Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blind sided by the Left

Wake up America: The American people hear all the great speeches today by our new president and people are just doped in to believing them. These speeches are all said to be about HOPE, but are they? I say they are speeches of deception and are spun in such a way that some Americans believe in them because they are just like little kids when they are giving candy. They will do anything for this nice man who is such a great talker! Now you take Ronald Regan, he was a great communicator and he did what was right for this country because he listen to the people and did what was the best for this country. Regan was a communicator and not a deceiver with a hidden agenda.
The American people cannot be fooled by the speeches and the liberal rhetoric of a New America and President Barack Obama's "Yes, we can" speeches. He is out to make this a socialist country and if he had his way he would be the last president. What does Obama mean when he says yes we can? That is easy to answer by someone who is not blindsided by his rhetoric. His deceptive speeches are saying that:
· Yes we can have a crime free country with no violence. We just need to make some more laws that will take guns away. What really is the plan is to take your guns away to have 100 percent government control over your lives. You cannot stop crime by taking guns away from law abiding citizens, but you can control the people.
· Yes we can have more programs to help the people. We just need to tax the rich more and spread the wealth around. What he really is wanting is for the American people to depend on the Federal Government for everything they need. We will be taxed to we will not have anything left to have taxed.
· Yes we can give you a better medical plan. We just need to do away with all the insurance companies and let the government handle it for you. What you will get is a massive health system that is controlled by the government that tells you when and where to go to the doctor and when you can or cannot be treated or when you can have that operation and if it is needed. You may not be paying the insurance companies any more, but let me ask you who will you be paying. This new heath plan will not be free. My guess is we will be paying for that program with higher taxes. Nothing is free. Everything comes with a price.
Obama wants what every other socialist wants for this country and that is for the government to control every aspect of your lives. Do you want to live like the people in Cuba, Russia, China, and a lot of other countries? The people in Poland will soon tell you: no they do not want to live like that and that is because they have had decades of living in a socialist run country and they know that it will not work.
We now have the most liberal democrat president and liberal democrat congress in the history of this nation. That is scary enough but the Liberals now control Washington and we all know what that will mean: The greatest assault on our freedoms, our wealth, and our lives in history! I’m did not make that last statement as a scare tactic but I said it because it is the truth. And knowing the real story behind theses new threats to your freedom, wealth, and health in the days ahead is especially important because the Liberal congress led by Barack Obama plan to turn up the rhetoric to get their way and that is a socialist nation that answers to the government for everything.
Getting ready for this socialist attack on your freedoms, your wealth and your health by the most liberal, socialist administration in U.S. history is more important than ever. Because those who get suckered by the liberal rhetoric are about to be blindsided! They think it is going to be pie in the sky but I’m afraid that it is going to be more like gloom and doom!
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