Saturday, December 29, 2012

Doing Away With Firearms

Obama has wanted to do away with all firearms which is the true liberal position concerning all firearms, not just assault weapons. He will use this latest tragedy in Connecticut, to promote this. Obama and the liberals in this country will only start with assault weapons. That will be their first step and then would come the hand guns and last the guns used for hunting.

What would happen to the most physically weakest human beings in this country if guns just disappeared? Women, older people, and the helpless, would be the victims of any violent crime a person wished to carry out on them, and then their children, whom they can no longer protect. Don’t even dream or think of the police getting there in time to save you or your loved ones from some monster. Average response time of a 911 call is 20 minutes. Average response time of a model 191-A1 .45 ACP traveling at little less than 1000 ft per second is 2 seconds. Personally I will go for for the 45.

The sad thing is, those who ignore and pay no attention to history are doomed to repeat it. Our founding fathers were not at all concerned with different types of firearms. The main point of the 2nd Amendment is keeping citizens armed to protect against the tyranny of the government. A government who wants to take your guns, from an elected leader that makes (or wants to make) himself a dictator, as well as some other things.

No matter which model guns that are outlawed, wack jobs and the mentally unbalanced like this latest piece of crap in Connecticut will just use something else to commit their killings with. Baseball bat, ax, rolling pin, knife, or anything else that will get the job done. You cannot legislate or make laws against insane people. If the crazy people can’t shoot people, with guns, anymore, they’ll use anything they can get their hands on. You just simply cannot stop crazy people from killing by passing more laws or taking away the law abiding citizen’s firearms.

History will tell you that the first move for control or a country or its people by every dictator in history was the confiscation of the citizen’s firearms. Citizens who give up their guns quickly become subjects and no longer citizens. Look at Hitler’s Germany, Russia under Stalin, Red China, and some other countries.

There is nobody alive who was not mad at the school shooting in Connecticut, and was not thinking about the pain and the agony the parents of those little kids are having to endure. The crazy with their animal behavior always look for the most defenseless, and always where there is no risk of reprisal. It’s about time the government got down to business and recognizing where the vulnerable people are and act in view of that instead of passing more laws that will never do any good.

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