Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is This The Change We Want

There is the dawning of a new day in this country. The America that I once knew and you once knew is being to move away from from our Founding Fathers vision of government as it was meant and should be.  Long ago George Washington made the statement; The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political
connection as possible.
Yet the Obama administration just promised $900 million in U.S. taxpayers-money aid to Hamas-controlled Gaza and Mahmoud Abbas' Palestinian Authority. Why are we giving tax payers money to people who want to see this country and Israel destroyed? Anytime that we give tax payer dollars to originations like Hamas, The Taliban, and others. What we are doing is giving these countries means to destroy us. Am I missing something here. The very people that want us, as a nation, wiped off the face of the earth and we are giving them money? The very ones that call us “THE GREAT SATAN”. image

I can not understand as an American citizen how this is happening when we have so many people and small companies in this country that are in big time financial need.

If a person has any sense they know were all this money is going. It is to train suicide bombers, buy guns, bombs, and other things to wage war on this country and the nation of Israel. it is same as the deal was with the Muslim originations in this country that was collecting money for charity in their own country, but it was used for something else other than charity. This government needs to wake up before  it is to late.image
We have weak leadership in Washington now as our new president takes over. He wants to not only give our enemies money but also he wants to hold talks with them. Now I’m limited to my education only going to High School, but I’m smart enough along with plenty other Americans to know that you do not talk to people who want to , cut your heads off, kill you, and put you back in the dark ages! You do not hold talks with people who think women are sub standard to them. You do not hold talks with people who does not want freedom. These people have said over and over again that they will not negotiate anyone of their beliefs, so what do you talk about? I believe all across the world right now other nations are seeing a weak president and they will be trying to take advantage of the situation.
In this present world we need strong leaders. We need strong leaders in change of this country today like, Washington, Lincoln, Truman, and Regan.  Where have all the good men gone? We need men who are not worried about being politically correct, but winning the war. Strong men to lead a strong nation. Men that do not seek their own wisdom, but wisdom from a Higher Power to guide this nation. where have all the people like these noble men gone to?
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