeling about what he was saying so that it was satisfactorily received or understood by his listeners. His program when he was in office was:
[1] God and Country
[2] Less Big Government in the peoples lives
[3] The government is for the people and not the people slaves to the government
[4] Less taxes
[5] Freedom for all groups of people
[6] Less government spending of the peoples money
What we have now with our new president and congress is a failure to communicate. Obama is no communicator nor does he want to be. He, and this is just my opinion, would like to be our first dictator. You might be saying I’m going to far, but wait a minute just look at what is happening:
[1] More government control than ever before
[2] Gun control to the point of just about not being able to own one.
[3] Taking your money and spreading it around.
[4]  He has openly said that he has problems with some parts of the constitution and soon, as you will see, he will be wanting to be making changes to part of it.
[5]  He does not like our National Anthem because he says it makes us look like a nation that likes war. How can he get that from the song?
[6] He has said he wants a new flag design. What’s wrong with the one with the one we have.
[7] He has said that part of the Bible are outdated. If Regan and some of our founding fathers were alive today you would most certainly here from them on this.
[8] He keeps saying change, change, and the changes he wants to make are sure not what the most of the people want.
We need to wake up to the facts and what is looking us in the face before it is to late. What we have here is world history repeating itself and this time its AMERICA! I love to read history. Just read as I do and you will see the same thing happening in our country today as it happened to many other countries. It does not take a genius to see what is happening here. You can call me far left if you want to and that is okay, but I ask you what is far left? I just want for this country to hold on to the values that puts us on the right track for all Americans and not just a chosen few.
Mr. Obama does have one good point in his smooth talking and that is when he says yes we can. But I don’t think we are thinking  about those words in the same way. I say YES WE CAN get our country back if we just follow Regan’s Ideals and stick to our conservative ideas.
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