Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Pathway to The Great Society

Has the pathway and direction that this nation has been traveling on since the middle of the 1960 really created a Great Society or has it created a social system that will sooner or later break this country? clip_image001William L. Anderson, who teaches economics at Frostburg State University, wrote an opinion column explaining why he believes the war on poverty has caused more harm than good. To show his point, he compared two poor immigrant families to each other. According to Anderson, one family lived in a very small apartment. The parents obtained entry level jobs, and were eventually able to afford a larger apartment. A few years later, they had purchased their own home, and were now middle class. The other family started collecting welfare and food stamps, and living in Section 8 housing. Several years later, they were still dependent on those government programs, and had done nothing to improve their circumstances. Anderson concludes "... the Great Society programs... actually made things much worse.
We have certain political leaders painting a picture of despair for the poor in this country when the true poor person that is in need will still, even though they are being helped, will try to help their self. These are the people that this Great Society should focus on. I know that a lot of people will not agree with what I’m saying, but it is the truth.
Some of the money that this government is paying out for welfare does go to the right places and it does help people who need it until they get back on their feet. The problem comes when people take advantage of the system, in other words they know how to work it. This people will take their food stamps card sell them for half price for drugs. Some people will take their welfare checks and spend it on everything but what they need. New housing projects are built and with in ten years they are destroyed and have to be rebuilt. In most (not all) housing projects it is a haven for drug operations. All this must stop. This country does not have to worry about being destroyed from the outside enemy. We are doing a pretty good job destroying this nation ourselves from the inside.
     In 2004, conservative African American economist Thomas Sowell writing about the war on poverty, stated, "The black family, which had survived centuries of slavery and discrimination, began rapidly disintegrating in the liberal welfare state that subsidized unwed pregnancy and changed welfare from an emergency rescue to a way of life. Thomas Sowell was so right in his statement but he did not go far enough. We have people who do not want to better their self. This is not only the black race, but a large part of the white race also. We have people who want to use the system to get what they want. We have babies being born with no fathers, with the government taken up the tab for all the expenses. We have people who will not work because they know that the government will take care of them. They know that they can get more money and benefits from the government than they can by working. The program as Thomas Sowell said: was and still is a emergency program for people that need help until they can get back on their feet.
Please do not think that I do not want to help the homeless, or the person without a job, and the person without medical insurance because I do. It is our duty. No one in this country of ours should go hungry or without medical attention. No one should go without a place to live. On the other side of the coin a person that does not work should not eat and we have tens of thousands on our welfare system that will not work and we are feeding them. This hurts the taxpaying citizen and the person who really needs the government help as well. Many observers point out that the War on Poverty has drawn attention to people that would not work and was using the system and still using the system created the grounds for the backlash that began in the 1970s. The perception and the awareness by the middle class working families that it was footing the bill for ever-increasing services to the poor led to diminished and reduced support for welfare state programs, especially those that targeted specific groups and neighborhoods. The working person saw what was happening. Why didn’t the government see it.
The big give away was fading out because the average American saw that it was not working and they were still being taxed for it. They saw that they were paying for a program that was to get smaller but was actually increasing in size till it has become the monster that it has today. This kind of system is not only hurting the tax payers who are funding it, but it also hurting the ones who really need help and should get it. A great society does not rest its self off the abundance of the working man.
                        THE GREAT SOCIETY {Part Two}
Now we have a president who wants to compound the problem by taking money from the working class people and give it to the people who will not work in a pie shop. They would rather eat pies off of your dime. When you have people that are living better than the working person off of Government money and they are not working, then there is a problem. Again let me say: “A great society does not rest its self off the abundance of the working man”. Our new president calls it spreading the wealth around. Some would call it taking from the rich and giving to the poor. The correct answer to that is: STEALING FROM THE WORKING MAN AND GIVING IT TO THE PEOPLE WHO WILL NOT WORK!
Because of this great society and all of its free handouts we now have over twenty million illegals {mostly Mexicans} who have taken the jobs that some Americans could of had but will not take. They would rather depend on the welfare system of this Great Society to keep and feed them. There are more illegals coming across our borders every day. This is not only taking jobs that some Americans will not do but it is also putting a strain on our welfare system as never before. 
As I have stated a couple of times in this commentary: “A great society does not rest its self off the abundance of the working man.” A great society pulls together, works together, prays together, stands as a nation together for the common interest of all people. For this great country to work we must we must be a unified people for a common cause, working together for a goal that all men and women in this country can have that American dream.

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