Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Thoughts On Crime and Gun Control

In the wake up call of the recent killings in the State of Alabama gun control fanatics believe that the kind of firearms used by the killer should be banned. The killer took his own life, but not a word was said about him by theses gun ban fanatics who want to ban all fire arms. This was a most terrible act but a gun ban is not the way to stop future incidents like this. Once again the ban would only hurt honest law abiding gun owners. There would still be murders, killings, people being robbed, and I could go on and on. A gun ban is not the way to solve these problems.image
To me we have such twisted thinking in this country. There are people who want to take your right to own a fire arm away from you. But yet they are the first ones to cry out against capital punishment. Am I missing something here? A person can be convicted of the most gruesome crime on the books where innocent life was snuffed out and you have people saying to put to death the person convicted and responsible for these crimes is unusual punishment and it is not right. To me something is certainly twisted here. To me these people are just pure out and out nut cakes. If I lived on the border to Mexico there would be more than one fire arm in my house. It is plain to see that these people are getting no help or protection from our government. Living on the border with Mexico is just as bad as living in the middle east.
Maybe, just maybe, if we use the reasoning applied to the Alabama killings by the Brady people and their campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, knives ought to be banned also. There are a lot of people killed, maimed, and hurt for life by all kinds of knives. What about the nut cake who just beheaded his wife in New York. Should we ban that kind of knife? Should the maker of that knife be sued like the manufactures of fire arms? The American public as a whole does not hear about these kinds on killings because of the liberal press and their agenda to ban guns. you hear what they want you to hear.
We are told that we do not live in a civilized society anymore. How so is that? We do not live in a perfect society, but it is better than lawlessness and complete disorder. In this sinful world there will never be a perfect society or a perfect world. You can bank on that! Our country is far more civilized than societies that sentence women to death by stoning for unfaithfulness and not being loyal to her husband, or puts people to death by public beheading for sometimes the pettiest crime. The question that I want to ask and think that I must ask is this: What makes some people think that our country is not civilized just because some of the crimes that are committed here have a fire arm involved. People need to stop and think.
There can be no greater proof of the ineffectiveness of restrictive gun laws than the mass murder in Germany that happened about the same time as the Alabama killings. Germany has very strict gun control laws. Some of the strictest laws to be found anywhere, but those laws did not prevent a teenager from murdering at least a dozen people. It is not the weapon that is used it is the person with that evil mind that is the problem.
Those persons who do these bad deeds must be held responsible to answer for their crimes, not the weapons they use, be they guns, knives, money, baseball bats, gulf clubs, or any other material thing that is used in the commission of a crime. Here are some good examples. If your child is failing in school do you blame it on the pens, pencils, or books that they use. Certainly not! There is something else that is the problem. If a person, who is under the influence of alcohol, rides down the road in a Ford car and has accident where there is the loss of life do we blame the car maker, or the company that made the alcohol? Do we pass laws banning them? Once again no, so why do our law makers want to ban guns and your legal right to own them? What is your answer to this question?
                               My answer to some of the questions in this commentary is this: We have a breakdown in our laws and judicial system that is causing the problems that we face with violent crime today. There must be laws that in short say this: IF YOU DO THE CRIME, THEN YOU MUST DO THE TIME! The court system needs to stop their soft sentencing and send a clear message that enough is enough and if you are convicted of a violent crime there will be no more slaps on the wrist so you can do the same thing over again. Let the criminal know without blinking an eye that: YOU WILL REAP WHAT YOU SOW!
I want to give another personal example that gun control will not and does not work. Back in the early 1980s I was a police officer in a small tourist town and as a police officer you knew most of the locals. One night before I was to come on duty the police officer that I was to relieve stopped a local man who was intoxicated walking down the street with a shot gun. He was going to kill a man that he just had a argument with. Knowing the man the officer just took the shot gun took away from him and he was taken home to sleep it off. I now was on duty and this man comes again with a hatchet with the intentions of still killing this same man. I stopped him, took the hatchet from him, and again took him home. At this time I did not know about the prior incident with the other officer. Once again he came down the street with a high powered rifle with the same intentions to kill the guy he had the argument with. This time he went to jail. The point I want to make is this, the man would have used a shotgun, hatchet, rifle, or anything else he could to carry out his plan. Banning fire arms will never stop the killing that is going on in this country; only getting tough laws and courts that will carry the laws through will ever get the job done. This man should have been taken to jail at the very first incident. Guns do not kill people. Knives do not kill people. Hatchets do not kill people. PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE!
As a Christian person I must insert my religious beliefs about what I have commented on before I close. All through the Bible we can see where crimes and violent acts were committed by violent people.There has always has been and always will be violence until the end of this world. In Bible days the one who committed the crime was punished and it was no slap on the wrist. There was commandments to deal with every law that was broken in that Great Book and they were followed. No where do I see in reading the Bible where weapons were band because of crimes committed. There was just swift punishment. Our laws and our constitution are based on some of these same laws. The problem is our law makers want to change laws already is proven to work.  Taking away a free mans right to bear arms will never solve the problems of this country or the world.
We have had so many radical ideas about crime control in this country that I want to insert my own radical idea for what it is worth. This country needs to locate a big island out in one of the oceans that is not inhabited and take every violent criminal who has preyed, molested, hurt, killed, and injured innocent people and exile them there. No guards, no nothing, just send them there and make sure they never leave. Let the criminal take care of feeding his self, provide his own shelter, and take care of his own needs. You would see how fast that the crime would drop in this country. There would also be no over filling of prisons and their big budgets to keep them staffed that comes from the American tax payer. In fact we would even have less prisons. This would solve a lot of issues that are now in this country. The ones who are against capitol punishment would win, there would be no more appeal after appeal on certain cases, no more millions of dollars spent to build new prisons that is like a second home to most prisoners. no more free Free TV, Gym Rooms, the tax payers would win. There would be no more putting the criminal back on the street before his time was up because of over crowding. Everybody but the bad guy would win.
Now before You start saying how crazy this writer is for saying this let me ask you this question: What would be more effective and what would not take away the citizens rights, what would be the most cost effective? Paying for a one way boat trip or paying for the massive gun control laws, court appeals, prisons, and the hiring of more and more police officers to stop violent criminals that just get out and do the same thing again. Which would cost less? Which would keep the American Public the safest with out taking any of their rights away? I might, as some people will say, be going to the extreme, but am I ?
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